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frostbitten/ can't stop the gods from engineering
Of Gay Sheep & Racism :-S
Wednesday. 2.7.07 5:26 pm
listening to: Knife Party Deftones (as recommended by PsychoEnigma)

I can't believe i'm saying this but i think i'm falling in love with my Anthropolgy subject. Lol We talk about the most absurd but real stuff. Like today, for instance.

We were talking about gay sheep. =D
I never knew about such a thing. That scientists are trying to prove that homosexuality is something you are born with, not made to become. And they're testing gay sheep on this one. :-/
I have nothing against gay people but i do feel sorry for the sheep who were killed because they were gay, in the name of science. :(

Anihoo, yesterday, i was saddened by the fact that Racism is still present even in our school. I thought that being a multi-cultural school, the students have learned to respect other cultures. Sadly, this is not the case. Some people are still racist.

We just finished lunch when my friends and i passed by the library, chatting like ordinary people. There were these kids hanging by some locker... But only when we arrived at my locker did two of my friends (the one who heard her) tell us about how some girl commented "Why don't you go back to the Philippines? Why are you here in Canada? Blablaba" We were maaaaad! We wanted to confront her and all but the bell rang just in time.

But anyway, my question here is - why are some people still racist? I don't understand! The girl's comment insulted me and my friends. I mean, yeah, we're not Canadian but we're still people. Being in your country doesn't give you the right to talk that way. Thankfully, my guy friends weren't there. If they'd been there, she would've been in trouble. :-/

So there. =P
Oh yeah. These days, I feel really awkward when C is around. The fact that he knows everything is just killing me. He's subtly trying to get my attention and my friends keep on telling me to say hi to him. BUT I JUST CAN'T.
Because I'm scared that if i say hi to him or whatever, he won't say hi back or whatever.
And that would just kill me. Ugh the drama LOL

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People W/o Hearts Suck
Sunday. 2.4.07 3:09 pm
listening to: Love and Affection Wayne Wonder

I hate insensitive people. I just hope they die, choking on coffee beans.

Like today, my friend told me that she chatted with her ex coz she needed someone to talk to because her current boyfriend's dad died of cancer. And she was feeling sad and all.
And guess what the a**hole said?
"It hurts you know. Coz you didn't sleep because of the death of his dad. Goes to show how you really love him. Okae go. You can do it. Just go to him. You love him that much, don't you? You can't sleep because of him. It hurts, you know! To know that you can't sleep because of him! I thought something good would happen to us but no! You just buzzed me because you can't sleep..because of him!!!"

People like him should die. Right this very instant.
And i'm not sorry i said that. Because it shows how inconsiderate he is about the death of the other guy's father. If he really loves my friend as he says, then he should have accepted her decisions and comforted her. Call me cheesy or whatever but i believe that if you love someone who doesn't love you anymore, then you should let that person go free.

Okei! Let's push away insensitive people && talk about our own lives...

Hmm Nothing new. Haha =P

I am losing the zest to go to school. I'm just tired of maintaining A's and all that... The only things w/c keep me going there are my dreams (of being a doctor), friends and one boy. *wink*

Need to find more songs hehe =)
What rock, reggae, reggaeton songs do you guys recommend? =D

Ayt, i'm outs! =)

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G'morning, beautiful!
Saturday. 2.3.07 11:56 am
listening to: Tu Eres Bonita Zion Y Lennox

G'morning, beautiful! =)

Okae so i'm relieved to know that someone the-muffin-man isn't mad at me. Bwahaha >:D lol
Although, now somebody silver-dot has "labelled" me "the most crush-oriented NuTanger of all NuTang." Haha You're so jokes, dot! XD

So last night, i was changing some stuff in my Nutang page. Like my font size lol I don't know why it comes out Garamond when i put Verdana.
Do you guys see it as Garamond or Verdana? W/e.
Changed my avvie too. So creepiness! ♥ it!
Edited my profile page. Haha :P
Prolly will add pics to my gallery so it won't look so empty. =P
Nutang-ness aside, downloaded new fonts. Wanna look for more...
What font site do you recommend?
New MSN: [email protected] =)

Will prolly blog later tonight. Stupid chem homework gettin in the way.
Okae laterz! =P

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I'm Gay...Alone? [UPDATED]
Friday. 2.2.07 6:43 pm
listening to: Salvaje Don Omar

Whew! 1st day of 2nd sem began! =D
Well i'm lovin my courses for this sem ahehe
Because my friends are with me in 3 out of 4 of my classes haha
So i have:

1 Chemistry - Ugh but okae coz my close friends (my Labs and my Hunhun) are with me so yay! =D
2 Anthropology - Pretty boring coz idk anyone but i'm tryna make friends =) Kinda shitty though coz the teacher was absent and we just had a sub So i really don't know what i'm in for. They say that Anthro is hard sooo fukk that lol
3 Computer Science - I swear i took this course for fun. I didn't know on the 1st day we had to friggin complete a Sudoku puzzle (which i really hate, no, abhor)
4 Religion - Okae the only thing which made this course pretty decent was the fact that my classmates were funny, "straight edge" wackos. =)

Day was okay. My crush was absent so boo. Lol
But it's alright. =P (I mean, i CAN live without him! Tsa!)

Haha. Don't know what else to put. =)
Oh yeah, as randomjunk has pointed out, am i really the only Nutang-er wh ouses the "I'm Gay" smiley!?! =O
=O The "I'm Gay" smiley is the bessst!!! =DDD

Lmfao Looks like i have angered a certain Nutanger the-muffin-man when i "labeled" him an "anime-lovin emo jumproper guy" haha =)
So with respect to him, i publicly apologize for whatever damage i have cost to your braces-free ego. =D ♥

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"Papercut my heart in half and discard the evidence. x"

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