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Monday. 7.16.07 12:01 am
This is going to be very quick. I'm pretty sore and tired right now, so sleep sounds wonderful.

Today was spent driving. I wasn't driving; I technically couldn't since my name wasn't on the minivan rental agreement, but sitting in the car for the 8 hours it took us to get from Tucson to Las Vegas was actually pretty exhausting. I would have slept in the car, but I have a lot of trouble sleeping in a moving vehicle, even a plane.

I took some pictures, as did my sister. Hers probably came out waaay better than mine seeing as how I was only using my phone and she was using an actual camera. I'll upload them to my gallery tomorrow.

Alrighty, I'm off to get some sleep. I shall write more tomorrow.

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An exhausting two days
Saturday. 7.14.07 9:53 pm
Disclaimer: I'm warning you now, I'm writing for two days so this one could be a really, really long entry.

Yesterday was a nice day. The four of us met at my place and Lance offered to be the "chauffeur". We went to the movies first and sat in line {yes, sat; we got there like, and hour early} until they let us in the theater and then sat there for another 30 minutes before the movie started.

Harry Potter 5 was a good movie, but there was a lot missing from what was in the book. If you hadn't read the book, then yes, you would have loved the movie. But if you've read the book, there are some things that you won't like.

After the movie we headed over to Lance's house so that he could pick up a couple movies for us to watch inbetween lunch and bowling {we ended up not watching them anyway; we watched something else} When we left Lance's house, he drove up to his dad's house so that he could look for his Harry Potter books, but when he realized that he didn't have them there, he sat down and started playing around with his drums. Katie, Tiff and I were all still sitting out in the car. He did come out, but not for about 15 minutes. We asked him what he was doing and he said killing time. Bowling was at 10pm and it was only about 3:30pm.

When we left his dad's house, we finally headed out to lunch. It was decided that we go to Olive Garden, since I had never been. We wanted something like Applebee's, but not Applebee's. IHOP was suggested as was Denny's and Red Lobster, but when I told them that I had never been to Olive Garden, that's what made up the decision. The food was good. We ended up splitting the bill 4 ways and each of us paid about $15. Good food for a fairly decent price.

After lunch we all came back to my place and watched Dane Cook. We had been listening to it in the car so we decided it would be worth it to watch his stand-up. And it entertained us for a little while, but then I realized that I had wanted to go to Spencer's so that I could make a specific purchase. So when we were done watching the DVD, we piled back in the car and went back to the mall.

Once there, I went to Spencer's and bought what I had gone there for. After that Tiffany and I decided that since we had told that kiosk guy we would be back and since we were already at the mall anyway, we went to find the kiosk. His face lit up when he saw us back there with definate intent on a purchase. I'm not surprised though, at his reaction, since most people say they'll be back, but never end up going back. Tiffany bought some baby oil stuff with Vitamin E in it since its good for your skin and the whole bottle would last at least 5 months. I got suckered in and ended up buying some pretty colored bath salts in a glass container for my sister.

Once we were done at the mall, we came back to my place again to watch more of the DVD and rest for a bit before bowling. Around 9:45pm, Katie announced that she was beat from the day and was going to go home and sleep instead of go bowling with us. It was a little sad, but I was alright with it. I've gone bowling with Tiffany and Lance before so I knew it would be fun even without Katie there. So I said my goodbye to Katie and about 5 minutes later, the 3 of us remaining left to the bowling alley.

Bowling was fun. I haven't been bowling since back in September when I went bowling with people from work. It was $10 for unlimited games in the three hour time frame they gave you and that included shoe rental. We played 4 games altogether and decided to leave around midnight. I won the 1st and 3rd game with 102 and 105, respectively. Tiffany won the 2nd game {I don't remember her score} and Lance won the last game with 114.

We left the bowling alley and headed over the hotel that my mom and sister are staying at so that I could pick up my laptop. I had let them borrow it for the day so that they would have something to do if they decided to stay in. I introduced Tiffany and Lance to my mom and sister. We talked for a minute and then the three of us came back to my place. We finished watching the second Dane Cook DVD I had and then I walked them down to their cars.

The plan was for them to leave at around 1am, but Lance didn't leave until just after 2 and Tiff ended up staying till around 3. I came back upstairs and had just about given up hoping that Stuart would come over, when he knocked on my door at 3:20am.

He was here until just after 6am so I ended up not going to sleep until around 6:30am. I was supposed to be up at 9, but apparently I was just so tired that I slept through my alarm {it automatically shuts off after 5 minutes} and didn't wake up till quarter till noon. I called my mom to let her know that I was up and it was okay for her to bring my sister over so that she and I would be able to pack up my apartment.

She came over around 1pm and we started to work. Around 6ish my mom, Jean and Steve came over to pick my sister and I up so that we could go over to my old work since I promised them dinner from there. My sister and I got a cheese calzone and the other three got spaghetti. It was tasty and I was able to say goodbye to a couple other people. My mom dropped us back off at my apartment so that we could finish up for the night. After we got most of the packing done she tackled the task of cleaning my bathroom and I attacked my kitchen.

We're done for the night though. My sister went back to the hotel with my mom and we're going to finish packing up the minivan in the morning. The things that are going in the pickup truck are already gone from my apartment. I still need to do last minute packing, such as my suitcase, but other than that, I'm pretty much done. I'm not bringing any of my furnature, except the small side table/dresser thing that my TV was sitting on.

Alright, this is the longest entry that I've written in probably two years, but I'm writing about yesterday and today. With that being said, I'm off to take a shower. I'm in desperate need of one .... well, maybe not desperate, but I haven't taken a shower since yesterday morning and from working all day, I feel gross. And my legs are really sore from using them to carry stuff down three flights of stairs so I'm hoping the hot water will loosen them up a little. I shall write at some point tomorrow. Probably from on the road or when I arrive in Las Vegas.

BTW, the specific items that I bought from Spencer's are tongue rings. One that vibrates {this one is specifically for the guys ... and Stuart loved it} and a set of 5 tongue rings that are referred to as French ticklers. They have plastic/rubber spiked balls on the top that are supposed to tickle when used a certain way.

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The fam has arrived
Thursday. 7.12.07 6:58 pm
The arrival of the family has made it inevitable that I'll be leaving in three days. I'm thinking that my nerves are kicking in because I've felt sick to my stomach all day.

The tears have come and gone all day. Its mostly because I'm really afraid that I won't see Stuart. I don't think I'd handle it too well if I left Tucson without seeing him.

I am excited for tomorrow, though. Its my last day of freedom and leisure. We're going to the mall. We're going to be seeing Harry Potter 5 first, then we're gonna be going to lunch {I have no idea where yet} and then later in the evening we're going to be going bowling. I'm not sure what we're going to be doing inbetween lunch and bowling, but I'm sure we'll figure something out.

I've just about cried my eyes dry. When I do cry now, I don't cry near as long. I just can't. My eyes get dried out. I've woken up the past two mornings with my eyes dry and hurt, but I can't help it. My mind starts to wander off to the bad and the tears just come. I'm not an optimist; I never have been. Its hard for me to think of a good situation for myself. However, when someone else is having a problem, I can pick out the good in that. Optimism just doesn't work for me.

Alright, I don't know what else to say. I'll write again at some point tomorrow.

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Real quick
Wednesday. 7.11.07 9:52 pm
This won't be very long. I don't have a lot to say.

I started to clean my kitchen today, but lost motivation rather quickly. I got as far as soaking my dishes in the sink. I have a dishwasher, but I don't have enough dishes to run a full load. Its a waste of water {the fact I don't pay for water is completely beside the point} and it saves having to use a detergent pac.

My mom and sister will be in town tomorrow. Tomorrow I need to actually get up and do stuff. I need to finish cleaning my apartment, since I'll be out all day Friday. Tomorrow is payday. I need to turn in my uniforms and pick up my last paycheck. Then I need to decide how much I want to deposit and how much I want to keep out to spend on my final day of leisure. It doesn't really sound like a lot, but it is.

I'm crying more often than not. The last three nights I have spent in tears. And today the tears came early. I'm not crying now, but with the way its been working lately, its too early to start. Either that or my eyes are just too dry. I know part of what it is. My depression mixed with stress, mixed with the knowledge and coming to accept that I probably won't be seeing my friends here ever again. Its a hard thing to accept, no matter how many times you've moved; no matter how many times you've had to say goodbye. Its never easy saying goodbye. But that's a sacrifice you have to deal with making when making the decision to move and start your life elsewhere.

This is it for this entry. I decided to make it a short one since my last few have been fairly long.
Again I want to give kudos to those who read all the way through my last entry, but I'm going to give special kudos to Randomjunk and The-Muffin-Man for commenting on it.

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Transformers ... and other things
Wednesday. 7.11.07 4:18 am
Well today started out with an interesting thing. More annoying/funny, actually.

I went to bed around 4ish, like I have been, but my phone woke me up at around 9:30am. When I answered it, it was Katie returning my call from last night. It was very obvious that she had woken me so she laughed, told me to call her later and go back to sleep. Not even 10 seconds after I end the call with her, I get a text message alert. It was from Stuart asking if I was up.

I sent him a message back "I am now, what's up" He proceeds to tell me that he's chillen out at the DMV so that he can get his ID updated and update their records since his PO got mad at him for not having done it back in December {when he was supposed to update all of his stuff} The texting back and forth goes on for about an hour.

After the texting stopped, I called Katie back. I figured, it had been an hour; I sounded more awake and I was actually coherent. I get her voice mail. I don't leave a message figuring that she'd see the missed call and call back or I'd just end up calling her later. I doze off again at this point.

Around noon, I wake up, look at my phone to see what time it is and see that Katie had returned my call. Why the phone didn't wake me up that time, I'm not sure. I turn over assuming that I would lay there for a minute before I actually got up. Not the case. I dozed off again and didn't wake up till almost 2pm.

About 10, 15 minutes after I got up, I called Katie back. Got her voice mail again. This time I leave a message: "Hahaha, we're playing phone tag. You're it. Call me back" She ends up not calling me back, but I did finally get ahold of her.

Anywho, Tiffany and I went to see Transformers. That movie was the shit! I didn't really have the money to be spending, but I'm glad I spent the money. It was well worth it. Its also a good thing I waited to see it till a week after it came out cuz we were able to actually get good seats even though we didn't get into the theater until about 5 minutes before the movie started.

Friday is the day Katie and I are going out. We're going to see HP5; I already bought the tickets. Tiffany and Lance are going to see it as well and I need to call both Katie and Lance to let them know what time we're all gonna go. Tiff already knows; I told her right after I bought the tickets. Now all I have to do is hope the timing works out in our favor so that there's no complications.

After I got home from the movies, it was about 11:45pm and I was starting to settle into my depression again. I really wanted to see Stuart and with his ankle {which actually isn't that bad; at least it didn't look it} I was having trouble convincing him to come over. I managed to do it tonight though. Instead of staying in my apartment, we drove about 30 minutes north to sneak into this enclosed pool in a fairly nice neighborhood. Its the first time I've ever snuck into any place. If I've snuck into somewhere, then it was so long ago that I don't remember. Even though the night didn't go as well as planned, I enjoyed driving in the car with him. I'm hoping that I get to see him again so that didn't have to be our goodbye. That would definately push me back into a depression.

Well, I started this thing about 15 minutes ago and its now 4:36am so I'm thinking that I pretty much got through most of my day. I watched this really interesting show on Animal Planet about giraffes {I can't wait to go back to school to become a zoologist} And I finally took care of my spaghettio craving. It'll be a while before I crave them again.

Alrighty. I know that was a lot for not a whole lot of events, but kudos to those who read all the way through it. I know I probably wouldn't have. Then again, ya never know. . .

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Monday. 7.9.07 5:47 pm
So today was my first time going to In'N'Out Burger. I love how absolutely simple their menu is. They only make three things there, though. Burgers, fries and shakes. There are only so many combinations you can have.

Tiffany took me. It was supposed to be her, Adrian and I, but Adrian is either busy or out of town until after I leave. It sucks cuz I wanted to say bye to him, but I guess I couldn't say bye to everyone.

After In'N'Out, we went to the other location where Tiff works so that she could put in a request for a few days off. We were only going to be there for a few minutes, but we ended up being there for about an hour. We joked around with Gary and Tori the entire time. I didn't think I'd be saying bye to either of them, but I got to so it was kinda nice.

After that we went to the mall for a little bit. Basic window shopping. Tiff got suckered into buying something from a kiosk. I've never been suckered into buying anything from them, and this time was no different, but Tiff did. It was kind of funny. She bought some bath salt crystal things. They smelled okay so it wasn't a complete waste of money. And the guy trying to sell it to us was kinda cute so I guess it was worth standing there for the 5 minutes it took.

By the time we left the mall it was close to when Tiff had to be at work, so she dropped me off at the store so that I could buy some food and she went off to work. I had a pleasant day. It was nice going out and hanging out with someone different. She's going to see if she can go out Wednesday night so that we can go see Transformers. She's seen it already, but I haven't and its apparently good enough that she's willing to go see it again.

I called Katie and left her a message to call me back. I want to make sure that we're still on for Friday. I hope she calls me back soon.

I'm not sure if I said anything yesterday, but I filled out one application online yesterday and this morning, I got woken up with them calling me. I hated telling them that I wouldn't be in Vegas for another week. Once I get there though, I'm going to be contacting them as soon as I can to let them know that I am in town and to schedule an interview. I'm actually hoping that I get the job. If not, though, there are plenty of other places by my mom's place where I can apply at that aren't food places. {I'm not doing food again; its not bad, if you're into that kind of thing, but its not for me}

I have my hair up again. I didn't put it up while I was out, but just from walking home from the store it was hot so I needed to get it up off my neck. I'm thinking that the next time I go out I'll just put it up before-hand so that I don't have to worry about it. Its still a pain in the ass for me to put it up, but if it means that I'm a little cooler, I'll deal with it.

Okie doke, I'm done with this entry.

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