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Welcome to the Merrick

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.
We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous,
talented and fabulous.
Actually, who are you not to be?

my loves
Li Rong
Michelle michelle
ET Laine
xi chen!
Friday. 12.3.04 9:21 am
met up with amy and aud, headed to orchard, since they so long nv go orchard le. haha.

went far east and stumbled upon this roadshow, where by u purchase a cleo mag. they give some coupons whereby u have a choice of doing a makeover, henna, manicure and blah blah... all FOC. there on the spot.

so since its free, mi went for the makeover- just makeup, manicure, and so called glam shot. all for the hell of it. when i completed all 3, aud is still doing the make up.. shagged sia. since both of us did diff sort of makeup. i just did a simple, light one. hers is more like evening dinner kind. Aud's ZA blue eyelashes sia~! feel like pulling it all out! lol!

i'm so impressed with the power of makeup~ since i'm usually too lazy to put much. the make up the lady did for mi is so simple, yet suddenly my eyes look so much more 'you shen' which is incredible, since my eyes are usually too small to be seen.lol! mascara is powerful. lol

waiteng joined us not long after, we talk talk chit chat a bit. while waiting for aud to finish. since her's involve hairstyling also. mine dun have. the end result is kinda exagerated.lol

coz T and ben went NTU for hand signal training which they missed since they were in china the other sat. took mi a while to convince T to drop by, with his passenger Ben, to see Aud's makeover. plus do dinner, kindof like xi chen. mafan de WeiliangS. sorry Kev. heez. kekeke, and there goes my peace and quiet. they are soooooo noisy man. dinner at hans like we own the place like that~! horrible sia~ ;O)

have been running into a lot of pple the last few days, sandy, nitin, elaine tok,liping, kenny. all my sec sch pple. if i'm not wrong, i think i saw saifong/w gf from pri sch. haha~

ALOT of catching up to do for just 2 weeks. ALOT of interesting things have happened. ALOT of gossips and confessions. Happening sia the 2 weeks.
had supper at CL, chatted for a long while.

den halfway on the train back, we decided to cont. girly talk talk session at the khatib kpoitiam. lol!

damn stressed abt tml. tml is the prelims for sgx. trading with all the top pple. stressed stressed stressed! Ben is in the same session with mi. he is the top trader in my class. den with the top traders in 07. hock, lishang, jonathan, wayne etc. haiz. i'm not even with my own class pple. which will help tremendously to ease my nerves. but heng got ben with mi. at least i wun be so sian. haiz. i'm thinking too much of the prelims. gotta chill......

by request
**AUD says she misses KEV wor!** muahaha!

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mambo nite!
Thursday. 12.2.04 9:05 am
went clubbing yest! Zouk mambo nite rox! i love ladies nite~!

so anyway, watching the guys on the the raised platform dancing to the mambo beats. damn cute! admire his guts to go up and dance, also his moves are really cute! if u know, how to dance to mambo, u'll know what i'm talking abt. keep seeing this guy's face in my mind. jialat~ think i've got a crush on him. muahaha! damn gorgeous, mega watt, toothpaste commercial smile... but for all i know, he might be gay. lol! i go absolutely nuts abt guys whu are so damn confident and nothing can get them down. now thats a huge difference from arrogance. arrogance is such a turn off.

i'm going clubbing next week again, since i promised joan and must compensate her for abandoning her yest. for the last time, after sch reopen at least. dun wanna repeat story. refer to werner's blog. he left out running into sie sie aka ex yrbk editorial head tho.

I'm going for Countdown 2005! jioed joan already. dun care i wanna go~ at least for once in my TEENs. when my age is still starting with 1. at most go w xiao li and celest, 2 chiobus we got to know the other time we went tio chinablack.

i wanna do everything!

i'm also going for sleeping beauty on ice. with Fad and my sec sch fren.

i'm spending too much! argh!

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