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Books I have completed reading since January 2018:

1. No Man's Nightingale - Ruth Rendell
2. One Day - David Nicholls
3. The Door - Margaret Atwood
Study and reflection
Sunday. 7.19.15 10:45 am
After much reflection, all I wanted is to study without any worries of not having enough money to pay my tuition fees or I will be wasting my money for paying such an expensive course when my results are crap. The utmost thing I wanna do is to study without having to meet deadlines. This is what I wanted most for my current study course. Is it impossible?

I have been reflecting about what I don't like about my life and what I want to change. And mum said I am playing victim, and I should just go back to praying, which I did.

But still I want to study at my own pace. Why is society so crazy about meeting deadlines? And then when we are at our own deadlines, we tell god to extend our deadlines. So much of meeting deadlines that we are so scared of dying.

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Eid Aidilfitri
Thursday. 7.16.15 11:43 pm
It's the Eid Aidilfitri celebration and I am not invited to any open house this year?!

This is bad. I usually have invitations to open house but this year is ZERO! Did people not having open house due to the higher standard of living? Yea, I understand. I only have some meagre money to survive until next payday which is like 10 days away.

Gulp. I wonder how is everyone else's doing. Especially the ones with family. If a single girl like me can barely survive until the next payday... imagine those with kids. And what's worse... it's the Muslim's new year. People would want to spend on new clothes and what not for the new year.

What's life if we can't live freely?

Selamat Hari Raya and Maaf Zahir Batin, nonetheless.

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Soppy good characters vs bloodthirst
Wednesday. 7.8.15 9:47 am
Ok. Do you guys like reading books... manga or watching anime?

If yes, you may understand how I feel, because this post is going to be a rant.

I suddenly got hooked to a Korean manhwa. Drawing is quite pleasant to my eyes so is the plot to my brain.

But one thing just got to stop.

Attention to character builders.

STOP HAVING A WEAK AND INNOCENT AND DUMB FEMALE OR MALE CHARACTER. There is no such thing purely as such mentioned character is able to survive a streak of malice challenges with a streak of luck.

Get real. There are times such described people need to evolve to survive.

It's like I am watching Cruel Romance or some drama where suddenly an extremely poor girl bumps into not one but four handsome and filthy rich guys. Err... if she walked into some high-end party, yes that's highly possible. But just one the street? And out of the blue?

That doesn't reflect reality because being a pretty girl for over XX years, I have never had such luck in bumping into not even one rich guys. I do have such friends but they are not as kind as what the drama, manga, anime portray.

I think I just want to see some realistic characteristics instead of some simple minded people. I am aware there are some people like that in the world. But I could not relate to those characters... I think that's why there's a genre called FANTASY. All those dumb and innocent characters perhaps should be stored in fantasy genre for they rarely exist.

Ugh. I can write my own story, but why am I not? Coz I am lazy and tired. I don't mind telling someone the storyline but not to write or draw.

Ok. Ranting is up. I need to take action. I need to complete my crazy story on Nanowrimo.

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Not so cruel romance
Thursday. 6.25.15 9:18 am
My family and I are chasing a mainland drama called Cruel Romance. We didn't watch it from the first episodes but we got hooked by the following series. And I was itchy...

I read the whole spoilers.

And I found some parts were touching that I feel like hugging someone and just cry off whatever is tugging in my heart.

And.. why some parts have to be so predictable? Sigh...

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A close range beep
Saturday. 6.20.15 10:16 pm
Ok. I accidentally played this Japanese drama on youtube while I was searching for some Japanese songs.

Ok. That drama has my favourite cool looking actor: Yamashita Tomohisa. Ok. And so I continued playing it la...

And then... I realised why those Japanese love to have those forbidden love. The title of the drama is above and of course I censored the last word: Love.

This drama is about the English homeroom teacher giving extra English classes to a female prodigy. And then the love blooms..

The actions the teacher took were like.... very... misunderstanding.

I cannot continue watching it because we predictably know what's going to happen next...

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Deadline, enough!
Sunday. 6.14.15 11:36 am
I am working on my last assignment for the semester. My coursemate has kindly requested for an extension and we were granted.

But I am extremely pissed off here. I work my ass here to finish the assignment on time because the deadline is tomorrow and my coursemates were telling me that they are not submitting because they are 'confused' and don't know what to do with the assignment.

You started the fcuking assignment late, you do not demand for addition deadline! I have given you a sample of the assignment of how it should be done. There is no excuse that you are confused! You didn't even share your sources with me!

What do I do now? This is simply injustice!

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