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I never noticed before...
Thursday. 11.6.08 5:51 pm
How red leaves on trees can get in my town.
It was always a rainbow of brown, gold, yellow, brown, orange, red-orange, and, well, more brown.
I was driving home, and I saw a tree that had such deep red leaves. Like...the color of blood, red. It was such a magnificent color.

Not saying that sight of blood and it's color has the same effect, hahaha.

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WOW. I do not mean to sound racist in ANY way.
Wednesday. 11.5.08 9:38 pm
First of all, this is not factional or fictional. This is opinionated.

Ok. Some people are racist, we know this. Some people voted for McCain because they did not want a black president.
Well, *ahem* Obama's mother is white. He is bi-racial, and you know, race shouldn't even matter. IT SHOULD NOT MATTER. Yet, it has become a huge part of the whole election.

Some people from before, who did not even give a flying shit about the presidential elections, are suddenly becoming involved. Now, honestly, seriously, what is the MAIN reason for this? Because Obama is black? That could be it. More African-Americans became involved because "someone of their race got past the preliminaries." Same with women and Hillary Clinton. This was most definitely the presidential election that would go down in history forever.

But, I mean, things are getting ridiculous. My friend told me about one of his (I'm not trying to sound racist, but) black college classmates, and him making a remark about whites becoming slaves. "You gonna be my slave, cracka." He was most likely joking, but still. To even make a comment like that.

I mean, seriously, have you not noticed how much the past has carried into the present? Many people are racist because of the past. Some whites use their ancestors as somewhat "idols" saying that they had all power, and some blacks use that same occurrence against whites now.

Honestly, I was for McCain, but that doesn't mean I like hearing trash talk, either. Obama has won, we should all accept it. And instead of thinking of ways he could be assassinated, we should think positively on how we can try to make the United States a better place. Fo sho.

I guess I'm just tired of all of the racist jokes. "Oh, is it because I'm black?" "Yes, it's because you're black."

*EDIT* (11-6-08) I totally DID NOT mean to recommend myself on this blog. I didn't know you could do that, and I pressed the button thinking it wouldn't do anything. Seriously, my bad.

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Ok, FYI, BOTH presidential candidates SUCK.
Monday. 11.3.08 9:03 pm
What I'm about to write has nothing to do with my title, but I wanted my opinion to be stated.

So. Who needs romance to be happy?
No one. That's who.

The other night, Unicornasaurus and I held a Masquerade Halloween party. It was really a lot of fun. It wasn't one of those typical parties where a lot of dancing was involved. In fact, it was quite the opposite. Everyone chilled, watched TV, played pool, and at one point, everyone played hide-and-go-seek. It was a lot of fun.

Now, later into the night, I was sitting in a corner by myself. Then later Manal came over and asked what was on my mind. Then Katie came, then Meagan, then Dhara, then Rachel. We all had a small discussion on relationships. Now, I've come to realize that in order for a relationship to work, you really do need to be good friends with the selected person first. I've learned this through advice, and some recent experience. Others were talking about how they wanted a relationship, and Katie pointed out that if you have a strong desire for a relationship, you tend to lower your standards and rush into the relationship much more quickly.

Honestly, right now I am going to stay single for quite a while. I'm going to get back to just chilling with friends and getting on top of my school work. I want to know that I can be happy while being independent, and not have to depend on a significant other for happiness.

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I should have waited.
Thursday. 10.30.08 6:53 pm
I am not that content, right about now. My report card was pretty bad. I made a freaking C in Spanish. Not a high one, I might add. And just all this other guy junk...

Bah. Not at all good.

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Hopefully it's not a hoeish thing.
Tuesday. 10.28.08 9:41 pm
But, in the eyes of others, getting into a new relationship 3 days after your previous one would seem kind of...hoeish, I guess.

I mean, for the last month of my previous relationship, I began to realize that there really was no..."relationship." It was just, physical, and...I didn't like that. (Don't get me wrong, he's a cool guy and I do want to stay good friends. Onwards.) Well, I began to realize that I was unhappy with the whole thing more often than I was happy, which isn't good. That being said, I somehow allowed myself to...maybe start liking someone else? So I got to know the person for that month, and then he asked me out three days after I broke up with the previous boyfriend. And...I accepted.

Blahblahblahblahblah. Bad decision?

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I have somehow intertwined myself in a deathly spiral.
Saturday. 10.25.08 12:20 pm
So, I broke up with the guy.
And I'm guessing it's all for the best, because honestly, I found out that he didn't give a shit about me.
I mean, it sucks, and he's let it be known that he isn't too happy, either. But I just hope that some type of friendship can be maintained.

Hopefully it's all worth it.

If you count this guy, the last three guys I've dated were all from the same group of friends. I realize that this wasn't exactly a good choice, and I've also discovered that they all have very similar dating patterns.

They're pretty much all jerks who don't know how to be good boyfriends.

I have someone new in mind, who is relatively part of this group, but...not really. It's just...VERY different from the other guys. I can tell. I mean, yeah, it's dangerous, but every relationship I've gone/will go into is dangerous. It's all about taking chances. Otherwise, you'll never know if this person actually IS different.

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