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Miss Pandora

Age. 35
Gender. Female
Ethnicity. Asian
Location Adelaide, Hong Kong
School. Other
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communicate as egyptian did
Thursday. 3.18.04 9:28 pm
I fall asleep in class.
Here is the conversation with Iku,
Iku: are you awake? (moving her hand)
me: yea yea, I think so ...

We did a research on Egyptian today. I somehow thought this is homework and perpared at home. Julia gave nearly an hour for researhc, but only Joris and Niky need to do research in my group, becasue Crystal and me got our result already, and Chiara was disappeared (later I know she was late).

I feel much better after the break, more alive. We supposed to have half hour discussion time, but we used it for chat. And there was only two groups present in the rest of time, my group will present next week.

I need money!

I need money!

I need money!

I need money!

I need money!
(repeat 20 times)

used all money to visia and rent, no money for textbooks.

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Wednesday. 3.17.04 11:36 pm
I didn't go to that four hours english class, because it is too easy for me!!!


The fact is I couldn't wake up this morning, as I drunk and sleep late last night.
I was wondering my mobile broken, as I couldn't remember it ever ring. I wake up at 3pm. Last summer holiday was too long, and can't make up mind to back to school. I like holiday, as if it is not long. I miss school during holiday, and vice versa.

Thanks julie for the message in chat box, I'll ask if I have problems. Desktop publishing is ok, but boring. My major problem is media analysis, I understand in class, but have nothing to say, and find hard to join the discussion. I don't like to read newspaper, but I remember the assessment for next tusday media analysis. And find a little bit loss because we don't have textbook.

I'll go to school tomorrow, as I missed too much!

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Monday. 3.15.04 3:32 pm
I got headache this morning, and couldn't get off bed. It is time for Crystal to mark roll for me. Nothing much for today, I'll study communication skill in the rest time, as I haven't do homework for last week.

Karen's Birthday tomorrow.
Happy Birthday to Karen!!!
everyone, please give her a greeting

(add) Tuesday 16/3/04
Well ... Crystal reminded me that I forgot to write I went for Drink last night.
OK! Do it now.
Yes, sharon called me out to have a drink,
she met some problems.

Hope she'll solve it asap.

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Sunday. 3.14.04 12:25 am
it is 12:25am,
Just come back home!!

I went to immigration this morning, because I made an appointment at 11:10am, but i arrived at 11:20am, and there was a long queue already. First, I need ticket to the countre, and then get another ticket to level one. When I got up to the countre at level one, the staff asked me to make the payment, and I think I am about to see the office immediately. However, she told me that I am making an appointment for two weeks later, on 1st april (fool's day???).

I called Katharine for meeting, and we went to musium at darling harbour. It wasn't interesting, but it is good to kill time, and has air-conditioning and free of charge. She's now living with mark and sandy, so I visited their new home at fish market. It is nice but need a long walking to city, and there is only one bus (half hour) and tram between fish market and city. I reckon it is hard to walk in summer, as the road goes up and down, and there is no supermarket close to fish market. However, the view is nice, has a water view.

at 6pm, Sharon called me and asked to meet 15 mins later, so i left their home and walk to darling harbour. And i started to count the time, it took me 20 mins. well, it is not a place for me, fear i'll take taxi all the time.

Sharon suggested to order pizza to home, so we can watch video. I must agreed to this good idea. And I still full, we had a rich dinner.

She showed me her books for nursing this year, it is interesting, and she encouraged me to do nursing, because she think it suit me. Perhaps, I don't know really. I like biology, and related subjects, but I don't have patient to be a nurse. And I chose Communication already, I don't think it is clever to change to nursing from communication. Studying in communication is totally new to me, there is no textbook, what you need to do is read newspaper and pay attention to the media industries. However, in science, you need to read lots of books for research and reference. I need some time to adopt in this new study style.

I am looking around apartments to move in the next half year,I know it's still early, just want to do some research to the prices. Find some studio closed to paddigton coist $180/week, and bondi coist $150/week, that'd be nice if they are not too old. And I like the 'Zest' apartment at paddigton, always want to live inside when I passed-by, hope they have vacany half year later. Then that'll be interesting, as I moved to west side from Surry hill, and moved back from west side.

Still looking for job, perhaps I can find jobs like carer or dental nurse, as I had some kind of experience. Perhaps intern in communication company to gain experience. Although it is hard, I already sent application letter, hope to get their replies.

I think many times, i want to work in public relations in communication, so i'll need some research in this area.

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normal day
Thursday. 3.11.04 11:26 pm
Half hour late to class, but my teacher (forgot name) marked me present. oh, she is nice.

The lesson was interesting, about the communication of ancient cave men. She showed us two pictures: a ideogram; and same symbol but different position. The ideogram was easy to read and understand, we could see a tree, animals, snow and morntain. At least we can have a guess. The symbols with different position was hard to know what it expresses. This symbol thing was the first process of communication, then ideograms, it was human progress to be analytic.

I met julie after class, haven't see her for long time, since she has a different timetable with us. She doesn't enjoy her new class, because her classmates are too quite, and want to be in our class. Then we talked about different things: course, textbooks, etc. Crystal suggested the whole class to buy a photocopy mechine and borrow books from library, then we can sell the mechine at the end of year. haha ... Such a good idea - plagiarism.

I went to medibank today and paid $320 for health cover for a year. Then went to immigration for extanding visia, but there were too many people waiting, so the staffs asked me to make appointment. Oh, I probably don't have enough time to do it, as my visa expire on monday, but I'll make call on tomorrow morning. Hope can wake up early tomorrow.

I had coffee with Jessic this afternoon, and she had asked a job at resterant for me, perhaps I'll have a job later. I got only $21 in my account, I really need a job, at least for this month. The job Jessic recommand can only get $35 per day, need to ask her more detail, and hope to have enough money for transport.

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still headache
Wednesday. 3.10.04 9:25 pm
I don't want to wake up this morning, but Crystal sms me that she'll be absent and asked me to write her name on roll. And I agreed to do. (not sure is it a dream?)

Class started at 9am, but I get up at 8:30. It was 9:17am when I arrived central station, and I must still dream, wondering why I arrived early. However, I realised that class at 9am not 10am, so I was late. Barbara marked me present.

The lesson was boring as last week, similar to high school english lesson. Although I don't enjoy the lesson, need to say that Barbara is a nice teacher.

We had a library tour at the second half of lesson. I don't think that I need such tour and answer worksheet, as I visited the library many times.

I need to go medibank to renew health cover, and extend visia, but i went home since I got headache. I know there is not much time, because my visia'll expired on monday, and I have two more days to work on. will spend $700 on visia. I want a job, always don't have enough money to use, living cost is too expensive in sydney. Textbooks are expensive too, especially the one for desktop publishing, why publisher just couldn't use black and white, and lower quality paper, then reduce the price? Shouldn't cheat student's money!!

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