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T.☺.m.m.y @ NuTang.com
>>>>My Profile

>>>>Name: Ho Yeow Tuck (Tommy)
>>>>Age: 33+
>>>>First Cry: 13.10.1983
>>>>Gender: Male
>>>>Occupation: Front Counter Staff
>>>>Hobbies: Love to try out new things
>>>>Email: [email protected]
>>>>Movie I Love: A lot (as long as they have interesting storyline)
>>>>Songs I Like: Too Many
My Goals
- Earn $$, Save $$

- Loss Weight

- Find a Miss Right that I love and love me too
Items I wanna get before End of 2017
- More Savings and Savings

- My Driving License (shd I?)
My philosophy in Life
My philosophy in Life:

Time never stop. Life goes on no matter what you do. Memories are the most precious thing in life, it can be permanent. You cannot leave everything to fate. You must believe in yourself, fight for yourself!!

Have faith in yourself and give everything a try. Treasure every air you breath in and make it worth.

Have a target!!! If you can dream about it, you can work on it.
If you think about it, you can reach it.


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Forever Friends: Try these Awesome Links
Lilian - She's Awesome

Jenn - Dancing Queen

Miss Tan - A really good friend^^
Others Links
Mr Brownie - Crazy site

Metacafe - My New Favorite

Buzznet - FUN site

Peifen - My Favourite 933 DJ

SehSeh - My Favourite TVB Actress
Music Station
Just another entry
Thursday. 5.5.05 9:16 am
Just wanna say it is gd to pass everything although nt doing gd.... The strange thing is there is no special feeling upon getting my result.....donno y...

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Ear inflection
Sunday. 4.24.05 6:46 am
Sian, i'm sick in the wrong time....i get ear inflection...right ear....pain....very painful....really can't sleep for the past two nite.....Doctor said that it will take me 2 more days to recover.....she said that there will be NO SWIMMING for me in the chalet unless my ear is not pain anymore.....one lucky thing is that my ear drum is okay, just inner ear inflection along the inner ear layers...

2ml is chalet liao, think no sleep also....wonder can make it, i won't be surprises if i "hear anything" during the chalet........

P.S.....pray hard...GOd bless....

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My Japanese Name!!? O.o!!!
Tuesday. 4.19.05 10:21 am
Your Japanese Name Is...
Daiki Inoue

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Tuesday. 4.19.05 10:13 am
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

If you know it, enter it; or, ask me for it.

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Wat will come will come
Tuesday. 4.12.05 11:02 am
MY PTP is on 3rd June....haha....wat have to come will come.....Just wat to enjoy the process and set new objective in life of army.....CHEERS!!! P.S.....For those who have the same fate as me.......er.......don't think too much la ....O.o!!

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Monday. 4.11.05 11:01 am
JUst want to say it is a relief to c things more clearly...........I really enjoy it!!

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