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» Swirls and a Quiz
Friday, 8/8/03 - 12:33 am
Beat: Dashboard Confessional - Ghost Of A Good Thing [whaa.. again?!]
Quote of the Day: "The hardest thing to do is watch the one you love, love somebody else." [from an email I received from Kristina]

I've had so many ideas swirling around in my brain.. I have many layout ideas for my NuTang, I feel like making those gifs [gifts..haha] for NuTang to help promote, waiting on the theme for the church rally so I can design a flier, and I've been working on the Islander Drill front and back design.. I feel all swirly inside..

Punk Rock: Like a revived species of nearly extinct salamander, Punk Rock Asian Girls are a rare type, but slowly climbing up to existence again. Your passions are mainly music and anime and you've probably dyed your hair some odd color of the rainbrow. And if you haven't, you probably will. You often feel like you are misunderstood, but don't worry. Just think about thongs. Very funny.

Brought to you by Quizilla

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» Pros
Thursday, 8/7/03 - 1:47 am
Beat: Dashboard Confessional - Hands Down [New Album Version]

I did laundry today and fixed.. layed around, sleep. Nothing really important in this segment of my life. A whole lot of nothing. Doing nothing sure is very popular.

Joe and Ernie came over. They were writing and recording songs with my brother. I'm not really into R&B, but they sounded pretty good. Kristina was suppose to come also but she wasn't there. I wonder what happened.

Oh yea, Glacy and Melody are the best Paint artists! Go see their work at Glacy's site. They're frickin pros at the paint program! The two legged heifer is frickin hilarious!

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» Obsessive Compulsive Disorder?
Tuesday, 8/5/03 - 11:59 am
Beat: Gatsbys American Dream - Counterfeit Language

Early to rise! I went shopping again! The shades I bought, I can't decide wether I keep the brown or black. I found a maching XOXO purse for my XOXO wallet.

Black or Brown?

Later on I had some Vietnamese food for lunch. Then I went to the vintage shop and found a beige Members Only jacket. It was a size 42 [men's size], quite big on me so I didn't bother to get it. Good thing I didn't.

I went to Target with my intension of purchasing another mesh hat. Instead, I found a khaki, fabric, messenger bag. I tried on his really nice khaki skirt with a complementing belt. I thought that it would match nicely with the bag. I also tried on a brown "baby tee" [it was a boy's shirt]. Too bad, I didn't bring enough money with me! Hopefully I go back tomorrow and get that shirt and/or maybe that skirt. I swear a shopping disease runs in my family. I'm not kidding.

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» Bloom
Monday, 8/4/03 - 11:32 am
Beat: Gatsbys American Dream - Apparition

I was suppose to go to the movies to watch Pirates of the Caribbean with my brother and his friends, but apparently I took too long since he barely told me when I just got out of the shower.

Of course I never leave the house without blow drying my hair and curling the ends. I also had to pick out an outfit. Late notices suck! Don't ever ask me to go anywhere just as I get out of the damn shower! There goes an afternoon with mister Orlando Bloom.. *sigh.

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