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"Some books leave us free and some books make us free."
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-_- i hit myself in the head with the trunk
Monday. 5.26.08 10:11 pm
ugh i had a clutz moment............ let me start from the beginning

sunday started out ok.. there was a rush to clean and we just barely got everything done... but of course something had to go wrong.... my best friend (female) called me and said she was sorry but she couldnt make it because she was sick.. ok so i started to panic a bit because it was only going to be me the guy i like and my brother his gf and my mom uhhhhhh huhhhhhh.

so then he gets here and there is complete chaos and mom shoves me and him out the door in my car to get some forgotten groceries and a movie from block buster. he drives to the store and nothing bad happens there... then we go to block buster and we spend like 40 minutes trying to get a movie neither of us has seen.......... then i finally just grab one that ive heard the title and go up to get it....... the lady is a complete a$$ and wont let me get a movie without my license... plus the movie is in spanish!!!! not english................... so i give up and we leave........................................ i drive back home im completely flustered and humiliated making myself look like a spaztic person while he is trying to be sweet and calm me down.

Then we have a nice dinner where nothing too chaotic happens and then a nice bonfire... we end up watching V for vendetta and Big Fish... both great movies and he hadnt seen Big Fish so that was a plus............. the last time i talked to him was last night right after he left i texted him to tell me when he got home so i know he got there safely. he texted me back and said that he had a great time and that definately a thing to do again buttttttttttttt hes the type of guy who wouldnt tell you if he had a bad time because hes too sweet. He was supposed to text me today about maybe doing something later on in the afternoon...nothing no text nothing. maybe im over exaggerating but right now alls i want to do is hide under a bush.

o and i forgot the best part. as we were getting out of the grocery store and loading the groceries into my car i open the trunk and put the groceries in and as i go back up i slam my head into it. -_- at least we had something to laugh about.

im going to bed i give up.

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beautiful sunday!!!!!!!
Saturday. 5.24.08 10:32 pm
hes coming over!!!!!!!! hehehe

im so excited..... technically he is still dating someone butttttt.... hes coming over tomorrow XDDDDDDD heheheheheh

i was so nervous when i invited him over and then when i did he was so excited :] it made me happy........ so yep the boy i like is coming over for our BBQ tomorrow and Alex my bffl is coming over to spend the night :] its going to be an awesome sunday!!!!!

<3 mwah

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Friday. 5.23.08 10:49 pm
my day today wasnt too bad.... i accidently hit myself in the face with my locker
:[ it kinda hurt. And i bit through my bottom lip chewing a piece of gum in my 2nd block class and i started bleeding it hurt really badly.

butttttt i should have a pretty good weekend one of my friends is coming over sunday and we are having an all night movie night...... anyone have any suggestions for movies for me??????

we have monday off this weekend woot woot!!!! it will be nice.


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13 more days
Sunday. 5.18.08 10:08 pm
of school woot woot not counting weekends of course.... it will be a very nice summer!!!

so tonight we watched a movie called "the brave one" it was pretty good its with jodie foster and shes pretty cool.... it had a nice ending.

i just finished a book called "the host" by stephenie meyer and it was amazingly good.... alot of you will know her because of the twilight series... u should really read the host its a very well thought out and amazing science fiction.

i turned in some applications today :] wasnt very fun but i need gas money and clothes money lol. could be worse i suppose.

oh and im looking into going on the atkins diet with my mom. im reading the book about it now so we will see. :] nighto

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Saturday. 5.17.08 10:55 pm
i couldnt think of a word to describe how i feel....... well not an actual word so i made one up blugnagator

blugnagator- a feeling of crappiness and slight nauseousness with drowsiness and boredom.

yep that sums it up.....

we watched "the weatherman" tonight and it really sucked it was one of those movies that dont really have a plot at all and its just dry and boring. and makes you feel slightly depressed............

anyways my stepdad bought me a new battery for my car so now it will start woooo but i have to work at my moms store on saturday to pay him back eck. she owns a furniture store and it gets kinda boring.

im going job hunting tomorrow :] that should be very interesting hopefully it will be warm and sunny outside so that i can roll down the top in my car.

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paint paint paint paint
Thursday. 5.15.08 10:16 pm
i skipped school today to help my mom paint the kitchen bleck.................................. why u may ask.. are we painting

well the stupid realestate lady was like "painting the house a white/cream color will make it seem as if its brand new".. ugh i really dont like that lady....... so my mom and i painted all day :/ it sucked but what really sucked was the fact that we didnt even get a small portion of it done...... my house is set up so the entire down stairs/staircase and open area upstairs is all open..... and my mom decided to paint it all gray......... and now we are painting it cream.... yep so im stuck smelling fumes for about a week....

we got the "for sale by owner" sign on the house today! woooohooo! and we have already had two calls about it :] awesomeness...........

i hear houses sell pretty good in the summertime woot

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