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[Indecisive Much? XD]
11/01/08 17:20 pm
I am...

feeling: Happy =D
listening to: Get Me Bodied (Extended Remix) - Beyonce

So... After just getting rid of my banner yesterday, I decided to do a complete change in my layout =] My layout was due for a change anyways... >_>;; But the other reason I changed it is cos Nuttz liked my other one and asked if she could have it after I change my layout, so I'm changing it now so she can have it earlier XD

As it goes, I still need to make a few coding changes for her (including the colour she requested =3) so I'll have to do that tomorrow cos I really gotta go soon, so Nuttz, if you're reading this, I'll have it for you by tomorrow! Sorry for the wait! ^^;;

I've also decided to put my ex-layout on my Design Blogsite so if anyone else decides they like that layout they can feel free to request it too =] ...I've been bad lately though, haven't checked that account or made a new layout in ages so if anyone's made any requests I haven't seen them--sorry!!!

I'll check tomorrow when I'm editing my ex-layout for Nuttz =]

Anyways, this one is the first ever layout I made for others to have that I put up on my Design Blogsite, but nobody's asked for it and I really, really like it so I figured I'd use it myself XD This is also one of my most favourite avvies I've ever made <3

I had to make a few edits for this one too though, but now it's pretty much perfect for me XD

Anyways, about today, I got two of my AS German Unit 1 past papers (Listening/Reading) back that I handed in before the Christmas holidays... And it turns out, I got A's on both of them!!! <333 =DDD

I was so happy!!! Yay!!! Hehe my German certainly has improved since last year! ^^;; I only got a C on that paper last time, so I'm retaking it--my exam's next Wednesday =3 Hopefully it'll go well! Hehe God is so good to me *_* <3

I'm not worried about my German exam anymore ^_^ Although my Maths exam (next Thursday) is getting me a tad freaked out... I really suck at maths ;_; I wish I didn't suck so bad =sigh=... Cept I'm told the only reason I'm getting low grades is cos I don't do any work >_>;; (which is probably true v_v;; @[email protected])

Right, that's it! Going to work hard!!! >=3

...And now I have to go~~~ Dinner, then shower, then Bible Study again tonight! I'm looking forward to it--it's really fun yet relaxing there, just to be in God's presence, and I definitely need the de-stress! (^_^)v



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[I Changed My Mind]
10/01/08 11:24
I am...

feeling: Lazy...
listening to: Nada

Decided I really didn't like that banner... pretty much made me feel ill every time I looked at it because it was just so... weird. And didn't match at all... And just so... bleh.

So I just got rid of it =3

Can't be bothered with it anymore, so yes, all banners gone for now. Luckily it doesn't look that bad anyways... =3 I'll make a new one when I finish my exams, but I cannot bear seeing half-hearted work on my own blog =3 Anyways I'm still at school right now, going to ban myself off the net at home for a while so I can actually get on with my revision so yeah =3

Well, on the bright side, I've had many new blogs lately! XD I've never been this good with blogging, have I? =D I mean, my other post hasn't even disappeared off the "most recent entries" on the NuTang main page yet and here I am posting a new one! Maybe I'm getting better, woo! (^_^)v (But then again, my entries are getting shorter v_v;; Oh well it's not as if anyone can actually be stuffed to read my uber-long ones properly in the first place ^^;; =p) Anyways, yeah, almost end of break so I have to go =3 Bye~~~



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[New Banner]
09/01/08 21:40
I am...

feeling: Hmmm...
listening to: Bao Gui Shi Jia - Zan Mei Zhi Quan

I did my drama and maths retakes today!

Drama went significantly better than I thought it would (how I thought it would have gone being I walk in, sit down and cry). I actually managed to go in, sit down and, not only did I not cry, but I also managed to get some (5 pages worth of) words onto the paper! XD

Cept most of the words was probably totally irrelevant though ;_; I know my second essay was crap... =Sigh= hopefully my first was okay? >_<;; But they were both the same type of question, I hope I won't lose marks on that... UGH!

Worst thing that could happen is I get a lower grade than I did before, I guess...

Maths... I was supposed to be a lot more prepared for, but the questions turned out to be so strange I was actually so confused!!! >_<;; I still hope I got something decent though. I worked so hard!!! I WANT MY A!!!

In fact, I want 90%+... But I don't think the chances of that are very high at all ;_; So I'll be happy with an A, I guess... But if I get a B I am so retaking. >_<;;

Anyways, made a quick new banner... Tried to make it match the colour scheme of my current layout... it doesn't, but I'm not particularly fussed. I have no time to change all the coding. And I think it's also a bit obvious I wanted to have a change of some sort in my layout/banner but had no idea what to do and had no decent pictures except some of myself ^^;;

I'm honestly not that vain >_<;;

But yeah... It's really... tacky. It'll have to go as soon as my exams are over and I have time to do a new banner/layout =3



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[Jan Exams!!!]
08/01/08 20:06
I am...

feeling: Annoyed!!! (At Myself)
listening to: At The Cross - Hillsong

I have two exams tomorrow.


Okay, well, maybe for my maths one it's okay, but definitely NOT for my drama exam tomorrow. What's worse is that they're re-sits, meaning I have already sat (and failed) these exams so I am now retaking to try and get myself a better grade.

Active verb being try there. I have been sitting in front of my computer since I got home. I cannot seem to pull myself away from the internet and get on with some work. I have tried.

I have tried to work.

It has not worked. And now I am getting extremely annoyed at myself. Because my back hurts as well. And my neck. And my eyes. And I'm sure the amount of time I spend online is disgustingly unhealthy.

Two exams will be over tomorrow though. I can't wait till next Thursday, when all my Jan exams will be over. Although I probably would have failed my C3 because I'm so unprepared for it, but you never know. Leave it all to God, cram like mad and see how it goes.

Right. I am going to drag myself away from the computer now.

I hope.



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06/01/08 19:04
I am...

feeling: Mixed Feelings
listening to: At The Cross - Hillsong

Guess what, everyone...

I've decided to get baptised...

^^;; It's a really, really big thing for me. I've been a Christian since I can't remember... All I remember is I got introduced to Christianity when I was about 6 yrs old? And somewhere along the way I decided to become a Christian, but never got baptised.

I think many people were surprised when they found out that I haven't actually been baptised when I came to my new church here in Cov. I guess they expected me to be since I took Holy Communion too, but in my old church it was accepted that we could take it even without baptism since the Bible was not specific in stating that you had to be baptised.

Here was the same, too, but some still had the views that you should first be baptised before taking Holy Communion, but... yeah... Anyways... I always thought I'd be baptised in 2008--the year when I turn 18, because it would be the year of major change for me, and maturity, hopefully.

I made my decision last night.

A preacher/teacher... dude, came to talk to us from America, and last night, 14 people accepted Christ into their lives; almost every non-Christian who was there at the Gospel Outreach became Christian. I was so touched <3 It was just so, so wonderful to see God at work in our Chaplaincy I was in tears.

I was also taught a lot last night and the night before at Bible Study, like how, Jesus died for me, personally. It's not an 'us' thing anymore, it's personal, for everyone. Like how, if there was only one person left in the world... If it was only me left in the world, Jesus would still have come down to find me. Jesus would still have died for me, because he loves me so much.

Afterwards I spoke to the teacher... about baptism.

I'd always thought a person would have to have changed first and become a much better person before they could be baptised. Testimonys I'd heard have always been how much God has changed them so much already... I'd never felt any major, major changes in my life before so I never thought it was the time to get baptised. I always thought God would give me a sign...

There were also other aspects that kept me from being baptised, but after speaking to the teacher I realised I was wrong in my thinking: Changing for some could be immediate, but for many it is a gradual process. People are still changing even after baptism; you don't have to be perfect to be baptised; come before God as you are, and he will accept you.

Afterwards, I went home... and prayed.

Really, really prayed, like I'd never prayed before in my life, and I knew it was time... I've made my decision to be baptised. All my worries before, they were needless to be honest. I'm so happy... I'd never prayed like that before, but when I prayed last night it just felt... so wonderful! I felt him listening to me, and really spoke to him about everything and lifted up so many of my troubles...

I'm so lucky to have God in my life <3

And now, I'm ready. It's time...



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[Warwick Offer, Meeting Emma, Exams]
03/01/08 17:10
I am...

feeling: Shocked? XD
listening to: Toxic/Everytime/Sometimes/Overprotected - Britney Spears

Right I've finished changing all the entries in my private blog and editing the encoding. Honestly if that happens again I am going to go mental--it's SO annoying >_<;; But in all honesty I can't be bothered to go through every entry of this blog changing the encoding. It'll drive me nutters =_=

Haha I'm shocked I've posted another entry so soon XD But it's going to be short, so yeah... I've got so much revision to do!!! Four exams when I get back to school, GRARRGHH!!! =Stressed= I have to go back to revision soon >_<

I was looking at Warwick accomodation yesterday--oh gosh yeah!!! I forgot to mention (well, actually, it happened when NuTang was down so I couldn't post a new blog at that time, but...) I GOT INTO WARWICK UNI!!!!!!!!!!!!

Omw two weeks after I sent off my UCAS application (for Uni) I was getting so worried that I wouldn't get into anywhere, and the day after I sent off my application I got an automated email from Warwick saying they weren't going to give out offers till Jan 15th (when they should have received all applications by then) so I was annoyed yet relieved at the same time, since if I didn't get an offer before then from them I didn't need to worry so much and they were my first choice.


I literally cried. I was SO worried when I got the email from UCAS Track saying that information had been altered (which could spell offer or rejection)... I checked, and it was an OFFER!!!

Honestly I just sat there not believing my eyes... First offer was from WARWICK of all places!!! So after sitting there staring at my screen for a good minute and finally registering what I saw, I screamed. And squealed. And promptly proceeded to jump out of my seat and run around the house screaming "I'VE GOT AN OFFER FROM WARWICK!!!!!!" XD

My mum was at work, and my dad had gone outside for something so it was my sis who was the first poor unfortunate soul I smothered in hugs and kisses and screamed at about my offer. Then I ran outside squealing about my offer to my daddy. There were some neighbours out and I think I freaked them out by running out the house in tears, but when they realised they were tears of joy they calmed down XD

That night we went out for a meal to celebrate (^_^)v

That was quite a few weeks ago now though =3 Haha a couple of days after I got an offer from Aston and was like 'ah... offer from Aston... nice =3', forgot about it, then the next morning I remembered, and yelled up the stairs to my mum about it. Our conversation went like this:

Me: Oh yeah, mum, I got an offer from Aston.
Mum: What?
Me: I got an offer from Aston!
Mum: Where?
Me: Aston!
Mum: Oh.
Me: Yeah... Anyways I'm off to school now, bye mum~~~

And a couple of days after that I got an offer from Bath ^_^ Though I can't accept Bath's offer cos it's higher than my offer from Warwick o_O;; (But also for a different course, so... =3) Oh well... I'd made a decision that if I don't get into Warwick I'm taking a gap year anyways =3


Turned out my school decided not to go on the trip to see Noughts and Crosses, so I went with Emma instead!!! <333 Omw her mum is SO NICE! <3 They paid for my ticket as well! >_<;; I was like 'noooo!!! You can't do that!!! Please can I pay you back?!?!?!?!' and her mum insisted for me to 'stop being silly' because we were going to meet up for a meal beforehand too since we originally thought I wasn't going to go to see the play with them... So not only was my meal paid for, but my play ticket as well!!!

So I got her a big xmas present =3 And I'll get her a bigger bday present XD

And we have photos! And took a photo with famous people!!! XD The photos are up on SnS =3 I cba to put them up on NuTang since they'll probably disappear again if there's another NuTang-hack =_=;; Maybe Emma'll put them up =3 Or I'll make a collage some time after my exams ^_^

And open invitations to my house (^_^)v Hopefully she can come visit soon!!! Oh yeah!!! We said she should come down for Chinese New Year!!! =D It's the 7th Feb, I found out... Hm, gotta tell her that. It's on a Thursday though =S Well, she can come for the weekend and the annual celebrations that we hold at Bible Study group (^____^)v

And that's more or less of an update on my life! =D Wrote more than I'd originally intended haha, oh well~ ^_^ Damn I really gotta get back to revision now @[email protected];;


P.S. And yes, that's Britney I'm listening to =3 I love her =]

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