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Books I have completed reading since January 2018:

1. No Man's Nightingale - Ruth Rendell
2. One Day - David Nicholls
3. The Door - Margaret Atwood
Proof-read friend 2
Sunday. 4.26.15 8:32 pm
Well, I met the friend again on campus and throughout the whole conversation he didn't even look at me in the eye. And I was the one who approached him. And he tried to deflect the topic. Too bad. Your reputation is tarnished.

Not gonna speak to you again because you are not reliable. Actually.. it's just simple... just decline when you can't.

Yesterday during a catch up session with my other friend, we were talking to a similar topic. I have friends asking me to refer them for business which I did but they never play good salesperson. So in the end whose reputation is tarnished? It's mine. I am kinda fed up with such friends. I remember telling one of my friends to F*** off when I finally met him face to face for keep telling me he will send me his service pricing. Yea... for more than 6 months? I told him straight in the face to not come asking me for business again.

Sometimes I end up doing those transaction requested by friends because I have no other reliable friends. Seriously. They come begging me that they need money. Fine. I refer them to a job. And they never had the courtesy to even decline it. Just went silent on the whatsapp. Sorry babes. There is no such thing as "I want the job to be my style" at times. That just shows you are not hungry for money.

Opportunity comes to people who are open minded. I always accept job because it was godsend to me. Freelance jobs just appear whenever I pray that I don't have enough money.

I feel sorry for this people. Whatever... for this case, their pain is my gain. Their job become mine. =)

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Proof-read friend
Saturday. 4.18.15 11:22 am
This is sad.

I asked a friend to proofread my essay 2 weeks ago, and he said he could do it in exchange for food. I know he has a lot of assignments to do but I gave him 2 weeks to read it.

I asked him again, he said he will do it tonight. Three days before my deadline, I asked him again if he is gonna do it, otherwise I would get someone else, he didn't reply me at all. Because of such thing happened, he has given himself some poor credibility. He could have just say he is not able to do it when I asked him for the third time.

Well, our agreement will be canceled. Luckily, I got free lunch from him when we met 3 weeks ago.

Well... thank you god for the lunchie!

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Morning musume old generation
Monday. 4.13.15 3:08 am
I miss this generation very much. =(

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Friends are friends
Friday. 3.27.15 11:35 am
I was scrolling my FB account as usual and saw one of my lecturers advertised unconsciously some NZ ice cream being served somewhere here. The comments were left my coursemates from NZ and I went clicking on one of them to check out what she is up to recently to only realise I don't receive any feeds because she has unfriend me. I believe it's already sometime already. No big deal though but it is just weird. I mean... seriously... she is acting like an old virgin apart from my other collegemate? Or is it I unfriend her 'abang' (brother in Malay)? But that was years ago... and she even fetched me home from a reunion lunch 2 years ago. But it was super weird.

Her FB cover page is a picture of wedding camaraderie. And I spotted one of my Japanese coursemates and a Thai one and an Indonesian one! Holycow. Three of them in a photo? This must be a recent one and I felt insulted for not invited to a wedding. But then... we all went our separate ways since we left college, but still a tinge of hurt still lingers in me because we were close back then.

Oh well, it was back then. And now I have made new friends and I will continue to grow too. But I miss this Jap friend! OMG! Whose wedding was that?!

But it's ok. It's their choice for not inviting me and I should be happy too since I won't need to spend extra on accommodation and air tickets and also wedding gift. I got nothing to complain.

All is well. =)

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Wednesday. 3.11.15 8:39 pm
I recently have been actively reading chiclit to 'air' my head. I have been read the Little Black Dress books, and so far I have never dropped any from its line. This is my first because it was darn boring. I was seriously screaming 'Get on to the Gist!'.

Here's the title: daisy's back in town.

No likey.

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Finally... for her
Tuesday. 3.10.15 8:07 pm
I have been following this Japanese pop group, Morning Musume, for years because the members are full with wits and humour, but that's referring to the told members. The new members are now quite apprehensive to show their true self. Gone were the days of Kago Ai and Tsuji Nozomi.... The last member of the old era is Sayumi Mischiege. For years, her pitch sucks. Seriously. It was so bad that I cringe.

Why only she finally can sing well??? After 10 over years in the group.. only now have better pitch?!

Aiyoyo! Anyways this song is about herself. She is cute. I can't deny that.

And this song really shows her gargantuan improvement. Her style of singing is quite irritating but then I can't help to listen to the improvement. But why only like when you already graduated from the group??

Happy listening!

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