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Cleaning, part 1
Sunday. 7.8.07 4:10 pm
I didn't get up early like I wanted to, but I guess I didn't really have to.

I started cleaning up my apartment today. Now, I have to admit, I haven't vacuumed my apartment in months, but I do have a Swiffer Carpet Flick that I've been using. So the floor wasn't a complete mess. It just hadn't been properly vacuumed. Well, I broke out the vacuume today and ran it over my carpet. There are stains on the carpet from previous residents, but it does look cleaner.

I also cleaned up some of the papers I had lying around on my floor and couch. So now the general living area, the part people see the most, is clean. I still have a lot to do, though. My next goal is the kitchen and my desk. After that I shall tackle the bathroom.

I've had my hair pulled back most of the day. I hate having to put my hair up, but when I'm cleaning I need to so that it doesn't get in my face. Once its up though, I usually keep it up for the remainder of the day. Its a convenience. I don't actually mind having my hair up, its actually putting it up that I don't like doing. My hair rarely cooperates with me.

I'm just about out of food again. I need to go to the store, but its too hot right now. I might even put it off some more and go tomorrow.

Tiff and Adrey are supposed to be coming over either tomorrow or Tuesday. We're gonna have an indoor movie day. Since none of us really has any money, we chose to just stay in and watch movies instead of going out and doing something. About all we need to do is put what little money we have together so that we can get some food to munch on. It should be fun. This is the last time I'm going to see either of them so we're gonna hafta make the best of it.

I'm not sure how its going to work, me seeing Stuart again. With him being on crutches, its a challenge for him to get up the stairs to my apartment. And since he lives with his parents {and someone else; I can't remember who} no one really goes to his place. Its too cheesy {and too expensive} for us to stay at a hotel for a night. And I don't know of anywhere else we could go. Maybe, if he's stubborn enough to want to still play hockey on a messed up ankle, he'll be stubborn enough to come upstair to my place. But, unfortunately, I'm afraid its not going to happen. I really want to see him again before I leave.

I guess that's it for today. I can't really think of anything else to say.

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Saturday. 7.7.07 4:13 pm
I have decided that I'm going to simply relax today. Oddly enough, I'm very calm right now. Calm and content. I've had two days {yesterday and today} to relax and do nothing so tomorrow I'm going to start cleaning up my apartment.

I've done my laundry already today. I washed my uniform shirts and apron seperately from the rest of my clothes so that I can start to wash the smell of work out of my normal clothes. I have folded all my uniform shirts and apron and placed them in a bag so I can easily return them. I'm still debating whether to bring them up in the next couple days or to just wait and bring them in when I go to pick up my check. At this point in time, if I do bring them up before Thursday, it'll be at night so that I don't have to deal with the hot sun.

The last two nights {Thursday and last night} I've been staying up till 4, 4:30am. Yesterday I got up around 11am, but today I wasn't up till almost 1pm. I'm probably going to be up just as late tonight since I didn't wake up till late, but I'm going to make myself get up in the morning so that I can start cleaning.

My tattoo has healed completely. Its been healed for about a week now, but I've just forgotten to mention it in my entries. I like how its still elevated a little so if you run your fingers over it, you can feel exactly where the ink has set in.

The Slim Fast bars that I got seem to be helping my random hunger pangs. If I eat one first thing in the morning, or shortly after I get up, I find that I'm not wanting to snack on things throughout the day.

I'm actually sort of glad that there's nothing on TV right now cuz it gives me the chance to listen to my techno music. I have the TV on, but its muted. At 6, though, I'll be shutting the music off and unmuting the TV so that I can watch Scrubs. Its probably going to be episodes that I've already seen, but no matter. They're all pretty funny.

Okay, this one isn't as long as the one from yesterday and I'll keep it that way. Till tomorrow ...

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I hope it rains
Friday. 7.6.07 3:48 pm
Today is my first day without a job. Its nice in the sense that I didn't have to get up, take a shower and go in to work, but I'm extremely bored.

Earlier Lance picked me up and we went over to the new store so that I could see the almost finished product. {I say almost finished cuz all it basically needs are the cold food items and its final health inspection before its able to open for business} Its a really nice store. Its so clean! I like that location much better than the other ones. While I was there I said my goodbye to Joey. I'm not going to miss him a whole lot. He has his moments, but they're far and few between.

Lance dropped me back off at home and said that he'd come over again before I moved. I also am supposed to have Adrian come over before I move so that I can say bye to him since he wasn't able to make it up to my job before I quit.

Right now there are really dark, ominous clouds outside, but I doubt if anything will come from them. Its nice seeing the clouds though. I guess that's why the weather people predicted it would cool off to 104. That's really sad that we refer to 104 as 'cooling off.' Oh well. I hope it pours. And for more than 5 or 10 minutes. We could use a good, long rainfall.

I have a facebook account now. I just joined last night. You can check it out by clicking on the link in my 'if you're bored' module.

I bought some of those Slim Fast On-the-Go bars cuz they were looking pretty tasty and they were on sale. According to the box, they can control hunger pangs for up to 4 hours. Well, its been about 3 hours since I had one and my stomach is starting to complain that its hungry. I'm not that hungry yet though, so I'll wait a little bit before I eat again. I have a small stomach so I can go with only eating once or twice a day and I can't eat a whole lot at a time.

I've been listening to a lot of techno music lately. I'm not sure why, but I go through moods where I prefer that over the music played on the radio or the music I have on my playlist. Oh well.

I want company tonight, but Stuart has managed to screw up yet another part of his body. This time, however, its his ankle. He bruised it really bad and he thinks he might have a torn ligament. He can't walk on it at all and since I live three floors up, I definately won't be seeing him. Damnit. I do actually like Stuart and I want him to get better for his sake, but is it selfish of me to also want him to get better so that I can see him?

I dunno. Alright, I seem to make longer entries when I'm not working and really bored. I don't have anything else to say for now, but if I do, I have two other names I can write under. Till then ...

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Thursday. 7.5.07 10:17 pm
I am officially no longer an employee at the restaurant. I am currently without a job. And you have no idea how happy I am now that I'm not working there anymore.

It was a little sad saying goodbye to some people, but others it wasn't that bad. It makes it a little easier knowing that I'll be staying in touch with some of them even after I move. I'm only a phone call/e-mail/myspace message away.

I now have to focus on getting my apartment cleaned and ready to pack onto the pick up truck. I have to call the cable company and schedule a shut off date. I need to stop procrastinating and start filling out applications online to certain places out in Vegas so that I can have interviews set up for when I get out there. I know that doesn't sound like a lot, but it is. Mostly its the cleaning/packing and application part that requires the most effort.

Not a whole lot actually happened today for me to write about. So I'll write again whenever.

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Final day shift
Wednesday. 7.4.07 7:03 pm
Today was my final day shift. I didn't want to do anything, but I knew that I had to. I kind of slacked off on a few things, but what are they gonna do? Fire me? Ha. I had absolutely no energy after about an hour. Most of it was cuz I only got 3 hours of sleep last night. I went to bed at 5 and had to be up at 8.

Why, might you ask, did I only get three hours of sleep? Well, Stuart came over last night! I was very happy to see him. I haven't seen him in a month. He showed me a picture of his jaw that he took while he was in the hospital. It looked so painful. It was swollen to almost three times original size. I'm glad that he's able to use it again. It definately came in handy last night *grins*

Let's see. . . Today is Independence Day here in the US. Its really nothing special to me. I don't have any traditions except watching the Boston Pops Orchestra. Every so often we'd {the family and I} go out somewhere to watch fireworks, but its not an annual thing. Some people I know are having BBQs and getting drunk tonight, but I wasn't invited to any of them. That's fine with me. I just want to enjoy my time at home.

I got more chocolate today. And as soon as I got out of the shower, I had a Reese's cup. Chocolate is delicious.

David and I won't be going out again before I move. I was expecting us to not go out again, but I was still hoping. Oh well. I had to say my goodbye to him today. I had to very quickly choke back tears so that he wouldn't find me weird {er than he already thinks I am} I am going to give him my new number, when I get one, but I don't expect us to keep in touch.

I had to say most of my goodbye's today. Even though my last day of work is tomorrow, most everyone is off tomorrow. There are a few people that I'll see tomorrow and I'll be able to say goodbye to them then.

Alright, I'm done with this entry. I'm too tired to think about anything else to write about.

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Boring day
Tuesday. 7.3.07 4:32 pm
I haven't done anything even remotely exciting today. I watched Epic Movie. It was a little funny, but I'm not going to rent it again. I also watched two episodes of Scrubs, the movies Red Planet, Ice Age 2: The Meltdown and Clerks.

Stuart was going to come over last night, but I fell asleep not even 15 minutes before he texted me. I was a little annoyed when I got the messages two hours later. Oh well. Maybe he'll come over tonight after his hockey game. But with my luck, he'll just want to go home. Or he'll fuck up another part of his body and have to go to the ER again.

I don't have any chocolate in my apartment. I'm going to try and actually go the whole day without it. The last time I was out of chocolate, I ended up giving in and going to McDonald's to get a chocolate shake. This time, though, I don't have the money to spending on fast food. And its too hot to be walking to the store. The chocolate would probably be half melted by the time I got home anyway. Seeing as how its only a ten minute walk from my apartment to the store, that tells you just how hot it is outside.

I've managed to go without it so far. I've also gone a month without seeing Stuart. I'm afraid I won't be seeing him tonight either. Its a shame too. I really miss him.

Uhm, so that's been my day so far. Exciting huh? *note the sarcasm*

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