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Books I have completed reading since January 2021:

1. The Enchanted - Rene Denfield
It's New Year Eve, people.
Sunday. 12.31.06 11:41 pm
As the title says it all: today is the New Year Eve and it's like 20 more minutes to a brand New Year. So what did I spend my day?

Yesterday was Eve's Eve and I spent it by doing shopping alone for 12 hours in the city. I went to watch the Night at the Museum movie and it was a good laughter and joy thing for people to kill time to welcome the New Year. Speaking of that, thank god, the stray dogs at my home have finally given up in welcoming the New Year. Yes, the residents of my area do not need an extra sound effect or some kind of reminder ... After the movie, I went to KLCC to shop for my neighbour's newborn. Attempt I would say. I thought I could watch Cicakman but I just ran out of time. What an adversity for me since I was already in front of the cinema. In fact, three cinemas to be precise. So do check out for my movie review for this movie.

Today I spent my day, again, doing shopping. But in prior to that, I went to the hair saloon and they really kept me there for 3 hours. I had my hair treatment for the second time. It's amazing to see some big improvement of my scalp; I don't scratch my head anymore like a cat that needs some anti flea medicine and I got no dandruff fluff on my clothes. Amazing isn't it?? Yea after that, I just went to Subang Parade. I thought of skipping Parkson but luckily I didn't because I got a few new apparels for next year. Yay... and they are 50% off. What do you think?

Today is not only about shopping but also some crazy things I have not seen. Before I finished shopping on my agenda, I was supposed to buy Baskin Robin's ice cream since I would get 31% discount. And you know what? People were just too frenzied about the ice cream, which sent the staff speaking really loud to call out our numbers. My number was 518. I seriously have not seen Malaysians being so wild about ice cream. It's just ice cream for crying out loud. If it's just ice cream, why did I bother to line up as well? Oh well, that's because my mum told me to be kiasu [afraid of losing] to fight for our ice cream share. Right. And of course I got my share which I don't even know what flavour I bought. XD

Though I was happy with the way I spent my 2 days, I was also sad because Yurikamome site for anime, japanese drama and manga has just closed down. I'm not sure if it's for good or not but it's just a waste since this site has strong reputation. It's actually more than that; I now lost one of the best place to download anime. What a headache.

I thought of doing my New Year resolution but I don't like to do it when I'm crowded with people. Argh ... this is indeed a pain in the neck.

Happy New Year people. Let's maximize our time eating and sleeping together.

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Wet & Wild (Mocktail recipe)
Friday. 12.29.06 10:06 pm
Another mocktail cheers for you guys!

15 ml [1/2 oz] Kahlua
15 ml [1/2 oz] Suntory
strawberry liqueur
15 ml [1/2 oz] Dooleys toffee
and vanilla liqueur

1. Using a bar spoon, pour the liqueur into a shooter glass one after the other to create a layered effect.

*Use a bar spoon to properly layer this shooter.

Atrium. 2006, Nov-Dec. Flavours magazine

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Perfume (Mocktail recipe)
Friday. 12.29.06 9:32 pm
No drinks for New Year? Says who?

15 ml [1/2 oz] chocolate syrup
60 ml [2 oz] lychee syrup
15 ml[1/2 oz] milk
ice cubes

1 canned lychee fruit
a few drops of chocolate syrup

1. Pour the chocolate syrup, lychee syrup, milk and ice cubes into a cocktail shaker. Shake well and strain into a martini glass. Garnish with a lychee fruit dipped in chocolate syrup.

*Alcoholic version = add 30 ml [1 oz] vodka into the cocktail shaker or substitute the lychee syrup with 15 ml [1/2 oz] of lychee liqueur.

Luna Bar. 2006, Nov-Dec. Flavours magazine.

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Ugly Malaysians ...
Friday. 12.29.06 9:05 pm
Oh well, this is my 4th attempt to open the 'publish new blog entry' page in 30 minutes. Can't blame the blog server since its not their fault but it was caused by the unexpected earthquake in Taiwan. This event brought surprises from all around the world since no one expected something like this to affect the telecommunication server. I was not surprised at all because I can't use the internet for the past few days as I was busy moving into a new office. What's more is I seldom use internet in my house despite having broadband.

The title must be surprising to you all of you. It's actually a title of an article I read in the newspaper today. The writer wrote that how selfish Malaysians are when some of us complained just because they can't download or blog. Haha.. unfortunately this includes me as well because I was cursing for the slow internet when I could not reply my lecturer this morning, not even considering the fate and the welfare of the earthquake victims. Yes... this morning I was very selfish. =p I guess Malaysians and other people have become uite selfish and inconsiderate. Or we are too comfortable with our lives that we have forgotten how much of sufferings weighing down on other people's shoulder. I think this is an element in a human being that is facing extinction. Don't you guys agree?

On the greener side, I was pretty shocked that my boss informed of my new responsibilities. Shocked because my premonition came true. I got this premonition on my first day of work. And I have this small voice telling me bla bla and I went 'yea right'. Haha .... 3 months later ... my boss repeated what my little voice just said. XD. Unbelievable yea?!

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Cocktail Florida (Recipe)
Thursday. 12.28.06 9:28 pm
2 oranges, cut into segments
2 grapefruits, cut into segments
olive oil to taste

1. Arrange the orange and grapefruit segments in a glass and chill in the refrigerator.
2. Drizzle with olive oil.

* This recipe is simple and interesting right? Serve as a cold, refreshing appetiser.

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Preserved Lemons (Recipe)
Thursday. 12.28.06 8:39 pm
12-15 lemons
2 tbsp coarse salt
extra lemon peel
boiled water

1. Using a brush, clean lemons under running water. If lemons are very firm, soak them overnight or until slightly softened - this makes it easier to pack the lemons tightly in the jar. Quarter the lemons but do not cut all the way through, so that the lemon is still intact. Fill the cuts with salt and pack them tightly into a clean jar, squashing them in. Sprinkle generously with salt as you build the layers, and fill the gaps by stuffing with the extra peel. Cover with lid and set aside in a cool place for 3 days.

2. After that time, the lemons will be soaking in their own juices and will have softened a little - press them down further and top with boiled water until lemons are completely submerged. Keep the lemons submerged with a weight [ or you will find mould growing on the exposed parts - simply remove affected parts] and cover with lid. Leave in a dark, cool place for at least 3 weeks. Keep well for 1 month - for longer storage, refrigerate with the soaking liquid.

*It's important to choose a suitably-sized jar so that the lemons and salt can be packed tightly. To avoid contamination, sterilise the jar and lid first by boiling, and use only boiled water to fill the jar.

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