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alright, yesterday
Saturday. 10.6.07 2:25 pm
We didn't go out in the morning to breakfast. Mainly because I didn't get up until almost 12:30pm, but I also didn't go to bed until close to 4 and I didn't feel like getting up.

When I finally got up and was awake enough to want to go out, it was 2:00pm. We headed over to Outback Steakhouse, but they don't open until 4. So we agreed on meeting up there at 5:30pm for dinner. Ma and I then left to go to the Texas. I got my player's card and headed over to the bingo hall. Didn't win anything, but it was fun.

On our way out, I sat down at a slot machine, put a $20 in and walked away with the same $20. So I didn't win anything, but I didn't lose anything. We left the Texas and headed over to Outback.

We got there before Lori and Tony did so we sat outside for about 15 minutes. While we were waiting, I was leaning up against the railing and ma was sitting on the bench by the wall. I was watching the reflection of the cars in the window, when I realized, "I hope there aren't people sitting in the boothes by the window. They might think I'm staring at them." Then I also thought, "they can't see mom so they might also think I'm talking to myself." It was kinda funny.

Lori and Tony finally showed up, we went in and were seated immediately. It was good timing because just after we were seated, they started a waiting list. All we ordered was appetizers, but they were like meals themselves. Ma and Lori wanted me to order a drink, just because I could, so I got a kiwi-infused melon martini. It was alright. We had fun at dinner. Our conversations are always interesting at dinner though.

After we left Outback, we stopped at home for a minute, then me and ma headed out again. This time we went to the Cannery and played bingo there. I came close to winning. I was 3 numbers away from winning $76,000. That would have been nice. I didn't enjoy myself as much this time, because the hall was much more full and the guy who was sitting across from me was smoking the whole time. I couldn't breathe for an hour. And I smelled like smoke when I left. It was horrible.

We never got around to buying a cake. I kept forgetting. And since we were all full from Outback, we decided not to buy pizza. Instead, ma told me that we'd buy my cake today and we'd have pizza for dinner tonight.

For the most part yesterday was a good day. I still wish I could have celebrated it with friends, but you can't have everything you want right? Today is Stuart's 21st birthday and tomorrow is my friend Scott's 21st birthday. The original plan was to celebrate it with both of them. Not necessarily on the exact day, but close enough. That plan became moot when my other plans didn't go through. Oh well.

I know this is a long entry; I planned on it being long. But now I'm done. Till tomorrow.

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the day ...
Friday. 10.5.07 10:38 pm
I'm too tired right now to write about my day. It wasn't tiring, but I just don't feel like typing up anything long right now.

So I'm taking a page out of Jon's book ... consider this entry a placeholder.

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happy b-day to me
Friday. 10.5.07 12:03 am
Its my birthday.

I'm 21.

Yay me.

I'll write about my day later.

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Wednesday. 10.3.07 4:49 pm
I went to the job fair. It wasn't very productive. I got a couple applications, but I'm going to wait till after Friday to turn them in.

Mom had this rendezvous thing at the Texas, so when I was done with the job fair, she headed off to do that and I went over to the food court/movie theater area to wait for Lori and Tony to come get me. They came and got me and we headed across the street to the new Wal-Mart and wandered for a while. Then they dropped me off at home and they went over to his house to hang out before he had to work.

We had fun wandering through Halloween stuff. I want the fake blood and the skull candle holder that when the candle melts, it looks like the skull is bleeding. There was also this two bottle nail polish set; they were shaped like coffins. Lori found these slippers that she wants for Christmas. I'm gonna hafta show mom so that she knows.

That was probably the highlight of my day.

Tonight Bionic Woman and Life is on. I'm not too sure about Bionic Woman, but I really like Life. The guy is pretty funny even when he's not trying to be.

We're having meat loaf muffins for dinner. They're tasty, don't judge.

The cat won't shut up. I went to bed at 2:30am and was awake at 4:45am because he was howling so loud. I finally fell asleep again around 7:30am, but I was up again at 11am. He hasn't shut up. Even when he's laying down and looking like he's going to sleep, he'll start. I already know its what we're gonna hafta deal with when Jean leaves and takes Kitty Girl, but god, she's still here right now. He doesn't have to be obnoxious yet. I will never have a cat as a pet.

Tomorrow I have no plans. Sleeping, eating, playing on the comp and watching TV. Ma and I might go out at some point, but she usually does laundry tomorrow so its only a possibility, nothing definate. Friday is the day with the plans. But even those are nothing special.

This was supposed to be a shorter entry ... ooops.

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the dark day approaches
Monday. 10.1.07 2:33 pm
As much as I don't like it, I can't seem to stop talking about it. My 21st birthday is on Friday. What do I plan on doing? Nothing special. No partying. No going out and getting wasted beyond imagination. No gambling. Well, maybe some gambling, but only because I finally can. I might get a drink or two too, but nothing extreme.

Having lived in Vegas 3 seperate times, I'm used to the casinos. The only thing I don't like, is that I'm confined to specific areas of the casino because I'm not yet old enough to gamble. I have no urge to sit down at a table or a machine, but if I'm in a conversation with my mom, I want to be able to continue it if she stops at a machine. Even if you're not playing, you're not allowed to stand in the area if you're under 21. Its quite annoying. From Friday on, I will no longer have to worry about that.

I have no idea what I want for dinner. I'm actually leaning towards having pizza delivered. I don't want to go out anywhere; someone might slip and announce that its my birthday. Seeing as how restaurants have a bad habit of making their employees sing it, I'd rather spare them the annoyance and myself the embarassment. I don't want anything fancy, nor can I really afford it even if I did want it.

I already know that I want a chocolate cake, but I'm deciding whether I want an ice cream cake or a regular one. At the moment, I'm not leaning more towards one or the other. I have until Friday to decide. Something tells me I still won't be decided by then either.

October seems to be a very popular month for birthdays. My first ex's 21st is today. My friend Thomas's 22nd is tomorrow. My 21st is on Friday. Stuart's 21st is on Saturday. Scott's 21st is on Sunday. My best friend's ex's 20th is on Sunday also. Later this month, Charlie's birthday is on the 26th and then my Uncle's birthday is on Halloween. Its a good thing I'm not close to all of these people. I'd need an awesome paying job in order to pay for gifts for everyone.

Alright, I think this'll be the last entry about my birthday until the actual day. I'll do my best to avoid the topic. I want to avoid the day; unfortunately its impossible.

End of entry.

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entry time
Monday. 10.1.07 12:40 am
I still really don't know what to say so this might be rather cluttered.

I am looking forward to what ikimashokie has got going on in a month. She's got the best idea ever but won't be saying anything about it for a month. She's gotten me quite intrigued by telling me there will be pictures. I can't wait.

Alright, so I still occasionally go to OkCupid.com {I'm not linking it, its not worth it} but I rarely stay long enough for people to catch me on there. Tonight, I was not so fortunate. I decided, though, why the hell not. I'll talk to this guy for a few minutes. He kept trying to get me to tell him all this sexual crap. Once I made it very clear that he wasn't getting any info on me, he turned the convo to more appropriate content. Damn creepy, weirdo internet people.

Tomorrow night Chuck and Heroes will be on. I'm looking forward to it. The premieres were awesome last week.

I've started thinking about what color to paint my room when I finally get moved into it. I'm either gonna go with a blood red color or a darker grey color. I'd paint it black, but since we're only renting this house, black is too dark. I'm definately going to repaint it though.

Uhh, that's it for tonight. I'll write again tomorrow ... or later, I guess, since its after midnight.

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