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Books I have completed reading since January 2021:

1. The Enchanted - Rene Denfield
Chinese New Year!
Tuesday. 2.9.16 9:46 am
I may not be richer in asset as of now but I can feel there is an increased of abundance in my life for now.

People keep complaining they don't have much money. That's true since we can count. It is also important to count those that cannot be uncounted. How do we count those that cannot be uncounted? We feel then. We feel the abundance around then. I really wanna thank this psychic for leaving such a sweet reply to my reply to hers. She asked me what kind of year I want to experience. I replied to experience abundance even though I don't know how. She then replied me "You need to recognise the abundance in order to experience." I actually don't understand the meaning from one glance. After a few days and some quarrels, I finally realised the meaning 'to recognise'. To me, it means to translate what I see to feeling. In regards to abundance, I feel thankful and grateful for the things that I have now. They are not much but I channel the feeling of thankful for having a roof above my head to the universe. You can try this too and feel what you feel.

Though I didn't receive many (in fact one only) red packet as of today, I tell myself I'm thankful for the food and gifts I have received lately. A friend gave me a red packet way before the Chinese New Year (CNY) festival. I managed to raise USD 90 from selling CNY cookies to friends in a month span - the money has been used to pay off my condo's maintenance fee. I had expensive free gifts from buying products and I was able to buy abalones at a great discounted price! What more that I was the only one to win 2 lucky draws back to back during a food expo! And and.... a friend bought my family dinner twice at two different expensive restaurants for the festive season! This is abundance!

May abundance keep coming my way!

Happy Chinese New Year people!

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What's in the brain?
Monday. 2.1.16 6:41 pm
Sometimes words coming out from people's mouth never failed to amaze me.

I sometimes don't understand what is running in their head.

At 0730 morning, I received a message from my friend asking me about a health product's delivery to his home country. To cut the story short, I have informed him that the product is sold in my country as RMXXX. I didn't tell him the wholesale price because firstly I have not had the reply from supplier and secondly I was asking him to find out if there is a market. According to another business person, his home country is rather saturated with things. Even this business person is from the same country as my friend, she is opting out her own country. My friend said that RMXXX is expensive and to include the delivery price, the price may go up to USD100 per product which is too expensive for the locals. I agree. And he is willing to compete on price if the profit margin is huge.

What drives me mad at wee morning is the accusation of that product is manufactured cheaply and sold at premium price. It's the tone of communication I no longer can tolerate even though I want to do business.

First and foremost. Prices for everything are hiking up, they never go down. Therefore, resources are getting more expensive especially natural resources especially when you want 'organic.'

Second. Even if the resources are cheap, labour and skill are no longer cheap anymore. If business people can tell us time is money, imagine the time and labour put into manufacturing the product? So we are also paying for people's time.

Third. People should rephrase their sentences properly before conveying to the other end. I dislike people accusing me in the first sentence that I have referred or selling inferior products. Don't ever say like this:

"Why is your source selling XX at such an expensive price? I can get the same item for 3 times cheaper."

Darling, is it so hard to rephrase to something like this?

"I have found the same product at a cheaper price. May I know why such big difference in the prices?"

The only difference is the price and quality.

I learnt that if you want good quality be ready to pay the price. Ask yourself what do you do when your life partner denigrate you? What happens when you buy an inferior quality that does not last long? Why don't you get a cheaper quality of life partner too?

So at 0830, I asked my friend what he was looking for. Price or quality? And he said price. No wonder he said "What if the bottling is just RM10 and I could sell it for USD 20?" Darling, what kind of food quality are you selling to people?

I won't even dare to eat especially if it's labeled as health products!

If my post is similar to your experience, I would suggest you not to jump on the gun that whoever the seller is trying to cheat you. There are still good people out there who want to do business honestly and ethically like myself.

I am only selling and referring products that of genuine quality tested by me. Pricing? Of course it's premium price for the quality and skill.

Still not convince? Simple, would you tell your boss that you will work for free? If not, why do you negotiate for your pay? Because you know you deserve that price. The same goes to products.

Thank you capitalism for putting a price tag on everything. =)

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Acidic mouth
Monday. 1.25.16 8:18 am
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

If you know it, enter it; or, ask me for it.

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Night out
Sunday. 1.24.16 12:48 pm
Those FB quotes ring some truth. As I get older, I prefer staying at home than spending the night outside. I just want my sleep and some quiet night to rest my mind.

Like today, I am spending my night watching One Punch Man. The internet is not lagging at midnight, yay!

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Monday. 1.18.16 7:32 am
Cough sucks. I am not able to eat anything cold.

It's been a long time I had a cold. This is all because I didn't manage to keep myself hydrated last weekend. I should have just ordered lots of mineral water to quench myself but I was afraid of finding toilet.


Dilemma = making myself sick.


I went to see 3 doctors earlier and my condition was not even improved. And then I visited my usual doctor and my cough had lessen so much with just one dose! I could further heal not until I accidentally drank chicken broth. Ahhh.. there goes my medicine!

And now luckily mum has the medicine I need to strengthen my lungs. I better recover soon because Chinese New Year is just around the corner!

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It's a sad movie
Monday. 1.4.16 7:12 pm
It's a sad movie. The Werewolf Boy, a Korean movie. Simple romance plot with believable acting and right shooting angles. Because of that I find it one of the best movies I have ever seen. Spoilers ahead.

It's about a boy mutated into a werewolf due to some crazy scientist's dream. When the scientist died, his house was rented out to a single-parent family who found the boy.They took care of him and the eldest daughter trained him like a dog due to his display characteristic of a dog. Later, she taught him writing and others.

Other viewers said it's a romance movie. Could be. Looking from other perspectives, it could also be friendship. The eldest daughter doesn't have any friends because she is home-schooled and also she is bored. So when she sees the boy who is of her age, she could be wanting a friend in him, hence the teaching and playing moments together.

She knew he could morph and that is why she kept saying 'Wait' to him at the ending. I can't imagine the alternative ending if he had just waited and not act on instinct.

The crying of both was so heart-wrenching that made me and other views cried. Seriously. I used my sleeve to wipe the tears.

The ending is also heart-wrenching. I was so hoping there could be more scene on them both. Damn, the director leaves that to our imagination. But if we wanna play in our mind, I believe the girl would visit him again or may not.

Damn, replaying the whole movie makes me cry again.


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