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Nice to meet you Sofia Mei Li Arevalo
Saturday. 8.11.07 9:38 pm
I can finally type this entry after a week in the hospital giving birth to my first baby girl, Sofia. Yes it is SOFIA - with an F. :) Her full name is Sofia Mei Li Arevalo. She has both a Spanish and a Chinese name, because she is a mixed baby. She came into the world on Sunday, 5th August 2007 at 11:10am screaming, kicking strong and with a full head of hair! A bit wrinkly for being in there too long, but very eager to come out...because my labour only lasted for 7 hours.

The whole week I have been in hospital trying to learn the key tools of breastfeeding, changing diapers, reading specific cries and keeping her warm. These are very basic but to me it is a whole new routine! I have not slept much this week...but I didnt expect to. I have been having mixed emotions, mostly positive of course...but I do feel the 'baby blues' at times. With F working quite a bit, I dont get to spend much time with him...and almost all my time is dedicated to Sofia.

She was a lil baby, which made her easy to come out. I just wanted to get through my contractions and labour. All my friends ask how the experience was like, and whether it really hurts that much. Honestly I dont think it did, only when it came to the push...but by that time the gas must have worn off hehe. I do remember asking for something stronger but I think the mid-wife told me to keep persevering and increase the nitrous oxide (happy gas). I initially went in thinking I would choose to have an epidural...but I am glad I was only given the gas and proud of my achievements of going through such a marathon. I sometimes underestimate myself and my strength to get through hard times. Without Fernando by my side I dont know what I would do.

All of our friends and family have been really supportive! They are all so kind and caring. It makes me feel so lucky that we have a good circle of great people around us. I want to thank those who have given Sofia so many gifts to start her new life with us. Our lil girl's name SOFIA MEI LI means wise and beautiful. I have no doubt she will be true to that name. She takes a lil bit from both F and I, I will have to show u some photos on flicka when I get the chance to upload them. She is adorable to everyone she meets, she really does look like a cutie baby!

But for now I am at home for one month, for my confinement period. It is getting anoying and it is only first week. I have been put under strict chinese traditions to stay indoors, keep warm, cant wash my hair, do not touch water, eat lots of ginger, wear slippers, and do not eat cold foods. I feel so useless sometimes, cuz I cannot touch water makes a lot of things difficult. *sigh*...will type more on that in another entry.

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I want another concert
Thursday. 8.2.07 2:14 pm
So boring at home. Sorry for the constant complaints! I can't help it...my poor hubby must be sick of me complaining and saying I have nothing to do, when I have so many things! I guess it's more things I HAVE TO do than I WANT TO do. Yesterday I had some very annoying cramps, which freaked me out cuz I have no idea how to tell contractions from normal cramps! But if baby was to arrive tonight I would be prepared...well that's all I'm waiting for at the moment.

Also I want to go to the Linkin Park concert in October. WAHHHHHHHHHHH!! I know it will probably cost heaps and it is something that isn't a 'need'. Cuz since baby will be out I will have to find a baby sitter. None of my friends would go anyways so I could ask them hahaha. So it would only be F and I. I love LINKIN PARK! It was 4 years back when I was in Kuala Lumpur when they were scheduled to perform on my bday...but I had to come back to Australia and therefore sulked cuz I wouldn't see them again :( But now the opportunity strikes and they are coming to Perth!!! I really want to go...

That is the main purpose for this entry today. To rant that I want to see a Linkin Park concert, but I'm torn between the throws of parental responsibility and being a music/concert junkie. I wonder if baby will like this sort of music lol!

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Baby classes
Sunday. 7.29.07 10:41 pm
mood: psyched
It was a wet and miserable all weekend but it actually wasnt as bad as I thought. The weather may have been shite but everything else made up for it. :) I was happy cuz I got to get out of the house and catch up with friends, which has not happened in months and my first time attending antenatal classes.

On sat, 9-4, Fernando and I sat through a whole day of lectures, dvds, group work etc to learn about the whole child birth process. Focusing mainly on the stages of labour and the different types of birth methods e.g cesarians and epidurals. It really gave me more confidence to work out my birth plan and be aware of all the different procedures if my natural birth does not go as I wish. I have learnt to open my mind and be flexible if the worse case scenario is to occur. F seems so ready to support me whole heartedly and he is becoming more excited every day realising our baby will soon be a part of our world!

Sat night, the girls - Gail, Shels, Heidi, Danae and Jess came over and threw a small baby shower. There was an abundance of food that could feed a 20 ppl party..but us 6 girls managed to do very well! We played baby games and each won prizes. MUCH THANKS goes to my best friend Gail for organising it all. There were pink and blue cupcakes, lolly bracelets, jelly etc. I was very happy me and my baby were getting the attention hehe. Plus it's been months since I have caught up with my friends. I will post up pics when I get them from my friends.

Sunday, F and I picked up the cot from my ex-boss's house. It is amazing how I have have developed such friendships and I totally respect my bosses and no longer have that issue with authority. I used to shy away from ppl who had it. But my ex-boss she is one of my closest friends at work. I felt so touched when she said she would give me a brand new cot for free. The support is tremendous around F and I and we are forever thankful. Then we spent the rest of the afternoon chillin out with F's friend, Rob. It was nice to chat and catch up with ppl who we havent seen in a while. It takes us away from being too enclosed in our own world of 'parenting and babies' and remind ourselves that we are also vibrant, driven, down to earth, 23 yr olds.

2 more weeks...I really cant wait!! It could happen any time from now, I know I can do it. Im psyching myself up for it. I know it will be painful but it will be so worth it in the end. I know I am strong and have the will to hold on during the times that will test me. I just want to realise I can be a tough mama too and make it through this physical torture for my baby. WISH ME LUCK! :D

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Wide awake!
Wednesday. 7.25.07 12:46 am
I cant seem to go to bed tonight, the whole day I have been restless looking for something to do around the house and I am not the least bit tired. Everyone else has gone to bed and I'm awake and in need to organise things. Being at home has been kinda boring and not stimulating my brain...I dunno what I should be doing... I know I have a lot to organise before baby comes but I just cant seem to know where to start. I was just hoping for bubs to come and then I will react. Naturally I should be 'nesting'...preparing the house/room for the baby but I have not really been proactive.

I did notice since gettin pregnant I have been cooking excessively and have being more interested in new recipes. I have never been confident in my cooking and never adventurous to step into the kitchen. But since conceiving I have had the need to cook and have others enjoy my food. I am also shocked at my ability to produce great tasting food! Cuz I have never been able to do so. I must thank my changing body, hormones and tastebuds cuz everything seems more sensitive and I now have a palate of a chef. Before food was bland, not cooked properly...I think cuz I had the mind of a 'healthy, plain, slim' girl and others just never liked that sort of cooking. lol!

Baby Shower this saturday...it is all a bit disorganised cuz most of my girlfriends are outta town. But should be fun. I'm in desperate need of female bonding or a social life! On the same day, F and I have antenatal classes from 9-4!! Gonna be so full of babies on Saturday...dunno how F can handle it hehe, I have asked him to run away so he can avoid all the baby noises the girls will be making. I have no idea what to expect from a baby shower, I will be the first of my friends to hold one for sure. haha. Cant wait ;)

Last week was my older bro's and mum's bday. I bought my older bro 'The Secret', I am curious to read what all the hype is about. I would have bought it for myself, but it would be such good use to him. I did flick through the pages before wrapping the present...but now I have all the time in the world I want to read it from start til end!! :( Hmmm...mum wants to get her hands on it too...

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sneaking into movies
Thursday. 7.19.07 10:00 pm
On Tuesday F took me to Carousel to watch a movie, our plan was to see at least 2 movies and pay for one hehe. I havent done that since I was back in highschool, when we were young and much more energetic to last the distance of 2 x 3 hours flicks. It was so busy, cuz it was school holidays and there were kids everywhere!! Which made the cinema experience really crap when we watched 'Harry Potter - Order of the Pheonix' cuz there was this one, spoilt, tubby girl who wouldnt stop sulking through the movie. She kept on wailing ' boring'...stupid brat! And I cant believe her parents didnt do anything to discipline her, it was most embarassing, cuz when the lights came on the whole audience stared up at the corner where the cries were heard. F and I swore to never let our kids ruin our time when we go out. Though it may happen...we will be prepared.

I cant say much about the most recent 'Harry Potter', it just didnt cut it like the rest of them. The way each sequel is done is just like the one before...not having much difference or excitement. Maybe the most anticipated event was when Harry had his kissing part. It was cute!

'Transformers' was the other movie we watched, it was awesome! It really reminded me of the old days when me and my bros would watch them before going to school and I recalled them having an action figure of Optimus Prime. It was just cool...the chicks were good looking, the guys were reasonable, full-on action, it was an all rounder. Even though there wasn't much character development, those who have never had a background of 'Transformers' may find themselves lost. But they would have enjoyed the action packed ride.

It has become rather uncomfortable going to the movies, if only the seats were tilted 45 degrees it would accomodate pregnant women. hehe. Also a foot rest would be nice too ;) The cinemaxx sounds were so explosive in 'Transformers' there were often times I thought the baby may jump out of my skin! I just hope it did not damage his/her hearing...

Also another exciting moment today...went to Toys R Us and I bought nappies! Hahaha...never thought I would say that. But it still hasn't hit me properly that I have to change someone's elses pants when they do poo-poos.

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boy or girl?
Monday. 7.16.07 12:06 pm
mood: relaxed
There has been much speculation and theories from various people about whether I will be having a boy or a girl. A lot of ladies who take one look up and down, believe that their guess is correct just by the way my tummy looks from different angles. I would really like to know whether it is a boy or girl, but F has always wanted to keep it as a surprise. It will be a surprise for everyone! So it makes it special for all our friends and family involved.

The votes on boys are beating the girls. Most men would love to have a son first, they believe they are the leaders and will protect their younger siblings. Also the hubby always wants a boy first so they can have a junior and teach them everything they love and share all the boys stuff. Some women also prefer boys first because for similar reasons, as the oldest he will look after the rest. But COME ON, girls are good too! They are nuturing, caring, can help around with the next baby. They are underestimated in the way they can be the 'oldest' child too, esp. by the father who thinks girls are troublesome and high maintanence! I dont agree, I was always independant and more of a tom boy hehe. I wouldnt mind either boy or girl, but ultimately I would like a girl to dress up, to accompany shopping and do girly stuff and talks. A mother has to have a girl!! I'll keep having babies til I get my girl hehe.

I tried a gender predictor chart on The Nest Baby, just for fun! :) It calculates the mother's age of conception with the month of conception to give u the sex of the bubs. I worked mine out to be a girl!! F wasnt overly pleased about that...haha.

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