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    Columns: Get On Ya Job!!!
    Monday. 9.4.06 8:08 pm
    When Keeping It Real HURTS!

    Get On Ya Job is a column that will take place each month. This will be all about rants and raves about what angers the Staff regarding southern hip-hop. This is just an opinion, so if you take offense to it then send a complaint to management.

    Feature Photo
    WORDS BY: Leon Bailey
    Interview Archive

    The first annual Ozone Awards came and went with a big bang, but not in the way that you may believe.

    The TJsDJs conference element of the weekend was done exceptionally well, even though most of the panels were delayed.

    List of the panels for the weekend.

    Producers Panel
    Technology Panel
    DJ Panel
    A&R Panel
    Women In The Industry Panel
    Media Panel
    Artist Panel

    You could say that the panels were well worth the wait. They were all very informative. The artist panel was the highlight of the conference. David Banner, Killer Mike, Lil’ Boosie, Slim Thug, Trae, Gangsta Boo, T-Pain, and Webbie were there for it. Webbie showed up late, but is a very comical guy. Killer Mike is a great public speaker as well as David Banner. Trae even stated that he was not one for words, however gave a lot of advice and tips. This panel took up two conference rooms full, due to an overwhelming crowd.

    The Media Panel was out of the ordinary to say the least. The host was very unprofessional. I do not know his name, but he is skinny, dressed like JJ Evans, and had a loud mouth. He spent most of the time bashing southern music and talking off topic nonsense. The panelists had to get on him because he was not interacting with the group whom were there to soak up knowledge. His justification was that he wanted to have good questions asked. You could say that he called the audience idiots.

    The DJ Panelists were Clinton Sparks, Wally Sparks, OG Ron C, Chuck T, Brandi Garcia, DJ Jelly, and Mike Watts. This had to be the funniest panel of them all. DJ KLC got into it with the panelists over what is considered hip-hop. That stemmed from talk about D4L. DJ Green Lantern spoke also about being a "fake DJ" which caused quite a stir with a "fake DJ” that was on the panel. This continued for a while as Clinton Sparks and DJ Jelly added their opinion’s about what a real DJ is. He also stated that he was tired of hearing “Screwed” hooks, so he and OG Ron C mildly got into it. This was one of the more argumentative moments of the weekend to say the least. However, there would be much more strain surrounding visitors.

    Thousands of people came to Orlando to enjoy all of the festivities, which they ought to if $250 was spent on a weekend pass. Well, the passes were pointless. Club Firestone who hosted the Tastemaker Showcase Saturday night (featuring Lil Wayne) and the Atlantic Records (featuring Grand Hustle, Plies, and B.G.) party Sunday night, would not allow any person into the club with passes because "allegedly" there were bootlegged passes. Well, that is what I was told when I tried to enter. Notified by other angry visitors the club stopped allowing passes as entry into the club at 9:30 that evening. The cut off time was believed to be at 12:00 AM. The same can be said for last Friday night at Club Cairo for the Interscope party. I was in line for about 45 minutes before 12AM and did not get in until about 20 minutes until after 12AM. This is due to the people at the door being very unprofessional. Cairo would not even let Trae in, but he made that phone call and walked right on in. I told the lady that I was L.B. from WordofSouth.com and that I need to be in this club and she looked at me and said “$20.” We failed to enter the club, but it is ok. My pass was free, but imagine the irritation that the people who paid for this felt? Firestone also would not allow groups who sponsored the TJsDJs and Ozone Awards in the club.

    The media as a whole were mistreated as well as completely misinformed. Not to mention that everyone in the world is media these days. I did not know that renting a camera from Rent-A-Center and saying that you have a TV show considered you to now be the media. You would be surprised at how many Orlando hip-hop TV shows were created over the past few months. We were told that the Media had to sit in a room and was not allowed to see the show. For what reason do we want to sit in a room with 100 other media people to try to interview an artist for 2-3 minutes? That would have been a nice feature for the week, a two question exclusive interview with Jody Breeze. I asked the staff where Julia (Owner of Ozone Magazine) was located because she was the person that told me I would have all access to the weekend. No one knew where Julia was. I E-Mailed her on her blackberry, but received no response. OK fine, maybe she might just be a tad bit busy. I am told to go to the ticket booth by another staff member. I go there to try to find some sort of information and received none whatsoever. I was being told to go and call someone. Who am I going to call? I was then told to go to the back to talk to them at the door. The female at the door was dreadfully vulgar to everybody, but that was already a known fact since the entire weekend staff from TJDJS, Security, and Ozone Magazine were all very rude. Regardless if you are stressed out, you do not need to disrespect people because you all fucked up. To wrap up this part of the weekend, you can say the personnel did not know what they were doing.

    I wrote the Florida and Louisiana Patiently Waiting articles in the awards issue and I was patiently waiting outside trying to get in. I look at this from the bright side though. I did see DJ Drama get loud, but not like, he does on his mixtapes. The reason why he got loud is that the same impolite woman at the door that I mentioned earlier would not let The Aphilliates in the building at all. He had to come back and let them know that he was leaving unless his label are allowed in. That is crew love indeed. I tried to play off as if I was one of the Aphilliates, but I think the WordofSouth.com shirt gave it away. Now only if I could have that type of power. I also saw David Banner show up late and Trick Daddy come about 50 deep. Maybe I could have blended in with the dreaded out, gold teethed Miami boys. Oh, I forgot to mention that I stood in the same parking lot as Ludacris. I wonder if he performed. If anyone was "inside" the awards then please feel free to let me know. If any rappers are looking to add to their entourage then please let me know. That seemed to be the only way to get into the awards without a ticket. WordofSouth.com was parking lot pimpin’ at the Ozone Awards.

    In conclusion to this. This weekend was a disaster for WordofSouth.com as well as thousands of others. The awards as well as our cops made Orlando look very bad. Everything ran late, was disorganized, staff were rude, and the whole vibe was just tensed. The best thing about the weekend was the networking, panels, it was in my city, and money was not needed to be spent. WordofSouth.com's new motto is "We get less respect then snitches." Yes, we are upset and we have a right to be upset. We as a website feel disrespected by Ozone Magazine and TJsDJs. I know that others for a fact feel the same way, but hell this is “The Peoples Website” and we speak for the people. Worst thing of all, I did not get to see Treal and Wes Fif present awards.

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    Miami Heat: Trina vz Khia (Diss Tracks)
    Monday. 9.4.06 8:02 pm
    There's a cat fight! Peep the diss tracks between The Badest Bitch Trina and Northern Florida's own Khia.

    Re: Trina vz Khia (Diss Tracks) (Score: 1)
    by Philly on Saturday, August 05 @ 12:14:31 EDT
    (User Info | Send a Message)
    You shouldnt confirm you *****ed niggas in the same team... and Gillie is from Erie Ave.. which is North Philly .. I wonder whos her sources or she trying to promote herself since she still wont do numbers?

    Re: Trina vz Khia (Diss Tracks) (Score: 1)
    by BNADI on Sunday, August 20 @ 15:30:19 EDT
    (User Info | Send a Message)
    "Khia", "Trina just tapped that ass wit this one!" ...oops! Did I just open My big mouth?!

    Re: Trina vz Khia (Diss Tracks) (Score: 1)
    by BigCed05 on Monday, August 21 @ 11:57:06 EDT
    (User Info | Send a Message)
    Naw Dawg U wrong KHIA . GOt Trina Ass On THat Diss ..

    Re: Trina vz Khia (Diss Tracks) (Score: 1)
    by MAKIEO88 on Tuesday, August 22 @ 16:25:59 EDT
    (User Info | Send a Message)

    Re: Trina vz Khia (Diss Tracks) (Score: 1)
    by Freddy_L on Friday, September 01 @ 14:12:51 EDT
    (User Info | Send a Message)
    Both them broads garbage. Trina doesn't sell herself check billboard. No one outside of Florida is going to really care.

    Re: Trina vz Khia (Diss Tracks) (Score: 1)
    by oxstar305 on Monday, September 04 @ 18:04:12 EDT
    (User Info | Send a Message)
    Trina win dis one. Khia need to tightin up or drop a banger.

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    Pair Killed After Seeing Rape In Their Driveway
    Monday. 9.4.06 7:52 pm
    PHILADELPHIA -- A violent crime became even worse in Philadelphia.

    Police in Philadelphia said a couple who stumbled upon a man raping a teenager in their driveway late Wednesday were in turn killed by the rapist.

    According to police, the young woman, 18, managed to break free and start screaming about the assault. The couple and the young woman then fled on foot while the attacker fired at them with a semiautomatic handgun.

    Police said the three tried to hide nearby in a grassy area, but the assailant found them and fired several more shots while they were lying on the ground.

    The couple were slain and the rape victim was injured.

    Police said the victim was shot in the arm and leg but is expected to recover.

    Philadelphia police have arrested a suspect and recovered the gun.

    The attack was one of six shootings -- two of them fatal -- overnight in Philadelphia.

    Kevin White, 24, of Philadelphia was arrested a short time later and police said he will be charged with murder, rape, aggravated assault and other offenses.


    muthafuckas be wilding out fa real....

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    Interviews: Pitbull : El Mariel (Part 1)
    Monday. 9.4.06 7:45 pm
    Posted on Friday, September 01 @ 18:15:16 EDT by hnic

    Touching bases with my friend Armando Perez has not been easy for the past couple of years. The artist known to the world as Pitbull has been promoting himself and his brand of Rap music non-stop since he signed to TVT Records back in 2003. I managed to sit down with him for a few minutes at a low-key spot in Little Havana called “La Bodeguita”, off of SW 29th Avenue and 8th Street (Calle Ocho). I arrived a little late, so we had very little time to do what we did. My camera man was stuck, so we had to improvise, but thanks to my good friend J. Fieldz, we were able to pull it off. Pit was all love as usual, plus he is a real humble dude, so with him it’s all gravy. Check out what Mr. 305 had to say to his people. Let’s get into it.

    Chico, you are a man who needs no introduction. You’ve been in the game for a minute now, sold over 500,000 plus units of your debut album, been touring, got women screaming your name all over the world, so what is good with you, dogg?
    Aqui imagínate. Representando… doin’ it Cuban-style en la Pequeña Habana.

    You CAME from the streets, man… that’s one of the reasons why I admire and respect you so much. A lot of these guys get on and forget where they came from, but you always stay in the hood. You give back to your community and you NEVER forget where you started out. You get much love for that, right?
    Of course, of course… from everybody. And I got to say one time for Fillup Banks, because straight up www.305HipHop.com has been there for me since day one and I’ll always be here for y’all.

    Thank you, my nig… you know we’re family fo’ life. So what’s up? How’s everything going for you? After the success of M.I.A.M.I., I know you’ve been REAL busy… tell us about that.
    Man, everything’s going great. M.I.A.M.I. is certified GOLD, sales are up to about 600,000 plus. That’s a beautiful thing. It’s all independently done, so you know… I’ve got the new album coming, “El Mariel”. We lining’ it up, vamos a ver si con la ayuda de Dios we can take it up there.

    I’m confident that you will, cuz. What’s the first single?
    Bueno “Bojangles”, you already know. The video already premiered on BET’s Access Granted. We also did a remix for that featuring Ying Yang Twinz, Lil’ Jon, you know family.

    No doubt. What else can your fans expect on the new album?
    I’ve also got a record with Don Omar called “Fuego”; it’s produced by Mr. Collipark. I’ve got another record with Jim Jonsin that’s so left field… matter of fact; I’m going to call it “Left Field”.

    Some next shit, huh?
    Oh yeah… this is different Pitbull, because you know, it’s cool… these cats are out here… and y’all could stay street, y’all could be gangsta’s, thugged-out, but not me dogg… I’m trying to do like Wyclef. I’m trying to get that…

    That INTERNATIONAL paper!
    Yup… that record that gets played all around the world so many times, because you know I’m trying to get that real money. That’s what I’m doing on this album, now…

    What else? What else you got in store for your fans?
    Well you know I still got my street records like, “Que Tu Sabes De Eso?”, where I flipped the whole concept, I got Fat Joe on that one and a cat out of Los Angeles named Sinful, rippin’ in Spanish.

    What’s up with the Reggaeton? You’ve been featured on some big singles, right?
    Yeah reggaeton is great. I respect the whole movement. I’ve been a part of the whole movement. I think it’s going to go elsewhere so I’m coming with the Afro-Cuban flavor with “Ya Se Acabo”… giving people a taste of our background.

    Chico, te la comistes con eso. Respect for that one, man.
    We definitely trying to do something different with this one. The album is definitely a roller-coaster. You know it’s going to up and we’re going to bring it down. Boom, boom.. you know with this record, there’s a bunch of things we’re doing on it.

    So basically on production, we’ve got Lil’ Jon, Diaz Brothers, Jim Jonsin…
    Oh yeah, Jon, Diaz Brothers, Jim Jonsin, Mr. Collipark, ummm… a cat from out here, he did one of my early singles, Shakespeare.

    Shakespeare, el Cubanito? That’s my homie.
    Yeah, Cubo put me down with him, he’s on the album. Really it’s all about “the Movement”, dogg. Everything I do, I try to push forward and open doors.

    So, Pit… what are you planning as far as support for “EL Mariel”?
    Well I’m all over the place as we speak right now. I do shows all over the world on any given day. I try to stay out there for the fans and give them what they want.

    No doubt… It’s very difficult to catch up with you nowadays. I know you’re busy.
    But that’s a blessing right there. That’s a beautiful thing. And really for “El Mariel”, I’ve got marketing plans tied into all of my markets. My markets are THE BIGGEST cities and states in North America. Florida, Texas, California, New York, Chicago, you know? I’ve got my own lane. I let cats do what they do, but really… I’ve got my own lane at the end of the day. With everything that’s happened, I mean… English or Spanish, you name it, we got it!

    Fo’ sho…
    And with Pitbull… it’s bigger than Pitbull, you feel me… because now we’ve opened the doors for cats to come through and get it. That’s really what it’s about, the more cats that we can help on the way up… first you’ve got to get established… with this new album, I’ll be established con la ayuda de Dios. Once that happens, then it’s time to be like, “wasup?”, “alright let’s go”, “let’s ride”, and it’s over.

    You’re talking about the locals?
    Yeah local niggas and you know, I always try to do what I can for cats as we speak. But right now with the situation that I’ve got with my label, I’m only going to run niggas into a dead end. So then it’s like, we’ll do a record, the shit get hot, and then you’ve got a law-suit. Then it’s like, “damn, Pit... we fucked up”. I’d rather not even do that, let me get my shit right, then I’ll come back and do what we got to do for everybody in the crib. Which I try to help out whenever…

    You’ve show a lot of love to Crazy Hood’s Garcia…
    Garcia, ever since he was Gambit, I’ve been listening to him and the whole Crazy Hood Productions and what they’ve been doing. There’s a lot of cats out here that I want to help out, like the Picallo’s, the P.M.’s, Rick Ross, and we’ve BEEN talking about Rick Ross and I know y’all been working with Ross and helping him out since day one…

    Always, since day one… that’s my brother right there. Congratulations to him and all of the success he’s been having with the release of “Port Of Miami”.
    You see it that little by little, we’re about to take it to another level.

    Yeah, and I gotta thank you for that on behalf of the whole 305 because you really stepped in the game throwing it up in everybody’s face and you haven’t looked back. I respect that, chico.
    Definitely… 305 til’ I die always! Really, I got to give it to Luke for that because he really instilled it in me. That’s why if I ever hear anybody claim they’re the king of this shit, dogg… I’m a have to tell them real quick, dogg… slow down before you wreck out, cuz. Luke is the King, Trick is The Mayor, Dirtbag is the Don of Dade, you got Rick Ross, he’s Carol City Boss, Triple C’s, he do what he do, you got…

    THC… The Secret Service.
    So I gotta watch what the fuck I say around y’all now…

    It’s serious, though… I feel you’re responsible for opening a lot of doors for not only Miami Hip-Hop, but the whole Latino Movement as well.
    There a lot of things that will be cleared up this year. There are a lot of people that have helped out my career just like I’ve helped them out. A lot of things going on now. We’re about to drop a Spanish album titled “Armando”.

    I heard it was going to be a double disc situation.
    It was supposed to be a double disc situation, but what happened was that all of these Latin Awards were trying me I felt like. You know? Because damn, I done sold more records than ALL of them reggaeton artists put together. So what’s up? How come we’re not getting awards? How come we’re not even invited to these shits?

    What’s the problem?
    The thing is that they want the album to be 51% Spanish. So I said alright, we’re going to give you 150% on this album!

    So it can still be bi-lingual?
    It can still be bi-lingual, esto y lo otro, pero al final del dia no me venga con eso. Truth is, we’ve opened a GANG of doors right now. I’m watching everybody get it and what not, so…

    I saw you at the Billboard Awards, though.
    Yeah because we crashed that shit! But it’s fucked up when I walk down the red carpet, it becomes more of a Pitbull thing… and you didn’t even invite us? And then I let it be known, I ain’t even here because of me, it’s all about showing love right now. It’s Daddy Yankee’s night… it’s The Orichas’ night, you know?

    I feel you, on the humble.
    Yeah, but it’s like you said, though… if it wasn’t for myself, Fat Joe, NORE, and a few others getting involved really in that whole movement, it wouldn’t be where it’s at right now. And whether they like it or not, it’s a fact. So, we’re just going to clear the air. As far as Pitbull’s Spanish album… no reggaeton on my album… just straight Hip-Hop. I’m bringing the Afro-Cuban samples. I want them to see another side of the whole Latin world. Yeah, I may be Latin… but this is not Latin Rap. I rap, I just happen to be Cuban, you know? To me it’s more like a revolution.

    Chico, I appreciate you taking time out to sit down with us and show love. I know you’re busy, so I appreciate your sacrifice. You’ve always kept it humble, respectful, and real with us and on behalf of Fillup Banks and the whole www.305HipHop.com staff, bet that up.
    It’s all love. Dale, I appreciate 305HipHop.com since they first showed love to me before I even got hot and we really jump-started each other. DJ MEGA MIX, too… DJ AS-One… shout out to those DJ’s that were always there for me since day one. Really everything right now is all about the crib. It’s all about the bottom, Dade County, Miami…

    El Mariel…
    El Mariel ties into that…. You know what I’m saying? And little by little, they’ll see what we have to offer. There are people that I look at, like I study T.I. and his hustle is… like they say in the south, “a slow grind, but a fo’ sho grind”. You feel me? I ain’t trying to be a superstar and sell 10 million records right now, you know? I’m trying to gradually get there so that the foundation is so deep and so loyal, that everytime we drop, it’s solid.

    So what’s the official release date for everybody out there to go and cop “El Mariel” and support Pitbull?
    The official release date fo’ sho, fo’ sho, no pushing it back any further. And the reason it got pushed back is because there were a lot of deadlines that I couldn’t meet because of sample clearances and things of that nature. But all of that is done with and October 17th is the date… go cop that. There’s all type of shit coming with “El Mariel”, I’ve got a DVD, a bonus disc. I just don’t talk about it until we ready to drop because you know? Don’t talk about it, be about it. (laughs)

    (laughing) Fo’ sho… what else?
    The DVD that’s out on the streets right now is Mr. 305, I’ve got another DVD that we’re working on right now, we’re working on movies, man it so much.

    I can imagine. Any last words, chico?
    Last words? Without Miami, there is no Pitbull, and without the fans, there is no Pitbull… I appreciate the love always. Thank God always… “El Mariel” coming October 17th… check me out on myspace and Pitbullmusic.com. I also got to say thank you to y’all because y’all always show me love and til’ the day I die, you know whatever y’all need from me is love because you’ve always shown me love, so… you know? And that’s the only way that we’re going to make it to the top and STAY up there, you feel me? These New York niggas is scrambling right now because the south is hot… we always showed love to them when their music was on top, but they don’t want us to be in this position that we’re in right now. So that’s why we have to make sure that we stay tight and that’s what makes us not only powerful, but that’s what makes us dangerous, too.

    No doubt, my nig… strength in numbers. I feel you. Bueno, chico… we’re out of here… I gotta send a big shout out to Fillup Banks, the HNIC of 305HipHop.com, the whole staff, the writers, the photographers, the video crew, everybody that makes things happen for this magnificent vehicle that Banks created. I’ve also got to shout out the whole THC camp, Destinee, Chief, Carae’malo, DJ MEGA MIX, Eddie Gunz, Nephew, Rev, DJ AS-One, DJ Double R, DJ NEMESIS, DJ CUBI, KLR, Gorilla Tek, Diaz Brothers, J-Rock, Mr. Price, DJ Blaster, Florida Room, Mad Skrews, WriteBeat, Los a/k/a First Class, Joey, Mario, Hector, Da’ Groundhoggz, Rick Ross, Gunplay, Torch, Ashley, the whole Triple C, Brisco, Chuck, E-Class, Pooch, Freeze, the whole Poe Boy fam, Colosus, the whole Dade Fire, Dub-P, Problem Child, the whole 730 Click, IDEE4, De La Candela, Epidemic, Salazar, the whole SBR, Cool & Dre, Dirtbag, C-Ride, 12 Ball a/k/a Soda Boi, my lil’ nigga NUK, my dogg COHIBA, 1/2 Breed, Conrad, INS Souljaz, Garcia, Heckler, the General EFN, the whole CHP camp, Southern Razed, ER, DSI, J. Fieldz, Big Perro, the T.W.O., Sofla Kingz, Cubo, PERSONA, the whole IRS Click, Brian (B.O.C.), Mr. Haka, Frank Campbell, DJ FUSE, DJ Kronik, DrasticX, DJ S1, DJ Ference, DJ Obscene, DJ Ideal, DJ Laz, DJ Khaled, DJ Irie, DJ Suicide, and every other supporter of the 305 Revolution out there that show love for this 3-0-5/M-I-Yayo Movement all day, everyday. Dale!!!

    Catch Miami's own Pitbull choppin’ it up with Drastic X on Saturday 9/2 on the radio!
    They'll talk about his new album, his status in the game right now, and even Fidel Castro and the future of Cuba. Don’t miss the exclusive interview!!

    Exclusive interviews and the latest Hip-Hop music from around the nation every week!!
    The "It'z All Gravy" Show w/ Drastic X
    Every Saturday from 7 to 10 PM EST*
    WRGP Radiate 88.1 FM / 95.3 FM in Miami, FL
    Listen live on the internet worldwide at www.wrgp.org
    *Show times may sometimes be delayed due to Sports programming*

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    Killer Mike to release street album “I Pledge Allegiance To The Grind”
    Monday. 9.4.06 7:41 pm
    By: Leon Bailey


    After releasing “The Killer” mixtape early 2005 with DJ Sense, Killer Mike is back with his the new street album “I Pledge Allegiance To The Grind,” scheduled to hit the streets mid-September. Killer Mike gives fans that have been waiting on a new album a two-disc cd with 22 tracks and 100 minutes of music, as well as introducing his Grind Time Rap Gang (S.L. Jones, Nario, Bigg Slim, Young Pill, and Da Bill Collector) to the industry. Featuring production from Smiff and Cash and Chaotic Beats, this album as well features the controversial tracks LISTEN NOW“That’s Life” and LISTEN NOW“Promise I Will Not Lose.”

    Album cover and track listings

    Disc 1

    01. COMIN' HOME ATLANTA (produced by Smiff and Cash)
    02. THE JUGGERNAUT (produced by Smiff and Cash)
    03. FUCK U PAY ME (produced by Chaotic Beats)
    04. THE NEXT BITCH (produced by Smiff and Cash)
    05. H.N.I.C. FT. Rock D The Legend, S.L. JONES, and YounG Pill (produced by Smiff and Cash)
    07. I'MA SHINE FT. S.L. JONES and Da Bill Collector (produced by Chaotic Beats)
    08. HOT 107.9 INTERVIEW
    09. PROMISE I WILL NOT LOSE (produced by Smiff and Cash)
    10. GAT TOTIN' FT. S.L. JONES and NaRio (produced Chaotic Beats)
    11. G.T.R.G. FT. S.L. JONES, YounG Pill and NaRio (produced by Drum Major Music)

    DISC 2

    01. LISTEN NOWTHAT'S LIFE (produced by Smiff and Cash)
    02. DUECES WILD (produced by Smiff & Cash)
    03. WHAT DA BIZNESS IS FT. BiGG Slim, Da Bill Collector, and YounG Pill (produced by Chaotic Beats)
    04. SAGS N FLAGS FT. S.L. JONES (produced by Chaotic Beats)
    05. I. C. YAH FT. Da Bill Collector (produced by Chaotic Beats)
    06. SHOOT 'EM UP FT. NaRio (produced by Smiff and Cash)
    07. KILLERS (produced by B-Don)
    08. PAY STYLE FT. Tha GrindTime Rap GanG (produced by Smiff and Cash)
    09. GORILLA PIMPIN' featuring 8-Ball and MJG (produced by Mello)
    10. YOU DON'T WANT THIS LIFE (produced by Chaotic Beats)
    11. KRYPTONITE-Playa Poncho REMIX (Bonus Track)

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    Ludacris to release "Release Therapy" on September 26th
    Monday. 9.4.06 7:34 pm
    By: Leon Bailey


    Ludacris is back to take the music industry by storm with his newest solo album, Release Therapy, slated for release on September 26, 2006. Poised to be the song of the summer, the 1st single, "Money Maker," has scored the # 1 most added at radio with 54 adds and over 14 million in audience.

    The video for Money Maker, directed by Melina, was just shot July 31st in Miami and made it's debut on MTV's "Making Of," on August 17th. The track features Pharrell, who also produced the track.

    Release Therapy is Ludacris' most personal album to date. Dealing in topics ranging from politics to child abuse, the "release" portion of the disc will show another side of Ludacris to his fans. The "therapy" songs include cut loose tracks such as Gone Wild also produced by Pharrell.

    "Music is therapeutic," commented Ludacris. "When I say Release Therapy, I just mean in what I do and speaking out. It is my Release Therapy, music, period. Every album I get more and more personal, start talking about issues that people would be surprised about or maybe didn't think I would say. I'm about to release."

    Ludacris will soon be seen performing his newest single in support of Release Therapy, in a 30 minute special on the E! Network and on Late Night With David Letterman.

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