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Miss Pandora

Age. 35
Gender. Female
Ethnicity. Asian
Location Adelaide, Hong Kong
School. Other
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hot day
Tuesday. 3.9.04 9:40 pm
I got headache today, because it is too hot.
It is easy to catch flu in this weather, sometimes hot, and sometimes cold. Need to be careful.

I couldn't concertrate at class, because of headache and I was daydreaming. Perhaps I can bring my MD to record, so I can listen and drop notes at home. My classmates talked too fast and I don't have chance to speak, I understand this week's topic, so I think I should say something. And I need to read some books, so I can get a better understanding.

My teacher(s) asked me what I want to do in communication industry, and I couldn't think of an answer. I maybe interesting in public relations, but not sure.

Last week, I bought lots of chocolate, but I haven't eat them yet.
no mood to eat.

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Cancer Weekly Horoscope
Sunday. 3.7.04 12:59 am
Week of Mar. 8, 2004

Venus is moving through Taurus and livening up your social life, and there is fun to be had. On Tuesday it aspects Uranus, so expect an electric meeting, out of the blue. This one could be very interesting, especially as your conversation will have a depth and sparkle that you don't usually experience. Venus moves to aspect Saturn on Thursday, which is encouraging for your partnerships. There seems to be a bond worth pursuing, even if only for a short time. You could learn a lot from each other.

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not well
Thursday. 3.4.04 10:28 pm
Missed 'Media industries' lesson this morning, I didn't go to school, feel dizzy, tired and cold. Why I have so many 'industries' lesson? media industries on thu, and communication and media industries on monday, is there that much of industries that I need to know?

I told Sharon that I was sick through icq, she came to Burwood to see doctor with me, I am glad to have friends like her. She made the booking for me, and we met up at Burwood station, then went home with me. I am too weak today, hope I am able to go to school tomorrow.

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blood donation day
Wednesday. 3.3.04 10:51 pm
I don't like the academic english lesson today, I think I fall asleep for a few times in that four hours. it taught all typical things that you can find in english lessons, and our teacher, Barbara talked slowly, softy.

I sent an application to Nurse World Wide before, they called me this morning when my break was about to finish. When I called back, they said the staff went to meeting and will call me later. I haven't received any calls for the day.

I had nothing to do this afternoon, when I was on the way to Circular Quay, I decided to donate blood. I filled the form and waited for assisment. I got 224 for heamoglobin check, so the nurse said I am very healthy, because most women got around 118 only. So, I went inside to wait for donation, then a nurse came to ask me which arm that I usually donate blood. I answered 'left' thenI remember it should be 'right', but she was gone. When I lay on the chair, the nurse couldn't find my vein, so she asked me to change the other chair and use my right arm. And then she find it quickly. ar-ha, I remember last time the nurse told me right arm would be easier to put the needle in, because I am a righty.

My blood moves very fast, it took few minutes to finish, and I felt dizzy. I must looked terrible, because they said I look pale, and gave me a cold drink. I chose chocolate milkshake, but I don't understand why they don't let me chose hot drink, as I saw other people having hot tea.

I left Blood Centre at 4pm, and back to UTS library for books. I worried I can't get in, because my account is inactive, but I find I can get in, just can't borrow books. The library said they can keep the books 24 hours for me, so I can go to student service, but student service said my account should be active at Friday, or I'll need to change the card. SO, I went back to library and wait for Sharon.

I went to Sharon's home later. She is stilling looking for a room for rent, she goes to Karing Kai campus, and need to wake up at 6am, but don't want to live away from city. Then we went for dinner, I felt so tired after dinner, not sure is it related to donate blood. Sharon walked to Train station with me after dinner.

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second day
Tuesday. 3.2.04 9:05 pm
Used $10 to buy the lecture notes for 'Media analysis', and also $10 for other lecture notes.

I was so confuse in today's class, seems everyone knows what they are doing, except me. We discussed media policy and reality tv shows in different countries, especially china media policy. Frankly speaking, I don't interesting to china media policy, what is the point to discuss a country's media policy when they don't have freedom of speech, and not recongised the event in 1989. They started to talk about their own countries' media policy, malaysia, germany, etc. I don't interesting to these, I have no knowledge to these kind of stuffs, and I don't even know the media policy in HK.

They mentioned 'The big brother' in UK and Australia, I don't like this reality show, and don't think it is interesting at all. I don't understand why people or westerners'd like to watch this show? Such kind of show'd never find in commerical tv channel in HK, because people only like to watch drama, soap opera or discovery channel, but not the others' 'real life'. And probably no-one'd like to attend this show to put their life 24 hours un-cut. It may make some noise at the beginning, but wouldn't be long lasting.

I felt bore in this class, I have no knowledge to what they talk about, and couldn't join the discussion. I wonder should I do communication, seems I am the only one don't understand. Policy and politics were never play a part in my life. I should work my best as I chose this course.

And four hours academic english lesson tomorrow. Alas, I hate English lesson, I don't like grammar, and don't like to learn the same things again, hope they'll teach some new stuffs.

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new school day, new start
Monday. 3.1.04 10:06 pm
Moved to new home but nothing really to do

This is my first day go to school, class started at 10am, and I was late. Although it is not good to be late on the first day, there is nothing to do in first day.

All my classmates came from different countries, germany, france, malaisa, korea, japan, china, south africa, and they look nice.

My first lesson was 'Communication and media industries'. Our professor works in the media industry, have solid experiences. Very different to high school, yes, it is time to grow up, to meet the real world. The afternoon lesson 'Desktop publishing' is boring, I play ICQ for the whole lesson.

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