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Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.
We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous,
talented and fabulous.
Actually, who are you not to be?

my loves
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being good
Sunday. 12.12.04 10:28 am
How do you define being a good person?

someone whu do not steal/rob, commit arson, murder, in essence, whu do not commit morally or criminally offensive crimes is deemed as a good person?

den i am a good person?

even if i dun donate to 'needy' causes when i walk around orchard, assulted every 5 steps by worthy causes, crippled beggars, struggling musicians and the chinese calligraphy guy in the underpass? does apathy to the so called needy around negate the 'goodness', if there was any to begin with, in me? but i have perfectly acceptable reasons, "i'm only a poor student", "i dun even have enuff fer myself".

i say that and i have a handphone, eat conveyor belt sushi when i feel like it and aircon at home, 2 PCs, 2 TVs and clothes i stop wearing after a few times.

even if i know that it is right to give up seats to the elderly/pregnant/little kids and i dun?

even if i commit...in thought or otherwise all 7 deadly sins?
Pride, Envy, Anger, Avarice, Sadness, Gluttony, Lust

If blame was to be assigned, should the award go to the society at large or to the miro-organism of the society, the individual, or the hot favourite- the family? Who will you blame?

Not many of us go about being pro actively Good. many express regret at not having the time to do voluntary work. the degree of truth in that statement varies according to the person whu has skin thick enough to utter it. typically "i want to be good, i want to do voluntary work, BUT i have no time"

therefore i have arrived at this conclusion
volunteers= the embodiment of goodness

(even if they dun give up seats to the elderly auntie whu hobbled in the last stop or they end up being the serial killer of old folks in a home)

i'm not trying to be difficult. Y are you being so judgemental?

Why is it then that active do-gooders are treated as weirdos in our midst?
imagine one day, i tell you that i do not tolerate gossips anymore because we are being horribly judgemental on pple we dun know, and that i am currently volunteering, and that i gave away one of my PC and TV to a children's home.

Tell mi the first thot/word/phrase that runs across your mind. the line that comes before "thats very charitable of you"

i dun understand 'goodness'

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sgx day
Saturday. 12.11.04 10:39 am
so its sgx day again today. nothing much happened. made a lil profit, just hope can cover most of my loss from last time. somehow the blur fishes still remained blur fishes. lol. O and UBT (one of the better looking student moderators which mi and michelle was bio-ing) was standing in front of mi for most parts of the trading session~! traded with him a few times. lolz~! ren hao hao... gave mi the price i wanted several times keke. den there's NOL, not that he is shuai. its teh way he carries himself. very confident. v sure of himself and what he's doing.

meeting amy and aud at PS after sgx games fer movie, shutter. but as it was still early, i had no other choice but to hang out with the 3 guys(T, kev and hock), whu coincidentally was going to PS also, but fer a diff movie, blade. 3guys and a girl combo. lolz!
so hang out with them till amy and aud arrives. in full make-up regalia. kinda suprised. lol! so all of us hang out talk cock, discover kev's latest romance till the guys gotta go for their movie.

went to cut my hair at this salon at far east which janna reccommanded teh last time. now my hair's kinda spiky at the top. sianz. gotta gel every morn before i go sch. feel like getting a cap and just wear that to sch.. geez.

time was abt 2.50 when we got to GV. tried to buy tix for shutter, but put off by the long queue. went to the queueless express ticketing machines. dodos queuing so bloody long when there are 4 machines plus one axs machine fer them to buy tix from. heng we got to teh ticketing machine. tix were selling like hot cakes. the 2 min we spent waiting for amy to walk over cost us 2 rows of seats. ended up sitting in the first row in a full hse theatre. first time sia. the benefits of being short. can see the screen without causing serious sprain to ya neck when on the front row.

the show was pretty good. with suprising twists in the story. and some decently scary horror shots. ya of coz sitting in the front row means when the ghost suddenly lunges at u. it means the ghost suddenly lunges at u. definately better than those diaoz korean horror flicks. (hock; if ya reading this. u are forever blacklisted for horror shows. this kind of show still can luagh thruout bleh)

went to chinatown da pai dang to have amy's fave tang yuan. and the hao jian that was contributing to my tossing and turning last nite at 3+am. together with chawan mushi, delifrance potato gretin, sushi, hot green tea, steak and the like... o gosh. why the hell am i craving for food like that! i've been eating none stop! bk->cafe cartel->popcorn and coke->tang yuan->porridge->hao jian. i'm stuffed and fat. but i still wanna eat!

i'm thinking abt stingray now~! o man!

running a bruddy cold lite now. lawgging orff.

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