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Welcome to the Merrick

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.
We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous,
talented and fabulous.
Actually, who are you not to be?

my loves
Li Rong
Michelle michelle
ET Laine
Wednesday. 1.19.05 8:54 am
I'm dying. coughing my guts out.

suspecting myself to have TB. cept that i'm TB immunized. i think.

*coughng spasm*

excuse mi while i collect my lungs, liver, gall, kidney from the floor

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As promised
Sunday. 1.16.05 8:40 am
Felt like some 7th month getai singer, rushing from one station to another. Or to put it in a less singaporean way, i was like a jap geisha entertaining pple for a couple of hours b4 moving on. btw, geishas are NOT jap whores. u ignoramus. bah.

met Liping, Elaine, Xueli for McD big breakfast. the good ole bunch. Kinda sad. Felt so detached from them. nth for mi to talk to them about. Dun understand their conversations either. tho we haven't met up for quite a while. lets put it this way, they are seeing my 'coffin' for the first time. I really appreciate tehm trying to liven up the atmoshere. dunno i felt the false smiles. can't help being such an observant, sensitive soul... haiz

Met up with layeng. known her since P1. think the first sentence i said to her was:"are u a guy or a ger?" lol! tall, dark, thin as a stick. short short hair. couldn't really tell. we were paired by the teacher for queuing up. alas the young innocent days are no longer~ still, i am amazed by our friendship. NV EVER quarelled on anything b4.so there. had lunch. yes. food again. at soup rest. promised to treat her. i'm actually v nice to pple within my inner circle one ok!

Met Fad. went shopping. Intention to buy shoes. din find any that i fancy. helped joan buy her polo t in Giodano even tho she pang seh mi. coz got 20% off for bday. haiz. i am so nice rite?

onli Jana, Zhihan, Huizi,John,Kok Hong turned up. went to this indian rest. Jana reccomended in little india. the cast was kindof unexpected. but i love them the more for it. why the gers nv come?

Joan says she hates teh smell of indians. plz lor, nowadays only bangla got apply the jasmine flower "perfume" thingy lor. besides, there was no smell. its an air-conned rest, we wern't gonna be mingling with sweaty banglas lor. Aud says that 6 is too late to come out. den after that kenna drag to china town by her mum instead. Lifen had to visit close relative at hospital. Amy had to help out in her sis's bday chalet. T fell sick. needless to say, was disappointed by the mass disppearence. their reasons were understandable, some i would say less so. nothing to say.

back to the rest.
wah. the exterior was suprisingly posh. kinda modern indian kind of deco. had fish head curry and tandoori chix w rice. food was pretty good sia. and price was suprisingly reasonable, was abt 14bucks. for a rest, thats a very good pricing. i'm so sick of orchard food. for once, its a damn good change.
the boss was also v hospitable. chatted with us. gave us a HUGE fish head and thot us how to eat fish eyes. or rather, u eat the socket membrane of the fish. not the eyeball. lolz! i know, doesn't sound like much diff.
to taste the authantic flavor of indian cuisine, jana, huizi and mi were eating with hands. was better at it when i was younger. haha. due to the fact that my hands were dirty, zhihan served as my butler and served mi fish. o man... was so stuffed... we couldn't move. engaged in our most common topic. Kian Seng. lol. not bad... he should be honoured. chatted for v long in the rest that day.

went to clarke quay to find a pub with football. liverfool and manU. too crowded everywhere. moved on to boat quay. zhihan, being my butler, helped mi carry my bags of prezzies. so nice of him right? found a place settled down, watched the match. kenna forced by everyone to have a tequila shot after my standard vodka. din want to due to my lousy tolerance of alcohol.
took train home at 11+ due to the fact that i had to wake up early the next day/today.

The End.

abrupt ending. dun care. am tired. nitez all. sweet dreams.

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