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» G-O-O-D L-U-C-K. Good luck!
Tuesday, 8/12/03 - 2:18 am
Beat: Anberlin - Radiofuels

I made an appointment to meet with a councelor concerning my classes. I hate having to talk to people I don't know on the phone, especially making appointments and asking questions. I even wrote down what I'm going to say because I tend to get all tongue twisted. Well, tomorrow, [I mean today] is the day I take placement tests. I never got my AP Exam results for that AP test I took.. hmm.. Good luck to me.

My brother was suppose to take me driving today but he said he was coming back for me after he left. He never did.

Later on my sister asked me if I wanted to go to Costco and I did. I looked at the books and DVDs. Tasting hour was already over so yea. Haha.. I can get hella full over there trying their food. Well, that's about it. Later days.

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» The drive
Sunday, 8/10/03 - 11:31 pm
Beat: Anberlin - Autobahn

Well I'm 18 and I don't drive. Sucks huh? I'm scared of driving so yeah. I have a permit and all and I practice sometimes.. in a parking lot. Today was the first time I drove on the street, the streets in Bakersfield don't count because there aren't that much people in my neighborhood there.

Oh mah goodness! I drove near the park and there were a whole grip of cars parked on the street and a ton of people. I was so scared. My sister forced me to drive for a really long time. I kinda got used to it. I'm still scared. My sister said I was a pretty good driver but I was driving hella slow. I bet she was thinking, "God, my sister drives like a gradma!"

As a reward, my sister bought Biscotti & Expresso ice cream from Rite Aid. Score! Afterwards, we took the ice cream home and ate some and went to Target. Third time this week. Gosh, I went to Target with three different people. Haha.. I'm going to apply.

Anthony called me! I freaked out because he wouldn't tell me his name because I didn't recognize his voice. I had to let him go though because I didn't have service in there. "Can you hear me now? Good." Haha.. more like, "Can you hear me now? Hello? Are you there?"

I bought a gigantic bag of Honey Nut Chex Mix and this really good chocolate bar with whole hazelnuts.. Yum. Okay! I'm gonna go watch the re-run of today's Dance Fever.

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» Mistaken?
Saturday, 8/8/03 - 10:09 pm
Beat: The Ataris - In This Diary
Quote of the Day A good friend will come bail you out of jail.. but a true friend will be sitting next to you saying, "Damn! We fucked up."

I was just watching that As Told By Ginger movie on TV. It got me thinking about my friends. I really miss my old friends. Maybe if I gave up the thing I love doing the most, I could still be really close friends with my old friends. Yeah, Drill gave me a lot of great experiences and great memories, but thinking back, I could have made better memories with my actual friends. I never thought that it [Drill] would change me. I guess it did..not in a good way, not in a bad way. I wish it could have been just like freshman year. It could have really made my senior year in high school memorable.. I miss those days.

When I wrote this entry, I put it as private. When I thought about it, it shouldn't be. By putting my life out and open on the web, for everyone to read, I feel that I shouldn't hide my thoughts and feelings. If I put it private, I might as well not have an internet journal.

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» Fun under the sun.
Friday, 8/8/03 - 7:15 pm
Beat: Coheed & Cambria - Everything Evil

I saw Jeremy today! He looked cute. Cute stuff. I think he went to go buy his guitar today. Well I went shopping again.. [gah!] I bought a nice colared, button up shirt. It has khaki stripes and there's a postcard of Hawaii on the back. It looks like an Abercrombie shirt, but two times cheaper.

Convo Piece of the Day:
PrOdiGy At wOrk3: hey
PrOdiGy At wOrk3: look
PrOdiGy At wOrk3: its you
ashun IE hunn IE: yea its me. hi
PrOdiGy At wOrk3: really
PrOdiGy At wOrk3: how funn
ashun IE hunn IE: fun under the sun
PrOdiGy At wOrk3: the sun sucks
PrOdiGy At wOrk3: but if you like that kinda thing
PrOdiGy At wOrk3: then go forr itt
ashun IE hunn IE: no..
ashun IE hunn IE: i dont want to get dark actually

PrOdiGy At wOrk3: blah
PrOdiGy At wOrk3: blah
PrOdiGy At wOrk3: blahh

We have the weirdest conversations. Maybe it's just him.. He's the guy at the very top. I want to see him but he lives too effin far. Anyways.. whatever..

PrOdiGy At wOrk3: =)
ashun IE hunn IE: you're weird
PrOdiGy At wOrk3: duhh
PrOdiGy At wOrk3: come on now

PrOdiGy At wOrk3: ahh...
ashun IE hunn IE: que te gusta senor?
PrOdiGy At wOrk3: me gusta comer
PrOdiGy At wOrk3: a la puerta
ashun IE hunn IE: i dont speak spanish..
PrOdiGy At wOrk3: shuree
ashun IE hunn IE: lo siento

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