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Books I have completed reading since January 2021:

1. The Enchanted - Rene Denfield
Tuesday. 11.21.06 12:32 pm
I actually have a lot of things to dump at the blog but you know what? I'm such in a mercurial mood that I can't decide what to write. It's not like I had great days since I last blog.

So I decided to put my thoughts about something I read last night. I was reading Naruto manga chapter 326 to 330. I usually don't read this manga this frequent because I tend to "AHHHHHH.... it is so exiciting!!! AHHHHHH.... I can't wait for the next chapter!!!! or AHHHHH.... Thank god Kakashi is still alive!! or AHHHH...." I can't remember my last reaction and then I will be afloat on cloud nine. That's dangerous man.

But oh well, I was actually quite satisfied and not satisfied with the chapters I read. I was satisfied that Asuma Sarutobi died in a battle with Hidan. It's just that you can't always expect good people like heros to be an immortal other than Orochimaru and he's a bad bad nasty guy. So there's a balance in the manga *thumbs up* If not, the plot will just get so predictable. Not only that, you will just lose interests in the readers. But I have to agree that Asuma died pathetically in this battle and it's a battle that I too was appalled. I mean what kind of power or abilities that enable Hidan to kill in the name of God? And he can't be killed... that's the worst thing. Asuma cut his head off and the head is still blabbering? This is something new. In fact, it's horrifying. But I like this idea because this shows that Kishimoto has not run out of ideas. *yet* So far is as ... sweet as.

The death of Asuma has become a rude awakening to the Konoha ninja members about the differences in strength and abilities. Why I said that? Bwahahaha.. This is something laughable man. Asuma is one the 12 guardians of Konoha or something like that. So when you are the 'chosen' one, doesn't that mean that your ability is something something? But why is Asuma isn't it? And his head is worth a lot if you sell to the head hunters? This is ridiculous. Such person can't even fight Hidan? Tak logik, right? [Not logical, right?] Not only that, he can only cut off the head with Shikamaru's analysis. Do you see what I see?

And that chapter before Asuma died arouse curiosity in me. He was at this Third Hokage and said to the tomb that he was the best dad he ever had. Ok fine, so what is Konohamaru?

Ok next is ... this is again ridiculous. One of the ninja rules is you have to push away all of your emotions, which is what Sakura cannot accept. And then this Kurenai falling onto her knees when Shikamaru broke the sad news to her. Eh? She's a jounin man. I'm not saying that she can't be sad but it's done quite ... exaggerated. Oh come on Kishimoto, give her some girl powerla. Don't make women so weak in your manga. Wait till I criticize Sakura should I see the appropriate opportunity. Kurenai could just be sad without almost fainting. And oh yea, I wonder how long have Kurenai and Asuma been lovers.

Lastly, I was laughing at chapter 330. Atkatsuki members are feared by countless of ninjas due to their abilities and fighting skills. I mean if I were one of them, I'd rather not know them. The reason I was laughing is Atkatsuki members went through all the trouble to gather all the Bijuu/Tailed Demons/Monsters? just to create a Mercenary Club? Oh come on Atkatsuki, have you not read books that teach you to have your own business without having a lot of capital? I was attending this Jerome Tan's preview, in which he said he started with don't-know-how-much and he's now a millionnaire. You should just need to learn to pakai more otak [hmm.. use more brainpower?] other than developing some weird but practical skills. You may be a genius what is the point of being a genius if you think you need a lot of capital to operate your own business? Learn from Jerome Tan, Donald Trump or Robert T. Kiyosaki la.

But the most lame thing I have ever read in Naruto manga is "We will conquer the world." What la .. Come one Kishimoto, don't tell me you have no other ideas on why Atkatsuki is formed? That's lame man. I said that because there are so many manga and anime have used that excuse. So Kishimoto, try cracking your brain for more fresher idea. The reason I read your manga is not because I love ninja or I'm so into Kakashi but your creativeness and storyline.

Despite all those ruckus I just made, I will still read on and on and on. Do enjoy those Naruto theme songs on your left.

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Amen .... they did it again
Saturday. 11.18.06 2:00 am
This is ridiculous. I swept and mopped the floor this morning and my feet are showing they are black. What on earth is going on? Is the floor trying to kena me? [does the floor want to punish me?] where can one????!!!! I swept and mopped the floor bloody clean and why its black????? Arghh ... tak faham .... [it doesn't make sense] Or maybe I did them too fast.

Oh man, my mum and sister will be back from China tonight. I'm so not looking forward because the haven of being alone in the house will disappear the minute they step into the house. Want to cry man.... But it's good they come back because I have not been eating well for the past few weeks since they are away. It's not that I'm lazy to cook something good but I just don't have the ingredients. Imagine the nearest supermarket is like 10 minutes away and that's by car. For I don't have a driving license, I just cook whatever there is in the refrigerator. I could go to the supermarket that is next to my working place but the human traffic after work at the LRT station just discourage me. Imagine... every morning.... the LRT staff will tell the passengers to line up and give way ... What are some Malaysian made of? Cow? Cat? I think even cows can understand their owner's instructions... Sometimes, the LRT staff will use a loud speaker...

This is so boring but it is very incredible today. This is because I woke up 4 something in the morning just to finish download whatever I'm downloading because I'm using my sis's laptop to do so.. Bwahahahaha... then I will erase all evidence of me downloading anime using her laptop ... Bwahahaha.. I'm such a genius. By doing so, I managed to finish download Ergo Proxy... hitherto downloading other anime as well as to stock up my external drive. Hang on.. why am I such a desperado in downloading stuff?? Must be my boredom.

Back to my lunch.

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Innocence is rare ...
Thursday. 11.16.06 8:15 pm
I wanted to update the blog about the WWF Treasure Hunt but I received a shocking news on the way to home. Someone I know was involved and I feel sad. Because of that, I don't think I can write very well. I need to go back and chant for this person with absolute trust.

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Gone with the Wind
Thursday. 11.16.06 8:54 am
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

If you know it, enter it; or, ask me for it.

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Black Rainy Monday
Monday, November 13, 2006
Mood = I'm so full .....

Watching = A demon falling in love with a maiden from the good side and the good news, the demon has become good. bwahaha

Listening = Shakira's latest song which I got no idea what's the name

Desiring = I want Naruto's 2007 anime calendar as Christmas present ...

Avoiding = I don't feel like throwing rubbish tonight.

I'm actually dying to update the blog about my treasure hunt yesterday but my friend still hasn't send me the pictures. So no choice, you folks have to wait for the next update. Cross finger, she will send them tomorrow.

Today is weird. I painted my nails similar to the tiger stripes. So you can imagine I'm actually having a nightmare looking at 10 fingers with tiger stripes typing on the keyboard. You know what? I almost fall off my chair when I was typing in the office because I was horrified by own fingernails. When I first noticed them I was like My god... What penyakit [disease] or bacteria on my nails. I thought they are some kind of alien growth. Worse, I thought I was seeing some pontianak's fingernails [banshee]. ... bwahahahahaha.. luckily I didn't scream of shock in the office. Other wise I' have made a fool out of myself. Imagine there are only 7 workers including myself. But I'm a fool even though I didn't scream.... It was dumb...

Oh yea ... out of curiosity, I added some music on the left side of this blog. They are not background music so you need to play them. I first thought of putting a background music but I thought it would be a nuisance for readers if they don't like the music. So better not. But I would change the music quite often. If you get bored, so do I. I thought of only putting 2 songs at a time. I will also try if I could a jukebox here. Are you guys excited for me? yea ... perasaan betul [hard to explain but it's more of yea right.. as if the readers would be excited for you].

I'm still trying to figure out how to put links. Arghh.... pening betul .... [confusing] ... Oh well.. back to studying HTML. I will try asking around as well but I'm sure more people will be avoiding me ... bwahaha

Stay alive for my next update. I will share a piece of my mind with you folks.

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