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Sunday. 6.24.07 12:06 am
I got my tattoo!!! I'm really happy right now. Its much better than the one on my back. I'm very satisfied with it.

This is the first part {the top tattoo is my first one; it means Cheryl. The part that wraps around was done tonight and the character means fire}:

This is the second part {the top character means monkey and the character in the circle means frog}:

So now I have a tattoo around my ankle that represents my family. Cheryl {me}, fire {my dad}, frog {my mom} and monkey {my sister}. Like I said, I'm very happy with this tattoo.

The guy who did it was very cute, but he's married and has an adorable 15 month old. He's still cute though.

We were supposed to go see Evan Almighty, but this was more than worth it. We can always go see it some time later this week. For now, I'm happy that I got another tattoo!

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Quick post
Saturday. 6.23.07 4:18 am
This won't be very long since its 4:18am and I'll be laying back down again.

Since Nutang was down earlier I had nothing to do {haha, that's kinda sad} so I layed down to watch some TV and dozed off. I kept waking up though cuz I had the TV on and my light was on so I wasn't able to stay asleep {I can't sleep with light on; I can fall asleep with light on, but I can't stay asleep}

Anywho, its been confirmed that David and I won't be going out again, as he said we would, because he has a girlfriend now. Oh well. Maybe this will help me get over him faster, although I somehow doubt it. But with me moving in a few weeks, it doesn't matter if I get over him before I move anyway cuz once I'm gone I won't ever see him again and I'll, for sure, get over him then.

Work was actually fairly busy. It was a semi-normal Friday business-wise. Which was good. It kept us busy.

I've come to realize that I still have a small crush on Mark. I say its only a small crush because I only really think about it when I see him. That's kind of funny since I also realized that my liking David really only affects me when I'm not with him. When I'm at work with him, I don't really think about it. But when I leave, that's when he starts to invade my mind. The way the mind works is a funny thing. *shrugs* Oh well.

Alright, I have other stuff that I want to write about, but I can't focus enough to get it out right now. So I'll write more later in the day!

Yay! I'm happy that Nutang is back up.

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Thursday. 6.21.07 2:52 pm
Time seems to be speeding up now cuz I only have so much time left here. I don't have a whole lot to do, but its enough to keep me busy in the next few weeks.

~ I have two weeks left at my job. I can only imagine how much they're going to realize just how valuable I am to that place. They're going to realize that they relied on me more often than not. And I won't be there anymore to fall back on.

~ Katie and I are going to the movies/mall on Saturday. We're going to be seeing Evan Almighty. The only other movie that we're going to be seeing together {that I know of} is the 5th Harry Potter movie.

~ Next Saturday {the 30th} I'm going to be getting my hair cut. I'm debating whether to get blonde or red streaks in my hair. I have a week to decide. The 30th is also the 12 year anniversary of my Dad's death. I'll be writing an entry about that later on.

~ I am going to be making plans to hang out with Steve one more time before I leave. I also want to make time to hang out with Caitlyn and Sarah before I go too. There are a couple other people that I'd like to hang out with before I leave, but I don't know if its going to happen.

~ I also need to fill out applications online so that I'll have interviews set up for when I get out to Vegas. Gah! That's the part that I'm worried about most; finding a good paying job.

Okay, that's a small list of stuff that I'm doing in the next 3 weeks.

Stuart is home from the hospital, but he's not in good shape. The fracture in his jaw is still there. He had to have surgery to drain and remove an abscess and they had to remove two of his wisdom teeth. He's got cellulitis right now and is on antibiotics to treat it. If it doesn't go away, they're going to have to operate again, but this time they'll have to remove a part of his face to get to it. He said he's lost the use of the left side of his face temporarily. Its affecting him in a big way because he can't play hockey again until the cellulitis is gone. Its putting pressure on his jaw and if he injures it further he may lose the use of the left side of his face for life.

I hope he gets better soon. I miss seeing him.

Alright, that's about it for now. I'll write more later or tomorrow.

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Wednesday. 6.20.07 2:45 pm
I don't feel good today. Its nothing like a cold or anything; I'm not getting sick. I'm just all achy. I should be good in a day or two. I'm glad that I don't have to work today. It allows me to stay in pajamas and relax.

I've been having weird dreams lately. I dreamt about Charlie last night. I've mentioned him before, but only once or twice. It was weird, I don't really remember exactly what the dream was about, but I distinctly remember that it was about Charlie. Oh well.

Gah, its been half an hour and this is all I've written.

Its kind of hard to believe that I've only got a few weeks left here. I'm not sad in any way, shape or form, but I'm realizing just how much I'm going to have to do once I get out to Vegas. Its not the same as the last few times I went out there. This time, its not a vacation.


I'm glad that Justin and I fell apart when we did. I can focus on working my final two weeks and keeping myself sane enough so that I don't walk out before my last day. I do miss Stuart, though. I haven't seen him in a couple weeks and although the reason I haven't seen him is legitimate, I still wish that I could see him. Hopefully I'll get to see him before I move. I wouldn't want to leave without saying goodbye.

My entries have been getting more and more boring. I'm sorry to all those who actually read it, but thank you for reading it and commenting anway.

I have a link to my Nutang from my myspace. I wonder if any of my friends on there ever click on the link and read my blog here. . .

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this is my un-title
Tuesday. 6.19.07 7:49 pm
... I can't think of anything good to title this entry.

I'm watching America's Got Talent right now and there are a few more talented people on this episode, but not many. Earlier there was a group of 4 guys who were absolutely sexy. I'm glad they were talented enough to go through to the next round. I really want to see them again.

I really don't know what to say.

I heard from Stuart. He's still in the hospital and he'll be there for a while. He had surgery yesterday and he said they might have to opperate two more times. He must have really messed up his jaw. I guess that's a risk you take when you play a sport like hockey.

I found a couple friends on myspace that I knew back in middle school. I haven't talked to or seen them in almost a decade. Also, my cousin found me on myspace. I haven't talked to her in about 4 years. Craziness.

Uhm, my sister is back from being inactive for a while. Its cool to see her on here again.

Alright, that's it. I've got nothing else.

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Monday. 6.18.07 7:18 pm
I'm so fed up with the bullshit at work. I'm so glad that I only have 2 1/2 weeks left. I'm not going to elaborate right now. I don't feel like getting pissed off or upset. Its sad that I'm not the only one who's fed up either. Over half the employees are sick and tired of the shit that goes on there. Whatever. It'll be over for me soon.

As far as I know, Stuart is still in the hospital. I haven't heard from him yet today. I'm hoping I'll hear something from him and hopefully it'll be good news.

When Katie and I go to the mall on Saturday, I'm going to stop off at Hot Topic or Spencer's and buy a vibrating tongue ring. Its basically just to see what it feels like. It'll probably be weird and not that easy to talk, but whatever. It should be funny.

Uhm, oh! The power went out for about an hour today. It was freaking hot! Without the hoods on to vent out the heat being emitted from the ovens, the heat was just gathering in the restaurant. We ended up locking the doors for a bit. It was so uncomfortable. The power finally came back on, but since we couldn't do anything for an hour, we were behind on prep. Oh well. Whatever I didn't do today, I'll just do tomorrow.

K, I'm done with the entry for today.

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