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Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.
We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous,
talented and fabulous.
Actually, who are you not to be?

my loves
Li Rong
Michelle michelle
ET Laine
Wednesday. 1.5.05 9:18 am
first, apologies to Ben, coz i just realised that the last title can be interpreted as he died. whoopz. totally unintentional.

I'm amazed. really. there is an even bigger idiot den KS.
the person i'm referring to is a yr1 SB club junior.

feel the compulsion to slap him everytime he tries to get Fad to do sth for him/club. it says it in his freaking "you-owe-it-to-me/club" voice and keep going, "no one else already~~ if you(Fad) dun do this whu will? huh? huh? huh? "
bloody hell. Fad is only an advisor. an advisor's job is to give opinion and advice, not to be your convenient slave and do all the paper work, check out all the venues, paint the goddamn banner and be blamed for the club's decline.

wtfreak. he can actually blame fad that SB club is not doing well, coz they(new pple) dun know how to go abt doing the events. why they dun know? coz they got no video and photo documentation. wat kind of crap reason is that??!! plz lor. dunno ask the advisor, whu happens to be more alive den video and photos. thats the point of an advisor, for you to ask, and learn from past mistakes. but to you guys, an advisor is for them to push into doing menial work. so of coz they dunno how to handle events! DUH! what? to him, every single evnt must look exactly the same issit? showed him the photo for last year event means what? you mean you can learn how to do and event by looking at freaking photos of the stage issit???

Talent time banner.
was supposed to be up long ago, not on the day they start the booth-today. incidentally, did anyone realised they set up a booth today??
why was it so late? coz the banner wasn't really their priority. or rather, they nv felt the sense of urgency even up till the yesterday. i'm not fabricating. Fad asked him directly.

mi and aud, being the nice and kind, compassionate gers that we are, tried to help Fad paint the banner, coz she was painting it all by herself. what did the 2 of us get in return? scorn. jokingly, asked Fad got cca pts for helping out or not, Fad said ya. Den he said "wah, its good being Fad's classmate". KAO! hao xin mei hao bao. here we are, wearing skirts, trying to paint akwardly and still got to stomach his crap. depend on him paint banner... HAH! ask mi how many lines are there in a music score and he tried to mix blue and green to get PURPLE! he was actually going to pour into the mixing bowl before Fad stopped him.
i was saying that SB CLUB banners getting bad to worse. he said at least they tried. my question is, did they really try or was it becoz they had no choice, since it was part of the proposal? is it getting from bad to worse coz they dun care what the hell they were painting?

good luck to them sia. gave out 3 Talent time forms today. gave out. not confirmed. lets hope, this event wun die as horribly as the xmas bash.

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ben si le
Sunday. 1.2.05 8:14 am
I've brought muddle headedness to new heights today.

woke up a bit late today and rush, bang, slam out of the house. got caught in the rain, took 2 buses and eventually reached the worked place. rush, clean up, set up the cashier, bim bim bom bom opened the shop.

and den my colleague called

"eh? you working morning shift meh?"

*lighting and thunder flashed*



den a 2nd colleague called

"eh? you morning shift meh?"

"u check the rooster again"

*lightning flashed like disco lights, thunder went hip hop beating*

"O shit! i'm afternoon today! you are morning! huh.. den where are you now? past opening time le"

"I'm on taxi heading there now, jialat, i thot i afternoon shift!"

so 2 blur blur women mixed up our shedules today. haiz. at least i din have to wait 2 hours till my shift came on liek the ger did. but den again, pple got bf entertain her mah~ haiz haiz, wasted my slping time. sob

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