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A brief respite
Sunday. 8.10.08 2:10 am

So I finally get a chance to stop by and update. It's been a ... well... I don't want to say crazy couple of days, because I haven't really been busy. Jenn and I have just been decompressing, relaxing, and letting ourselves get swept up in the general euphoria of not being at that god damned hotel anymore. It's been amazing.

The drive was not fun. It was long, boring, and the cats made it difficult. Daisy (one of Jenn's cat's) we had to give a sedative so she wouldn't cry and hyperventilate. Not that it helped much. An hour into the trip we find out she'd shit all over herself. So we had to pull over and waste 40 minutes cleaning her. We couldn't really dry her off very well, and we ended up ditching the cat carrier, so we stuck her in the back seat. She ended up getting cat litter all over the place.

When we finally got here though, we were able to relax. At last. After the unpacking, we (or rather I, since she's been to this house before) took some time to explore the house. It's fucking huge. There are 5 bedrooms (4 normal ones and a master), 6 bathrooms (each room has its own full bathroom, plus an extra one with just a toilet and sink) and 2 living rooms. There are 5 tv's, two of which are very large, built-in surround sound... oh and get this.. the back yard opens onto a golf course.

In case there are new readers, Jenn's parents are loaded. In a more stable market this house would be worth about 2 million.

We haven't really done much the last few days since arriving (thursday). Yesterday, after having a very restful night's sleep, we went around and ran a few errands, got supplies (since we'd pretty much thrown out everything we didn't absolutely need), I got a haircut, and we went to Islands. Then we went out to dinner with Jenn's parents, where they dropped $400 without batting an eyelash. I had Crab and Fillet Mignon.

Today we went to a movie. Finally went and saw Pineapple Express, which as Bizzle said was awesome. I was baffled to see an elderly couple (probably in their 60's) there. I don't think I've ever been more confused in my life. I literally was inches from going up to them and asking why they'd chosen to see that movie. heh. They didn't seem to enjoy it much, and I can't imagine what else they thought it could have been. Anyway, after the movie we went out to dinner again, chinese this time (where her parents also paid). Played some bingo, but didn't win.

All in all it's been an amazing two days. Like a vacation. Tomorrow we're going out with the Real Estate agent to look at condo's. So that should be fun also. Jenn's step-dad had wireless installed today, which is how I'm updating, so I should be able to be around off and on in the new few days.

On a side note, still no email from Dave.

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Packing and dust
Wednesday. 8.6.08 2:14 pm

There is a lot of dust in my room. I can't stop sneezing. Good news is, I'm almost completely packed. We're leaving tomorrow afternoon. I'll probably be gone for a week or two while we move, get everything settled, look for a job, get the condo etc etc. I'll try to come by when I can, but who knows when I'll be fully back. Probably 2 weeks at least.

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