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Welcome to the Merrick

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.
We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous,
talented and fabulous.
Actually, who are you not to be?

my loves
Li Rong
Michelle michelle
ET Laine
Thank all!
Saturday. 1.15.05 10:37 am
i'm exactly 20 yrs and 41 minutes old right now as i am typing this. Just wanna say a........

..HUMONGOUS THANK YOU to Jana whu helped put the dinner thingy together, contacting the guys etc, Huizi and John whu unexpectedly mananged to turn up, Zhi Han whu bought me a present when i was not expecting it, and Kok hong simply for his pressence whu liven things up.

(I'm thanking pple in reverse order of appearence again, lolzz..)

Thanks to Fad, for going shopping with me today.

Thanks to Lay Eng my 13 year friend for celebrating every single b day with mi. No matter if we met for only 15 min, you made sure we met up on my b day.

Thanks to Elaine and Liping and Xueli for the prezzies and the delish cake. A bit rich for morning but still.....lol.

Thanks to my colleagues, Lily, Elena, Sihan in HOFS, esp Sihan, whom i met only once and still got me sth.

Last of all Thank You for everyone whu has bought mi a present or even just sent mi their well wishes. Thank you.

Stories tml.

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Tuesday. 1.11.05 9:21 am
First thing i gotta scream here is that~ my fone lives!!!! finally! muahaha~!

basically..... lots of stuff happened for the past few days.

went shopping for new years clothes w joan, aud aud. after that went pasar malam. with aud around. how can there not be food? muhahah~ we tabao-ed a total of 21 bucks worth of food incl: durian, "shark's fin", tako pachi, jap pizza, waffle hotdog, taiwan chix, otah and i can't rem anymore. found a secluded spot along woodlands mrt and started feasting. think we ate for like 2 hrs sia.... shiok..~!

alas, there won't be many more such scenes in the near future already.

cut my hair. yes again. coz my hair is growing too thick and is annoying the hell out of mi. went to my usually hair dresser today only to find out this fella really was earning a lot. can take holis from 08/01 to 18/02 sia lah. wat the hell man.. just b4 cny is the peak timing for hairdressers and this m'sian guy is back in m'sia having fun and relaxing~!
anyways, my hair is reeeeaaalllly spiky now. just washed my hair and it is still standing up by itself. if i'm lazy, i can just go like that. muahaha~ also, highlighted my hair. cost mi a bomb for the entire package, cut+hightlight+treatment. but once in a while lah... nvm. its a new year! must have new image!

class foto taking today. first class to take. think the new comm is definately more organised heheh. and they got a smart idea to put up a chalk board stating the name of the class to be taken with in pix. saves confusion.

was attending the Financial planning lect today on insurance co. dawned big time on mi and kok hong that insurance co.s are earning a lot of money! therefore decided that we shall start an insurance co. Kok & Ping Insurance. sounds awful. not that confidence inspiring ya? lol... but we shall target low income earners and let them pay a cheap premium. den nv pay out anthing and befuddle them with "refer to XX dept" after that "refer to ZZ dept" den get lawyers to muddle them further with law lingo. bottomline saying will not pay out. chances are, the won't be able to afford legal fees to contest the refusal. muahaha~! ok.. . Kok was the one whu came up with the unoriginal name. the rest is mi bullshitting. i'm amazed by my own brilliance sometimes. hai~


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