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Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.
We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous,
talented and fabulous.
Actually, who are you not to be?

my loves
Li Rong
Michelle michelle
ET Laine
its the eve
Friday. 12.31.04 4:23 am
its new years eve again. time for a little sentimentality, a little poignancy.

have been reflecting on past sins, wrongdoings, and memories from long gone. tidying up my feelings... everything has put me in a comtemplative mood.

For pple whu were sharp enuff and concerned abt mi enuff would have realised i'm weird the last few days, esp on X'mas. Was over zealous putting up a show of being happy/having fun or even actimg cute. haha.

anyways, aud have been saying that i'm going thru menopause, so that gives you a gauage of how erratic my behaviour has become.

let mi pose you a question. how far back can you remember of your poly years.

For me, yr 1 was the most vivid.
my earliest memory was when the entire, really the entire class of 20 pple would gather at Dover and we would enter the lect hall together. ended up late most of the time and we would (at that time we din care) swagger into class 10/15 min late and disrupt the class and sit at the first few rows.

also rem the time we were 1 1/2 hr late for Anthony's MOB coz we went to have pizza.

the frequent bowling sessions at the SPGG, seeing Remy Ong in his green beetle

the weekly Sentosa outings on Fridays, volleyball and the sun~!

skipping lessons together and heading out to god knows where

going everywhere together, lunches in FC4 coz the tables in FC6 wern't long enuff to accomdate all of us.

the monthly bday celebrations, and the one in Oct when we consolidated everyone's bday and held a party. Kenneth Lee contributing money for the cake and Pauline Koong bringing her little daughters.

den it was CNY, whole class took taxi and went to Pualine Koong's place to collect ang pow.

and i rem seba, definately a nicer guy than some pple i know. a tad soft for a guy but still a nice guy

den in yr2 school work got heavier
MA~! macroeconomic analysis! staying back till 9pm till the labs close to muddle along.

altho we've split class, all of us can always be found at the library rushing proj

we still go out together occasionally, but seems like the cracks have surfaced

and i rem, the class sang mi a bday song after class with a slice of bday cake.

got involved with yearbook club, i rem the chalet, the late nights working on the presentation and stressing over the proposal. and UNCOVERED!

half of yr3 has passed. some of us has grown closer to the current class, some of the old class has become more distant.... so much so we dun even say "hi" anymore. somehow, it just happened.

we dun go to our huanting grounds like sentosa together anymore, even if we do. the pple has changed.

i rem staying over at T's house before, but i've forgotten the occasion... went clubbing den had steamboat and kian seng din help clear the steamboat things and refused to chip in any amt for the food he ate. T's mum makes very nice chix broth for steamboat.haha

and definately, the last event. X'mas at T's .... too much food, i din get to eat turkey and i know he had a bottle of wine. and KS became interested in Eliz's fren, the babe. toad lusting for swan.

Kev, the eligible bachelor finally got attached. trips to China always yields couples! lol~

wonder how the rest of the year will turn out.

memories are dwindling.

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good day
Tuesday. 12.28.04 8:14 am
another one day where everything slots nicely together.

came in late for FP, its at 8 lor, bloody hell. how to make it sia..... den GJK's class. its more of a chit chat, talk cock class. lol~ somemore, confirm end early. sch ended at 12.30pm. ambled my way to orchard. and since i was early started to browse shops for nice dresses. for prom nite. not that i'm gan cheong. just wanna take advantage of the post xmas sale. muahaha~

met my fren whu was treating me to Kungfu Hustle at almost 2pm, Cine, bought tickets, got a good seat. we were lucky since most of the seats were already taken up. digress a bit.

Dun u all think that when one guy and one ger goes out, pple almost always associate them as a couple? and pple start offering the supposed "couple" free couple perfume samples, lover seats, lover discount coupons etc??? WATS UP sia~! geez~! altho i admit there are conveniences.. but it does gets on pple's nerves after a while.

the movie was pretty good.. in fact i might say its very entertaining. its a nice show. typical stephen chow style.

after movie, continued browsing in wisma/ck tangs for dress. but couldn't really concentrate on looking for a dress coz my fren was trailing after mi. made me feel kinda bad, even tho my fren was trying to pass some comments, colours, styles, helping me to look. Went Topman, picked out some knitted shirts for my fren to return the favour, but my fren didn't like any after trying. too bad lor.
Had to fly my friend's aeroplane to make it for the yrbk dinner.

at fish and co. envious? muahaha~ no other club will give ya that. ordered my fave salmon. i'm like as long as the menu has a salmon entry i will order. enjoyed myself chit chatting....ok.. fine.. gossipping more like. and i think i might have found a customer for the shop! lol! psycho-ed my lecturer to visit me at the shop and passed her the new brochure and explained some easy concepts. my boss will will never find another hardworking worker as mi. lol.... joan psychoed and retained a loyal long time customer in andrew low(poor thing tio food poisoning on xmas eve) and now i'm psychoing my indian lecturer. interestingly, indians are more open to feng shui concepts. lol~

btw, new msn beta is out. some interesting features. like nudge and your msn screen shakes. damn cute. try it out and nudge mi!

p/s: Thanx to Hock fer helping mi burn Vampire 3! thanx thanx!

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