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Age. 27
Gender. Female
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Location lubbock, TX
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Saturday. 7.17.04 3:41 pm
listening to: something my dad turned on mood: pissed f'in off

WTF? My spelling does not f'in show my experience! Ok, this guy says that because I can't spell to great I have no experience in being an author. Fuck him! Go to Hell Dume or what ever your name is! That faggit! Just because he published books doesn't mean he's been writing sence (yes I will spell it how I want although that's not the correct way) first grade and won first f'in place the creative writing contest three times in a row! And I hope he's reading this! Faggit he is. *scowls* Those were all smilies that voice my opinion without a voice. *scowls agian*

And I am not an arrogant girl, no matter what that fucked up walking dictionary says!

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Wednesday. 7.14.04 9:19 pm
Makes me wonder, why is there racist in this world? Click the link. It's awsome. Makes me wanna do something in this world.

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two questions
Wednesday. 7.14.04 8:41 pm
listening to: Suga Suga- Baby Bash

Two questions today, one to make up for yesterday.

Has your thumb ever been asleep?


Have you ever heard the acustic version of Suga Suga?

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my thumb
Monday. 7.12.04 10:16 pm
My thumb's been asleep since 8:30 yesterday morning... I'm starting to think it's jammed. lol

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Monday. 7.12.04 11:02 am
Not to much has been happening to me lately. Went to mini golf with my youth group yesterday. Since nothing's been happening to me and nothing really ever does in the summer (aaaarrrrg!) I am going to start asking a question every day... Maybe ya'll can answer it *ahem* hint hint *ahem* through the comments. Ok, here's the first question of the day:

How many of you have ever read The Hobbit? No, not the Lord of the Rings trilogy, the Hobbit. I just finnished reading it for about the 6th time last night. It's my favorite book. I read it almost every summer. lol.

Yep that was my question of the day. :-D So read it, answer it, and comment!

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Saturday. 7.10.04 1:14 am
Adopt your own useless blob! Do you ever get that feeling that you know who are your friends, but you don't know really if they wanna be friends with you? Like, you know who you can trust, but you don't know really if they'll tell or not? Like you're so incredibelly...


in this world? I do. And I don't get it. It's like, 'Oh yea, they're my friends,' but you don't know for sure. I've been getting this feeling lately. God, I feel so alone in this world. I'll put more later my dad's coming and about to get mad buhbye.

Anywho as I was saying...

Like, yea, you're friends don't wanna hand out with you, just with eachother. And, like, you don't get invited to parties anymore. You don't have fun anymore... That's just how I've been feeling lately. Maybe it's not true. Maybe I'm just imagining something for some reason. Maybe I am delusional. I dunno. I guess I'll be left to find that out for myself.

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