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    Monday. 9.4.06 8:35 pm

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    Three 6 Mafia Seek Dismissal Of Pittsburgh Lawsuit
    Monday. 9.4.06 8:32 pm
    September 04, 2006

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    Pittsburghers Mourn Mayor's Passing


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    American Appears In Al Qaeda Video


    CAIRO, Egypt Al Qaeda's deputy leader Ayman al-Zawahiri issued a new videotape Saturday along with a man identified as an American member of the terror network, inviting Americans to convert to Islam.

    Ravenstahl Won't Talk Publicly Until After Funeral


    PITTSBURGH Newly sworn-in Mayor Luke Ravenstahl says he will make no public statement until after Bob O'Connor is laid to rest.

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    Academy Award-winning rap group Three 6 Mafia asked for the dismissal of a lawsuit filed by man who claimed he
    was severely beaten at a concert when fans followed lyrics of the song "Let's Start A Riot."

    An attorney for the group filed a motion last week in Allegheny County Court saying there is no "genuine issue of material fact" to the complaint. The lyrics are protected under the First Amendment, the motion said.

    Ramone Williams claimed in his lawsuit that he was beaten during a concert at a now-defunct Pittsburgh nightclub on Aug. 26, 2003.

    Williams, who was 19 at the time, said he got into the club and became uneasy when the song began. Before it was over, Williams alleges, he was thrown to the floor, hit with a chair, stomped on and kicked in the face. His injuries included a fractured jaw.

    Williams won a default judgment against the club. It closed, and its former operators did not answer the complaint.

    Three 6 Mafia, of Memphis, Tenn., won an Oscar this year for the song "It's Hard Out Here for a Pimp" from the film "Hustle & Flow."

    Copyright © 2006 kdka.com, All Rights Reserved.

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    Major labels embrace mobile technology
    Monday. 9.4.06 8:31 pm
    September 04, 2006

    It's becoming popular and sort of a cachet to have a mobile presence, and that extends outside of ringtones

    By Antony Bruno

    LOS ANGELES (Billboard) - The music industry, searching for ever-expanding ways to promote acts and generate new revenue streams, is getting increasingly creative in its use of mobile technology.

    With ringtones now a well-established product, record labels are turning to mobile games and video.

    Warner Music Group recently introduced its first mobile videogame on T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless. The car-racing game features the likeness, voice and music of hip-hop sensation T.I. The company says it is developing additional mobile games from multiple artists spanning all genres. Similarly, Hudson Entertainment, a mobile-content aggregator, has produced mobile games that feature the likeness and music of such acts as hip-hop group D12 and (most recently) the late Bob Marley.

    Meanwhile, Capitol Records is supporting the debut album by Dave Navarro's new band the Panic Channel with a first-of-its-kind mobile-TV promotion in conjunction with Sprint and GoTV. For the next three months, GoTV will air free behind-the-scenes footage, exclusive interviews and performances of the band. They will be refreshed every two weeks.

    Partner Retail Entertainment & Design, which produces the content, says it is preparing a similar mobile-TV push behind the debut solo album from Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas.

    "It's becoming popular and sort of a cachet to have a mobile presence, and that extends outside of ringtones," Hudson Entertainment COO Mike Samachisa says.

    Of course, there's more to it than just being cool. Mobile TV and games have the potential to become big business in the near future. According to research group Infonetics, the global market for mobile-video services is set to reach $5.6 billion by 2009, from $46.2 million this year -- an increase of nearly 12,000%. An Informa forecast pegs the more mature global mobile-gaming industry at $7.2 billion by 2010, up from the $2.4 billion expected this year.


    To reach these numbers, the mobile industry is relying heavily on recognized entertainment brands to capture attention and encourage more traffic to these fledgling formats. One of the reasons ringtones are so successful is that people have a pretty good idea what they are buying from the beginning because of their familiarity with the original song. The same cannot be said of mobile games or video.

    "The only thing you have to go on is a name, a very short description and the price," Samachisa says. Content featuring recognizable names gets more sales. "It's like why you put an artist in a movie. It's because you're trying to connect his music audience to a new platform."

    Record labels are taking advantage of this and beginning to publish and distribute this content directly to wireless carriers themselves, similar to what they do with ringtones now.

    Warner Music and Sony BMG have developed their own mobile-game publishing divisions, rather than licensing the rights to existing game developers. Universal Music Group partners with sister company Vivendi Universal Games for the same. Sony BMG has even started publishing nonmusic-related mobile games, such as one called "The Shroud" -- a sort of real-life treasure hunt that utilizes GPS technology but no direct music element.

    Additionally, labels are amassing a flood of video content that they expect to make available via mobile phones in the near future, incorporating mobile as the third screen to their existing TV and Internet video strategy. Not just music videos, but live performances, interviews and other footage created specifically for mobile phones are in development.

    The ultimate goal is to release mobile content in conjunction with an artist's new release, preferably beforehand to generate excitement, but this remains a difficult goal.

    "That's obviously the ideal," says George White, Warner Music's senior VP of strategy and product development. "Getting a game completed, tested and ready to launch is even more of a challenge than getting a new hip-hop record recorded, mastered and ready to launch. But that's clearly where we want to be headed."

    Particularly frustrating is the fact that this content must be optimized for multiple mobile phones, many of which require different content in different formats.

    Development issues aside, there's also the challenge of drawing attention to this bevy of new content. Mobile TV and games combined do not generate a fraction of the traffic that ringtones do. The key, White says, is to direct fans who buy a ringtone to other mobile content by the same artist.

    "We're really excited about cross-marketing between these categories, driving traffic from a ringtone promotion to a game," he says. "That's one of the things we feel we can bring to the category and is a theme that we've been working with carriers to do."


    Copyright © 2006 Reuters, All Rights Reserved.

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    Da Backwudz:Wood Work
    Monday. 9.4.06 8:21 pm
    Wood Work
    Rowdy Records/Major Way Entertainment

    1. Welcome 2 Da Backwudz
    Sho Nuff: We ain’t wanna do it like the normal intros, we just wanted to rap and welcome everyone to the experience that they about to have. Let everyone know about the Backwudz.

    2. You Gonna Luv Me
    FEATURING: Milwaukee Black
    Sho Nuff: We came out with it a while back. You gonna feel us with whatever we do musically, whatever we got going on, you gonna love us.

    3. I Don’t Like the Look of It (Oompa)
    FEATURING: Caz Clay
    Sho Nuff: Sometimes people don’t like the look of the stuff that we be doing, so we just had to speak on it. As far as the video, It was more of a collective idea with Dallas and Fat Cats. We all sat down and tried to come up with some crazy hot concepts (like) the kids doing the Oompa Loompas, similar to Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. We just came up with the idea and it came out hot.

    4. Getting 2 It
    FEATURING: Killer Mike
    Sho Nuff: We had to do a song for the streets. Where we from, them boys be getting into it. It’s one of them songs that is a feel good song that make you get into it no matter what you do.

    5. Makin’ Money Counting Hundreds
    Sho Nuff: Shout out one time to the Marley family. That's a Bob Marley song, and it's just one of them feel good songs like "Getting 2." It has the same kind of theme and we happy that we blessed.

    6. The World Could Be Yours
    Sho Nuff: When you in a relationship with somebody and you kicking it, and they feel that you ain’t putting in work or showing them love, you be like, ‘if you let me grind and do what I gotta do to work, then the world can be yours.’ It’s a hot song.

    7. Fantastic
    FEATURING: Bohagon and Jeff B
    Sho Nuff: That’s one of my favorite songs on the album. It’s a summer joint and you can drop the top or whatever you riding in. It’s a feel good song and anyone can be fantastic. It’s about feeling good and feeling fantastic about yourself.

    8. I’ll do
    FEATURING: Jasper
    Sho Nuff: That’s one of those late night songs. You telling the girl that you will do damn near anything you ask me to because I’m feeling you like that. Jasper is one of Dallas’s producers over at Rowdy, and it’s just one of those songs when your vibing with a chick and you telling them that you’ll do damn near anything, not everything you ask me, but damn near anything, and I’ll work that out for you baby because I’m feeling you like that. We was in the studio jammin’ and Jasper is a real good dude, so look out for him.

    9. Wood Grain (Interlude)

    10. Whatcha Know ‘Bout My Life
    FEATURING: Big Gipp
    Sho Nuff: We was just on a personal level. This song is featuring Big Gipp. It’s just letting you know who we are on a personal level. I got real personal on that song. You can’t judge a book by its cover. People always think when they look at you that they can just read you and know all about you. They be like you have never been through shit. You never know what someone done been through, and we was just speaking on that.

    11. Mama Always Told Me
    FEATURING: Sleepy Brown
    Big Marc: This like my favorite song, me and Sho Nuff are cousins and man, our fathers are brothers, but we were still raised in single parent homes with our mothers. My mom is like my backbone man. The beginning of the hook says, “Mama always told me where there’s angels there are demons,” my mama always guided me morally right, and we just had to speak on that. She always told me to stay in prayer and the blessings will come, not when you want them to, but when you least expect it. When you least expect them, it’s gonna be the perfect time. Also, Rico Wade produced that and Sleepy Brown is on that boy to-, me and Sleepy Brown singing on that thing. We actually recorded this song in the Dungeon, so that was an experience all in itself too- to record in the same studio and the same mic that Kast and Goodie done rapped on. That was a wonderful experience, for real.

    12. Feelin Lonely
    Sho Nuff: We talked about a lot of social issues. Marc’s verse, he is talking about a girl whose going through a lot. Her father was molesting her and eventually towards the end of the verse, she killed herself. We just touching on a lot of subjects that’s going on in the world that a lot of people tend to look over.

    13. Lock and Load
    Sho Nuff: Dallas did that one. When people hear the title, they probably think that we talking about guns. We actually talking about locking and loading with the word of God, man and being ready for anything that comes in front of you. You gotta shoot down that negativity with that humble ammunition.

    Big Marc: We was vibing so hard, and that’s another one of my favorite ones.

    14. Same Song
    Sho Nuff: Shouts out to all the DJ’s that supported us. We were addressing about how when you hear the radio, that you hear the same songs. A lot of underground artists are not getting air time and a lot of DJ’s are looking over them. We ain’t hating on none of the DJ’s, but when you hear it, that is what it’s pertaining to. Just try to show some versatility with the radio. Without the DJ’s and fans, the artists ain’t nothing.

    15. Smoke N Ride
    FEATURING: George Clinton
    Big Marc: We recorded that song in the studio with George. My mama and grandmamma grew up on George, that’s they generation. We was in there vibing and the song is just so funky. When you hear it, you gonna swear that we are at a PFunk concert. It was a wonderful experience.

    16. You Gonna Luv Me (Remix)
    FEATURING: Nas and Slim Thug
    Sho Nuff: That’s Nas and Slim Thugga. It was a blessing to have the opportunity to do that because a lot of people been requesting that since day one.

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    Monday. 9.4.06 8:12 pm




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    Say Word?: Walking Money Online is up and running
    Monday. 9.4.06 8:10 pm
    Posted on Friday, August 18 @ 11:04:20 EDT by hnic

    News nicapimp1 writes "Local Miami artist P.M. has built his own records label, "Walking Money Records". Check it out at www.walkingmoneyrecords.com. Check it routinely for up to date information on P.M. and Tommy Trouble.


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