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Books I have completed reading since January 2021:

1. The Enchanted - Rene Denfield
NO NO NO !!!!!!!!!
Sunday. 12.17.06 9:08 pm
It is Sunday. The last day I will be in Penang. Sad and happy. Sad because I could not spend more time with my friends there. I don't even have the time to lepak [walk around] Queens Bay Mall. Siti and Sherene and I were just there for like 30 minutes before we were drowned in the influx of people there. You just cannot imagine the volume of people in the Mall and it is not completely completed since there are still many shops haven't open. And ... this mall has similar shops whereever you go in Malaysia. I don't see the point of having so many malls with the same anchors like Padini, Elle, Jusco. I want to see something different. Anyway, we ended up in Dome because we just could not find any better place to rest and chit chat. But to be frank, I don't really like their Iced Chocolate because it's not blended. Oh whatever......

Then halfway in our conversation, I cabut to Hotel Vistana to meet up with my customers... I was so sad because I saw the Face Shop but I just got no time to check out if someone I knew is working there.

But after the meeting, I just joined the rest in Bukit Jambul Complex.... Hahah ... you know what??? At this moment, I learned that AirAsia delayed my flight one hour later. Crazy. Imagine, I reached home 2 am. And I'm back to work now. =p But anyway, we watched Eragon. I think I won't comment anything about the movie if not I have nothing to say in my Movie Review. Yay ... Eragon will be the official opening review for my Movie Review section. I think....

I met up with my high school teacher as well and that was cool because the food was good. Bwahahaha.. Oh well, this is renaye you are talking about. And then we discussed quite a few of linguistic things and some business plans. =p

Oh well.. my eyes are in strained now and I'm damn hungry.

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Business Trip
Saturday. 12.16.06 10:29 pm
I'm now in Penang, Malaysia on a business trip, which is quite good because jolenesiah's parents took me out for dinner. =p And we happened to go to a restaurant that I haven't been there for a long time.

Haha.. uncle and I also talked on many things related to business... So I now know why are jolenesiah and her siblings are studying business... bwahahahahaah... Yea... uncle even shared some business idea with me... bwahahahahaha..... I also have my own business idea and I actually could start it now but then that idea scares me....

I'm going to have lunch with a bunch of ex-high school mates at my Malay language teacher's house.. I think it will be cool because I have not seen them for ages. And many people will be shocked to see my short hair. Hahaha... jolenesiah's mum said I looked different and better..... =p

Time for you to go for a haircut, jolenesiah!

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It's Friday!!!
Friday. 12.15.06 16:42 pm
Yes it's Friday and it's strange because I never update my blog this late since I'm going back in 20 minutes... bwahhahaha.

You know my workmates were so looking forward to having McDonald for lunch but I wasn't because I have been having it almost everyday when I was still a student in NZ? Don't blame me you know because the cheapest burger I could get is NZD 2. And that's very affordable for me for I'm a poor student (yea right).
Just a quick note that I hope you guys enjoy the fanfic that I have posted. So I just ate Fish O' Fillet for a change. I don't think I could ever eat Chick n' McCheese again....

I also bought some doughnut for my workmates but they don't seem to be eating... T_T. And I don't want to bring them home since I bought some doughnuts for my family members as well... T_T Hopefully I won't get nightmare from eating too much of doughnuts.

I can't wait for the weekend. What about you guys?

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New Fanfic
Thursday. 12.14.06 4:42 pm
You know what? I'm so excited because I finished a fanfic within one hour yesterday. Yea ... a new attempt to write a romance fanfic with Witch Hunter Robin anime theme. It's so cool. *Shake left* *Shake right* *Shake left* And I composed a short poem for its ending... Lagi cool!!!!! [Cooler?] Yea la yea la ... But I also received a comment for my new fanfic which 'was' quite exhilarating. But sorry guys, I have deleted it. Actually I deleted the whole story. Hang on.. no worries because I have reuploaded it after making some grammar and vocab correction. So feel free to condemn and comment. =p You can check it out at the Reading site.

Fortunately I found the urls for the fanfic I mentioned in my previous blog entry. Hope you guys like them.

1. All wet
2. Coma Love
3. From the Diary of an Unknown Person
4. Killer Clown
5. I Did Not Die

Err.. you guys are very matured right? So I don't need to remind you guys that I don't own these fanfic right? If you guys know any good fanfic, do let me know as well..

*Edit* = I apologize to the person who actually recommended this blog entry because I have forgotten to put " for all the urls which disrupted this entry's command. Yea.. luckily I foud out why because I was about to curse and swear.

Have a nice day people!

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Wednesday. 12.13.06 15:18 pm
I was quite adventurous when I just entered the office this morning. I didn't hesitate to open nutang site and did some daring stuff like updating the recipe section plus deleting some entries just to make the recipe category neater. I guess I have succeeded. Evidence? Just visit the Recipe site. =p You will be seeing more recipe in the future. I might be putting some christmas recipe as well if I'm in the mood. So cross fingers*

Today is quite cruisy so I read some naruto fanfic. And one of them is damn hilarious. [would love to post the url but I lost track of the authors name] And it was pretty hard to contain my laughter in the office. You guys can try browsing by just searching complete series and around 1000 words. It's been a long time I didn't read fanfic at www.fanfic.com. Haha .. I even have a story posted there but unfortunately no one has ever read it. T_T It can be found at my Reading site. But for your information, my English command is not as good as you guys think. If I'm not mistaken, my English has gone down quite a bit. But you just have to thank my English teacher in high school for commenting my stories sucks. Just because I like to insert descriptions in my stories, she said my story was too boring to read so she ended not marking them. To YOU with tonnes of kunai, shuriken .. what other weapons should I name??? I will write fanfics once in a while if I'm in the mood. But I think I deleted my latest attempt in writing a fan fic for Witch Hunter Robin anime. Puhleezeee.. no more Robin and Amon for me. I like these characters but I have enough of reading fanfics about their romance... aiya ... i want something new. Speaking of that, I found a very good fanfic for this anime at the given url. Damn good man because throughout the whole story, it's just suspense. But sorry guys, I have forgotten the title.

I'm still having flu which I hated it.

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Choc Fudge Brownie
Wednesday. 12.13.06 9:44 am
Choc Fudge Brownie

1 1/2 cup plain flour
1 cup cocoa powder
1 tsp baking powder
2 cups sugar
1 tsp vanilla essence
4 eggs
225 g melted butter

sift the dry ingredients into a bowl and make a well in the centre
beat together the melted butter, eggs and vanilla essence and stir into the dry ingredients
press into well greased pan
cool b4 icing with choc icing.

note = i tried this and found it too rich and quite sweet. so u might want to reduce sugar and cocoa powder. don't use self raising flour for this. this brownie is also very feeling.. eating a quarter brownie for lunch can last me until dinner. also, u might want to try to put it in the fridge after cooling to get a good texture

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