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Monday. 11.24.08 5:48 pm
I do wish that all of those sappy forbidden romance novel stories actually existed in real life.

Twilight the movie...could have been much better. The cast was pretty good, but the company that produced it was pretty bad. Horrible special effects, horrible timing.

It did not live up to it's fullest potential, I'm afraid. Oh well. Another story of how the books were better. (Of course, when are they not?)

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I wonder, sometimes.
Tuesday. 11.18.08 6:14 am
What drives a person to do the things they do.
Or say the things they say.
And not worry about what will happen afterward.
Even if they don't really "care."

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Mind changer.
Saturday. 11.15.08 10:04 pm
Every time I receive a text message, I always hope it's you.
That's how messed up you've made me.

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Life is beautiful.
Thursday. 11.13.08 12:11 pm
Take out school, and life is simply beautiful.
I won't be in school forever. Just a year and half left, then 4+ years of college, then life really begins.

Autumn has always been my favorite season, when it isn't too cold. Autumn, and Spring. Each has its own rainbow of assorted colors that seem to compliment and fit each other like a puzzle piece. The temperature is always perfect. It gives you an excuse to be able to go outside and just enjoy your surroundings.

I really want Spring to come back.

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I am determined tomorrow will be a lucky day.
Monday. 11.10.08 10:07 pm
It is said that at 11:11 you may make a wish, kiss the clock you wished on, and, supposedly, your wish will come true.
Well, tomorrow is 11-11-08. I am DETERMINED that tomorrow will be such an excellent day. And if it is anything less, then...poop.

(Subject change)

Britney got me thinking...

Yes, it is important to get somewhat decent grades.
Yes, it is important to get into college.
Yes, a bunch of other things are important.

But, honestly, where is our motivation for doing well in school? These past two weeks I have done NO homework (which is very bad) and I am very conscious about my slipping grades. I'm trying hard to fix them now, but I feel as though my efforts will never be up to par again.

I mean, seriously, what if you don't get into a good college? What if the course you major in isn't what you want to be, and all that time and money is wasted? What if you never find a job? What if?

Spanish used to be my thing, but once I got a bad grade and my pride was hurt, I pretty much stopped trying. Where has that gotten me? I went from a 99 average on my report card to a 78. BAD.

I am determined to find my motivation, again.

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Do you have a rock?
Saturday. 11.8.08 10:39 pm
I used to always want to find some kind of person to have a great relationship with. My ideal relationship was mainly focused on romance.
I've come to realize that relationships aren't just about romance. They're about friendship, equality, respect, trust, expectations. There are different types of relationships. I no longer look for a romance or "partner."

I guess, in the simplest terms, I now search for a "partner in crime." Not even search, actually. I have a few friends who I can depend on. But, now I look for the traits of someone who can fit that of a "rock." Someone solid, someone who cares about me, who I care for back. Someone dependable, a friend, someone willing.

In my opinion, there is a big difference between a "best friend" and a "rock." Best friends tell each other everything, usually agree with one another, and most of the time are very similar. A rock could have some of these traits, but they aren't mandatory in any way. A person could be a complete opposite, I wouldn't have to tell them EVERYTHING, and instead of just agreeing to make each other feel better, you tell it how it is. NOT in a rude way, which some of my friends have done.

(Different subject very quick: it really aggravates me when I ask my friends to tell me the truth about something, but instead of telling me in a nice way, they are COMPLETELY BLUNT about something and don't care if they're mean. There is always a way to make something horrid sound nice, even if it's adding the phrase, "I mean, I'm sorry to be mean, but it's true." IN A NICE WAY.)

ANYWAYS. Back to the rock. If I have a rock, I would want to be a rock, back. The ultimate relationship on levels that two "best friends" would not understand. Ever.

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