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Age. 30
Gender. Female
Ethnicity. Chinese
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[Stupid Hackers?]
02/01/08 18:05
I am...

feeling: Irritated
listening to: My sister's piano playing...

When everyone visits my page... do they see Kuriח (as -xKurix- but prettier symbols) or some random, weird other symbols?

I think the encoding for my page has gone crap again and I don't know how/can't be bothered to fix it. Well, actually, I don't get why it's gone weird again. If the character encoding is set to Unicode then it's fine, but my firefox/windows default encoding is Western European and every time I look at my blog I just see my own page look... retarded.

I tried to set the main page title etc back to Western European but then all the rest of my entries then go retarded. Just like my private blog and it's really irritating me. There is one way to set them back that I know of: re-edit all my entries, but on this blog I have over 30 pages of entries at 4 entries per page, and in my private blog I have 4 pages of entries.

I really don't think I have the time to be going through them all, in all honesty.

So yeah, just wondering what my page looked like to others? It seems like the reason it's gone weird again is because of the hack. Again. Ugh. The first time NuTang got hacked I think it went weird but then somehow sorted itself out, I'm not sure how, but this time... I dunno, NuTang's never been down for so long before.

Darn stupid hackers!!! >_<;;



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[A Daunting Yet Exciting New Year]
01/01/08 19:51
I am...

feeling: Anticipative
listening to: Nada

Gosh, a new year >_<;;

In a way, I'm so excited, but I honestly don't think I'm ready for this year... I'll be turning 18 in April and I honestly, honestly feel NO WHERE NEAR adulthood. In fact, I still have the mental age of a 12 year old... I don't know how I'm going to cope with becoming a legal adult and having responsibility and actually having to look after myself...

My best friend and I went to watch the fireworks in London yesterday at Waterloo bridge after meeting up with a couple of friends of ours (who I'd met for the first time in RL, we'd only chatted online before then haha XD <-- Ani knew them from school and she introduced us XD)...

So many people were there... We were right on the bridge, where we'd thought the view would be best, right opposite the London Eye, but most of the firework display was obscured by smoke and we were barely able to see most of it unfortunately >_<;;

However it was the best countdown I've ever had; the atmosphere was amazing... Started counting down at 20 seconds... by 1 my throat was hoarse and we COMPLETELY screamed our voices raw XD

Some parts were good, then other parts were so damn crap I wish it'd never happened. Haha... well... it was an... interesting experience; one I'd most likely never forget XD

Anyways hope everyone will have an amazing 2008!!! <333



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25/12/07 22:57
I am...

feeling: Happy =]
listening to: Nada

Since my internet will cut off in approx 2 mins time I gotta make this quick... Just wanted to wish everyone a very...


Hope everyone's had an AMAZING day and gotten lots of lovely presents =D But don't forget the true meaning of Xmas too ;)

I will do a proper blog tomorrow! So much stuff has happened! <333



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01/12/07 16:48
I am...

feeling: Content =]
listening to: Sha Shou - JJ Lin

Overdue update ^^;; But yeah... been under too much stress and pressure lately... Anyways, I've deleted Facebook, stopped going on Myspace (never went on it much in the first place, but now I've just... stopped) and rarely on MSN now. All due to pressure. From my parents.

They've let off a bit now, so that's always good, but I have a feeling if they kept pressuring me as they did I'd have blown up at them sooner or later. It was getting to me so bad. Ugh.

On the bright side, my UCAS has been sent off!!! @[email protected];; I'm relieved yet nervous... >_<;; I really want to get into Warwick... =/ Hope I get an offer, but I won't find out until January cos they aren't giving out offers until then ;_; Well, unless to students who're achieving like... 5 straight A's or something! o_o;; Which, unfortunately, I'm not >_>;;

Oooh, and might be seeing Emma (the banana one xD) on 16th Dec, cos I found out our family's making a trip down to London, where my parents will then decide to leave my sister and I wandering around Picadilly while they go for a meal ._.;;

So yes (^_^)v Hopefully will meet up with Emma then! =D And mum also gave me permission to go watch Noughts and Crosses with her!!! =DDD Since I found out my Theatre Studies was, once again, retarded and disorganised and never ended up booking any tickets for us =_=;;

We'll see how it goes! I don't want to buy the ticket yet, cos I don't really fancy sitting alone in a theatre watching a play, so asking Emma to check if they have an extra ticket by any chance so I can pay them back and sit with them =3

I have a long, overdue chat with Ani to have =3 I called her just now but she was at friend's house so no time to talk to me, plus her phone ran outta batt =3 Bleh, oh well ._.;; I'll call her some other time. Really want a phone call with someone right now though, but I don't know who to call...

Called Maruchan, his phone was turned off, considered calling Emma but knowing her she probs hasn't got her phone sorted out yet =_=;; 'tard, she is... XD Hmmm I'll go through my phonebook... There is someone I'd really like to call, but I think he's probably busy or would find it weird if I called @[email protected]

The bento photos have all been transferred onto the study room PC... I'll transfer them to mine and post them up some time... so look forward to those? ^^;; Depends though, I've been hella busy lately ;_;

Well... nevermind... 24 days till Christmas... =]



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19/11/07 10:04
I am...

feeling: Absolutely Knackered
listening to: Nada =3

I'm so tired. I'm actually so, so tired I feel like the dead, which, although I'm always tired, I don't often get this tired.

I also look like a zombie. Yay!

I blame it on a friend of mine... I was just about to go to sleep last night then he signs on and starts talking to me... Well, I needed his help so I ended up staying on for an extra hour chatting to him.

Extra hour's sleep lost... >_<;;

I'm going to bed at 10pm tonight. I'm so, so tired, I can't even do my work properly, I can't think properly, I can't function properly. I have no lessons this morning, I shouldn't have come in.

But I thought I'd be helping out with year 10 German this morning so I came in, turns out the teacher isn't going to be here this morning so I don't need to go and help today... Sigh... Happened last week, too, I came in especially, otherwise I was doing homework at home.

Anyways, as for my personal statement, okay, it seems it's not as finished as I thought it was. It's mostly done, but needs a lot of touching up and flourishing, especially since my English is really shoddy so I need to get friends of mine to help me touch it up.

Well, said friends are currently at Cambridge University, so I trust their judgement of a good personal statement a lot XD

Okay, I'm going to try and finish this drama essay now. It's killing me and I have loads of maths to do too!!! =cries=




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15/11/07 19:22
I am...

feeling: tired
listening to: Shu Neng Sheng Qiao - JJ Lin

Okay... I think I'm just going to stop putting the big code thing at the start of every entry, because it's too much of a hassle. I often find that I don't want to blog simply cos I cba to get the code. Anyways, we'll see =3 If the text looks to shoddy I'll change it back =3

Anyways... I skipped class today... it was one of those days >_<;; I was so, so tired and I don't think I would have been able to concentrate in school anyways. I had way too much work to do as well, so spent the day doing some catching up. Well, that was my original plan. The only thing I managed to catch up though was my piano practise, which is good too =] I did about 2 and a half hours XD

But on the other hand, I finally managed to complete my UCAS (application to Uni), which I think is 100x more important than all the essays I haven't done for drama, all the exercises I've missed out for maths etc. I mean, what's the point in doing those if I haven't even applied to Uni, right? =3

I'll be sending off my application on Saturday, hopefully. Going to get my teachers to have a look at it tomorrow =]

Oh! And good news, found out yesterday that my daddy finally found the camera->computer chord so I can finally upload my Bentos and film more piano pieces to upload (^_^)v

I also got my S500i back on Tuesday! Yay! =D (I'd sent it off a couple of weeks ago for repair cos the keys cracked, but it's repaired now, like new~~~ ^_^) All my settings were lost though, but that's not very important =]

Okay, going to finish my maths now =]

Oh yeah! I also started learning guitar last week XD I can play quite a few songs now. Christian ones, though, because the original purpose for my learning was to help play during youth worship at Church so yes XD woo! =]

Ah, and I was doing some Chinese dance again today... Realised my BMI is way too high for my liking, so I'm going to go on a "diet" aka stop-eating-my-weight's-worth-in-food-every-day and do some more exercise =] Cept I realised my flexibility has gone completely down the drain >_<;; Ugh!




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