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Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.
We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous,
talented and fabulous.
Actually, who are you not to be?

my loves
Li Rong
Michelle michelle
ET Laine
much ado abt everything
Monday. 1.24.05 8:42 pm
now that everyone is officially settled into the remainig half a school year, everyone is back into complaining abt ungodly hours and crappy projects and even crappier tests.

i know life hates mi. and i do my best to hate him back. life is a him coz all him's are jerks.i'm totally freaking out abt sch stuff and all things related. there is NO MORE time! either my perception of the left over year is screwed or *gasp* thats the truth! there is no more time for anything! i dun even have time to study for my test yest. haiz. or rather i should say i was weak due to sickness, therfore nothing has gone into my soggy brain. took MC for the test. but decided to pia to sch for the CSB interview. bloody hell, took cab. 10 bucks odd. if u wanna know.
we are in wk wat? 6? 7? and everything is due! every module must be tested. aarrrggh~.

i dun feel any motivation coming to sch. everyday sux. esp the 8 o'clock lesson i was perpeptually late for. have to force myself to come. dun feel like talking to anyone either. at this pt in time, i need some space.

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BSG so far
Thursday. 1.20.05 9:46 am
¢¼ First off let me just say that i know BSG so far is a trial run. some pple may have deliberately anyhow played the game. I know that.

¢¼ BUT

¢¼ I'm still extremely happy! We have caught up with the first grp Atrocious and is now sharing the same marks for yr12. Overall, we are 2nd in ranking! yay! We have also attained AAA bond status. Our shares are trading at $99.40. EPS is $4.70 and ROI is 25.26%.Cool sia! I'm not deliberately showing off. since i think its kinda rubbish to show off sth that will soon be reduced to zeros. i'm just happy that we seem to have been doing the right things for BSG and all the agonising over the figures have been worthwhile. I also believe that this good results might be short lived therefore i shall delude myself and float ard for a while. muahahaha.

¢¼ Suddenly realised in class today that i'm gonna miss our lecturers esp yr3 lecturers. Gonna miss shooting BCLow, calling him ah peh, his act seh, and the way he likes to walk with his hand in his pants pockets, his difficult to get jokes. wah.. he is the onli lecturer that has been teaching mi for 2yrs. seriously will miss the old guy.

¢¼ Will miss Chris simply becoz he is a memorable character by himself. he is also credited for making the gers in FT chor lor. lolz~ according to Ricky, FT gers are the most chor lor bunch in the entire biz school female population. chris... bullish, very bullish, VERY BULLISH! geelo! muahaha! and his Gambler. Chris Rox!

¢¼ Goh Jon Keat, whu looks like Laughing Buddha and just as amicable. "Pull your eyes out, twist twist twist and twang back into your eyes sockets!" onli lecturer where u can see Energy, Won Bin and Ayumi in his slides just so we are kept awake.

¢¼ Andrew Lim, with his China gers and ONS. poor thing always kenna bully and shot at in all directions.

¢¼ Sigh.

added this:
Apparently this is Fiona Xie's blog. erm, but she mentioned sth abt closing it after kenna slam by Xiaxue. erm. catfight online.

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