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    DJ Explicit & Love Dinero - "Whut Cha Kno Bout Dat: Hosted by Young CashDJ Explicit & Love Dinero
    Monday. 9.4.06 8:55 pm
    DJ Explicit & Love Dinero - "Whut Cha Kno Bout Dat: Hosted by Young CashDJ Explicit & Love Dinero"

    This double disc mixtape has a cast more extensive than a blockbuster movie. The trio of DJs, Explicit, Love Dinero and Scrap, combined their intellects to create a well arranged Southern collection. Most mixtapes heads should be familiar with Explicit’s award winning Streets of the Dirty South series. What’s interesting is that two Queens bred DJs (Explicit & Dinero) are fucking with the dirty so hard. All prejudgments aside, Whut Cha Kno Bout Dat represents the heart of a region that has paid its dues to get to the top.

    How did it happen?

    DJ Explicit: Me and Love dinero been knowing each other for some years now and we was just talkin' about doin' a mixtape toghter, so I got in contact with Paul Wall and did an interview with him. You also got Young Cash on deck with it. We came up wit the the title and just thought ¡t was good concept. Also the CD is to promote www.str8hoodradio.com that I'm starting.

    DJ Explicit's favorite track's:
    #1 Young Ca$h Ft. Mike Jones - "Gotta Lotta"
    #2 Young Ca$h Ft. Paul Wall - "Disco Ball"

    What's next?
    DJ Explicit & 2Much
    Tha Day Hell Froze Over Mixtape
    Hosted By. Magno

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    DJ Don Cannon & Jody Breeze - "Best Kept Secret"
    Monday. 9.4.06 8:55 pm
    DJ Don Cannon teams up with Shonuff Records and Boyz N Da Hood artist Jody Breeze to present to you the Best Kept Secret. Plenty of heat from J-O-D-Y including “Smoke Dro” and his lead single “Fast Forward.” This mixtape is not filled with features, but the artist that do lend 16’s are Slim Thug, Freeway, Too $hort, and Bun B. this is definitely a mix that will be rattling your trunks 1 through 20 for a while.

    How did Don Cannon and Jody Breeze hook up?

    Don Cannon: Me and Jody came together to make the best kept secret. Both of us are the best kept secrets in the game right now, so it was only right to do it. He was like, yo I need you on my tape and I was like bet let's make it happen. I found some instrumentals for him and he banged out the joints fast and we got it done.

    Don Cannon 's favorite track's:

    My favorite tracks on the tape are really all of them the tape along with my signature is pretty solid wit' hot shit joints. I like "Smoke Dro " that's my shit, and "Rookie Of The Year."

    What's next for Don Cannon?

    Don Cannon: More tracks for these artist, AMG (Aphilliates Music Group), and a variety of mixtapes from Bohagon, to Bobby Creekwater part 2., Ray Cash part 2. Also got some other big name joints in the works.

    Pick It Up

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    Has Kelly Osbourne Gotten Hitched?
    Monday. 9.4.06 8:53 pm
    During a festival weekend away...
    Email Article Print Article

    By: Lowri Williams on 9/4/2006

    Rumour has it that Kelly Osbourne has infuriated her parent Ozzy and Sharon by getting married at a festival.

    According to PerezHilton.com the punky girl married an as yet unknown musician simply described as ‘Matty’ whom she has known for just a week in an inflatable castle!

    As yet this is just a rumour…more as we know it!

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    Reader comments (2)
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    * I was at that festival (Electric Picnic) and can verify that (a) there was an inflatable church where people were getting married and (b) the lead singer of New Order dedicated one of their songs to Kelly Osbourne and Matty who had just gotten married
    * Ozzy as a grandparent....yes , the Antichrist is coming. On the upside, Ozzy and the toddler will speak the same language until the kid turns two. Then his abilities will surpass grandpa’s. Weird world, innit?

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    Book by N.W.A. business manager describes how gangsta rap became global force
    Monday. 9.4.06 8:44 pm

    NEW YORK (AP) - When Jerry Heller met Eric (Eazy-E) Wright on March 3, 1987, he knew right away that the diminutive, Jheri-curled dude with a roll of cash stuffed into his sock would change the music world.

    Eazy was the founder of Ruthless Records and creator of the prototype gangsta rap group N.W.A. Heller was a music industry veteran who had represented artists from Elton John to Van Morrison to Marvin Gaye. With Eazy running the "show" and Heller handling the "business," N.W.A. - and gangsta rap - exploded into a global force.

    Now, 11 years after Eazy died of AIDS, Heller has written Ruthless, a memoir detailing how Eazy, Ice Cube, Dr. Dre and MC Ren formed N.W.A. and how an ambitious security guard named Suge Knight broke up the platinum-selling crew.

    In a recent phone interview Heller, 65, answered the following questions:

    AP: What kind of person was Eazy-E?

    Heller: Eazy was an exceptional human being. He was a visionary. He was very Machiavellian, he understood power and how to use it. He was a good-hearted guy, a good father, just an exemplary human being. I couldn't be any prouder of him than if he had been my blood son. It's amazing that we could have this relationship because we're so different. He told me I was the first white person he ever met not in a police uniform or collecting rent. I miss him very much.

    AP: With all the bad stuff Eazy boasted about in his music, how can you say he was a good person?

    Heller: I have no proof that he was ever a drug dealer. I'm not sure if he was or he wasn't. I know that it was good for the Ruthless image, the Ruthless persona, so maybe that's why he adopted that.

    AP: C'mon, man ...

    Heller: He certainly never (dealt drugs) at Ruthless. It wasn't a part of our lives. Now, if you want to talk about how somebody who espoused this kind of brutal misogynistic music could be a good person, well, this was the voice of our inner cities that most white people had never come across. To the guys in Ruthless, this was the reality of their way of life. This is the way they grew up, the way things were.

    AP: You have a lot to say in your book about Ice Cube, who talked real bad about you after he left N.W.A.

    Heller: He insulted me as a man, as a person, as a Jewish person. . . . (yet) he is probably the most important African-American indie filmmaker in the business today. His movies are incredible. Certainly Friday and Barbershop are important movies, he's an important guy, yet until recently, this year, I never saw an interview where he didn't talk bad about me.

    AP: How did Suge Knight enter the picture?

    Heller: Suge was a part-time security guard at Ruthless. He can be a very charming guy, and my initial instincts were to help him. Eazy was more perceptive, he always thought he was going to be problem. I remember walking into my office one day, and Suge was standing there staring at my chair. He didn't see me. I said to him, "What you doing, man, you think that's gonna be your chair?" I never thought anyone could come between Dre and Eazy, they were childhood friends and as close as brothers. I didn't take Suge as seriously as I should have.

    AP: How do you feel today, looking at what gangsta rap has become?

    Heller: Imagine me walking into Joe Smith's office, he's chairman of Capitol Records, I play him the record. . . . He said, "You're trying to tell me somebody's gonna listen to this, or play it, or buy it? The day that happens I'll retire." Joe Smith remains one of the giants of the music business and I love him dearly. I said, "Joe, I remember when radio wouldn't play the Rolling Stones singing Let's Spend the Night Together. Times change. This is the music of the future." He says, "I love the name Ruthless. I'll give you a million dollars for the name. But as far as this other stuff, you better stop getting high."

    AP: What did you think that day you first met Eazy and he played you his song Boyz-n-the-Hood?

    Heller: It just totally blew me away. It was a combination of The Last Poets, Black Panthers, Gil Scott Heron and the Rolling Stones. If I wasn't so old I wouldn't have been able to relate to it. I thought: This is the most important music I've heard since the beginning of rock 'n' roll.

    AP: You were right, although some people would still argue with you.

    Heller: This was the first time that the voices of our inner city were heard. The only question in my mind was how could we water it down so white people would buy it.

    AP: It turns out white folks took it straight up.

    Heller: We did one thing. Who were the biggest acts in the world in 1987? Guns N'Roses and Metallica. Everybody who buys Guns N'Roses and Metallica. I shamelessly pandered to surfers and skateboarders, and in pictures from then you'll see Slash and those guys wearing N.W.A. stuff. If they thought it was cool, people in Kansas and Wyoming would buy it. That's how we broached the subject. Because no question this was the most important music of the second half of the 20th century.

    AP: What's next for you?

    Heller: We're putting together the movie version of the book. To play Eazy, I hope we get Larenz Tate. When I look in his eyes, I see Eazy inside there. I have talked to Game about playing Suge Knight. And these are just talks right now, but I've talked to Bruce Willis about playing me.

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    DJ Drama & Lil Wayne
    Monday. 9.4.06 8:43 pm
    Dedication 2
    Review By: Leon Bailey

    Dedication 2The mixtape that was donned a classic before it was even released to the public. Lil Wayne is the hardest working artist in the south right now with a barrage of mixtapes released and unreleased tracks leaked. Many consider the first Dedication a classic, but to internet savvy users most of them heard the tracks from Lil Wayne’s Young Money web site. To satisfy those people Lil Wayne teamed up with DJ Drama once again to present to you Dedication 2 Gangsta Grillz. Dedication 2 is a 25-track mixtape of brand new tracks of lyrical coldness that not many can compete with.

    Beginning with a voice saying, “You’re watching a master at work”, “Get ‘Em” is a perfect way to begin the mixtape. DJ Drama shows off his DJ skills and hypes you up by bringing back Wayne’s lyrical assault “My Block pumpin' and I’m tryin 2 keep that O pumpin’/If niggas snitchin’ then I let dem niggas hold sumthin/” twice. Switching up his flow when the beat kicks in is genius. When listening to the track it seems like a preview to what is to come during the mixtape.

    There are some hilarious one-liners such as “Bitches on my stick, but my name ain’t Harry Potter” from “Workin’ Em” and "My pockets on Raven Simone...that's fat," which is on “What U Know.” Wayne is not one of those artists that force punch lines on you. He always gives consistent freestyles. “Spitter” is a track that Wayne completely bodies with fierce bars like “That's blood all over your Rover/blood all over your chauffer/blood all over your loafers/if I get any closer...There's blood all over my toaster/blood all over my holster/I'm in them S Dots, that's blood all over my Hovas/.” Hearing Wayne spit like that is a treat to the listeners and there is a lot more to hear.

    The mixtape turns it down a notch midway when Wayne’s Young Money artists Currency & Mac Maine are showcased. “Poppin’ Them Bottles” and “Ridin Wit The AK” both Young Money artists verses are lackluster with dreary flows and are outshined by the beats. They do not impress at all, but them being on the mix serves its purpose. Wayne was very average on Rick Ross' “Hustlin.” Not to say it was not a good cover, but compared to everything else on the mixtape it could have been better.

    As said, the mixtape did turn it down a notch, but it did pick back up. On “No Other”, he and Juelz Santana collaborate again over Jay-Z's "Dynasty Intro." The two definitely hold a good chemistry together and more music collectively is something to look forward to. “Georgia….Bush” is an enormous surprise to the conclusion of the mixtape. Wayne addresses President George Bush regarding Hurricane Katrina. In interviews, it seemed as Wayne was not critical or showed any sympathy for Hurricane Katrina, but he let it all out on this one. You have to respect the man as an artist for this track and all that you can say when you are finished listening is that he saved the best for last.

    Dedication 2 a classic mixtape? You be the judge. With heat all throughout the mixtape, quotables for days, flows that switch up right through every single track, then how can you argue? DJ Drama continues a run of mixtapes that the south has never seen before and Lil Wayne continues to improve every time that you hear him. When it has been all said and done maybe, he will be “The Best Rapper Alive.”

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    Jennifer Aniston Teams Up with Eminem for Nike Ad Rap
    Monday. 9.4.06 8:40 pm
    By: Lowri Williams on 9/2/2006

    Hollywood actor Brad Pitt is reportedly begging his ex-wife not to take part in a rap with Eminem as part of a new Nike advertising campaign.

    Nike has signed up Jennifer Aniston and her legs to become the new face of their female range while rapper Eminem will be promoting the men’s side of things.

    When Aniston found out she and Eminem would be promoting the sportswear together she suggested they do a comedy rap to help keep things light.

    A source told the Star: “Jen thought it would be really fun to do. But she’s started talking to Brad again and he hates it.

    “He’s really worried that the turn will be cringe worthy and harm her career like it did Janet Jackson’s.”

    Surely Eminem will have something to say about this???

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    Reader comments (5)
    Comment Add comment

    * Jen should sing normally in contrast to Eminem’s rap.
    * they should do a comedy rap and Brad should shut the f- up and go adopt more babies..like he gives a sh-t about Aniston’s career when he cast her out of the role of Pearl. Give me a break.
    * I’d cringe at Jen talking to Brad again. My heart goes out to her and Ang, cuz them talking’s gotta sting Ang. I hate pop culture and adultery, but I love charity, so why can’t we all just do stuff for charity, be faithful in love, and stop blasting each other!?! I think the duo rap would be awesome for ALL PEOPLE. Em is a professional in a very powerful and respectable field. Pitt’s jealous or racist (INSANE). Sympathy for Jen, Ang & all women who fall for dumb men who think they are hot.
    * You all are full of shit to believe such crap stories from British tabloids! Every time I see people believe in them like gospel I want to puke! Like Brad would give a fuck of what JA is doing. JA will not be a spoksperson for Nike.The company denied it.So face it you bloody morons!This is one more manipulation to comfuse your stupid minds that believes everything those trash mags are writing.I truly feel sorry for you.Now you can go and wish some more death wishes back to Femalefirs
    * Yah, your stupid!! I also heard she’s cuttin dance tracks with this DJ guy: http://www.justjared.com/gossip/2006/08/jennifer-aniston-scott- hardkiss-producer/ What the hell is next???

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