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Welcome to the Merrick

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.
We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous,
talented and fabulous.
Actually, who are you not to be?

my loves
Li Rong
Michelle michelle
ET Laine
The world is beeeeeaaauuutiful today!
Tuesday. 11.30.04 6:44 am
*twirls round and round amidst the mess in my room*

was out shopping just now, bought some tops to wear to work. and according to Fox and EBase and Samuel and Kelvin, i'm a size S!!!! SMALL! Super Small for FOX! OMG!!!! Think is the first time in my entire 19 ++ years that i can wear SMALL! Muhahaha! I'm really amazed! small leh! muhahahaha! i actually managed to squeeze in! soooo amazing! and there i even a tiny bit of excess cloth! omgosh!

*i feel pretty, i feel pretty, i feel pretty and happy and gay~!*
(thats from The West Side Story u igonoramus)

*I see trees are green, red roses too~ .......... its a wonderful world~!*

*A whole new world~! A thousand places i've never been~ I feel like a shooting star~ I've come so far~!*

Dun tell mi the cutting is big. I never hear anything!
*Sunny day~ Everything's A-ok~ Come and play~ We'll learn the ABC~ Can you tell mi how to get~ how to get to Sesame St~!*


on a heavier note. the peeps are coming back le! i'll be missing my peace and quiet! sob sob. my ears have been having such a nice holiday, i worry that my ears wun be able to take the noise pollution when they are back. haiz. wat to do......
gotta train my ears to take noise. prob gonna go mambo nite next week or tml~ make it up to Joan. haiz

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pieces of everything
Monday. 11.29.04 5:42 am
at 1am last night.

msg from a weird no.

easy to qualify as 3/4 will lose money n many disqualified due to 20% rule n overtrading. be weary of 30L+. Remember to check trades and CUT LOSS. OTB Plan party.

quite obviously this was regarding the NTU games. 2 other revealations:
1. Chris has come back from holiday
2. Chris dunno how to use internet to sms, save money (not that msging 50 odd pple is alot)

lets decipher the msg.

According to chris cheong:
20% rule is the rules and reg of the game. we cannot trade with any one person for more than 20% of the total number of transaction. 30L+ refers to 30 lots or more. that means final open position should not be more than 30 lots. becareful if over.

OTB-according to chris cheong is All The Best
Plan Party- he means we can start planning the celebration party!

geez! and some say i'm arrogant.


went to check out the Hyatt's ball room today. looks very cosy, but there's pillars blocking. even tho there is live feed to the blocked tables, was not really very effective. since some areas will not be able to see the TV and the stage either. food wise, not v nice leh~ but is cheaper lah.

Fad checked out Shang Ri La. yest. the ballroom is gorgeous. the food is great. the price also very gorgeous. haiz. asking for cheaper alternative for Shangri La.. i want Shang Ri La!

Checking out holiday inn and fullerton tml!


So damn tired. think i'm sheduling too many things into 1 week. running all over the place with 2 or even 3 appointments in a day. so far, my week is packed. hope everything will ease up by the time sch reopens.

not many cust today. so end up, reading abt Rat aka mi horoscope in 2005. a good year for the rats it seems. but not sooo fantastic as an all out smooth sailing yr. apparently, i'm gonna have pms mood swings throughout the year and i'm gonna grow big headed and even more bossy due to success. muahaha! good luck to all my friends sia. lol! i pity you guys.

spent the rest of the day listening to hotel horror stories circulated amongst the SIA stewardesses, my senior was ex-singapore ger... chio wor! the weekend part timers also chio~ mi very stressed. bleh. damn scary lor the stories!Goosebumps more than once. couldn't bear to leave. but i gotta meet fad.

oyaz. apologies to joan. forgot fad already jioed mi. had to break swimming date. next time lah huh~


think i'm getting influenced by all the feng shui things that surround mi. feel like buying some stuff for myself. particularly the things for stock market, specifically for the games. heh heh...

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