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Love & Peace!! (Yeah I just got done watching some Trigun...)
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08/06/2006: "I long for you." It's a compound of love with zero impurities.

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08/03/2006: Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho…Back to work I go!

08/02/2006: Is there a doctor in the house?

06/08/2007 9:41 PM
I got married this morning.

Title says it all...the end. Oh, so you want details. Well there's not much to tell. It was simple, nice and quick...just how I wanted it to be! :) I wore a pretty white and brown dress with my new white shoes. I wore mascara which I left on all day and each time I blinked I was sure that time my eyelashes would stick together. They also felt heavy. I curled my hair, which lasted all of 1 hour...damn heavy & straight hair. I wore some powder, which you couldn't tell...I forgot my lipgloss so I only had some chapstick on. It was Victoria's Secret Watermolon..yuuum.

Hmmm...I love my ring and look at it a lot. The Emeralds are a deeper shade then I thought they would be so maybe in a year instead of doing an eternity thing with Emeralds I'll do them with Alexandrite instead. The ring turns out to be a hald size too big. I washed my hands and my ring started to slip off. As a wedding gift and stand in ring since mine was being made, my mom gave me my great-grandmother's wedding ring. If anyone in Germany knows anything about the Lukens jeweler/s please leave me a comment. My grandmother was from Whales, but my grandfather was from Germany (Hohner...yes that would be THOSE Hohners.) so we're thinking the wedding ring is probably from Germany.

Hmmm...what else... Oh I spent all day with my mom house hunting for her. She told me if she can sell her house for a decent enough price she can give me more money for a downpayment so... YAY! XD We found a really great house for her so now it's just getting her house sold. Tomorrow I'm going to look at some houses for me. There's a house kind of on the more west side of Fresno and also one near a mall. Both are close to where my work will be moving. The house I really liked...well it's probably a no go since when my realtor calls the realtor for the house she hasn't received a reply.

Oh yeah I found out today that 1) my realtor is HALF Korean, I thought she was full blooded like me. 2) I was NOT placed in an orphanage. I was dropped off at one, but because of my being pure Korean I was given to a nice foster family who's job was to take care of me. I was brought in because the orphanage liked my mom and dad enough to think that they might want me and were willing for me to go with a family that wasn't Korean. (This is huge considering they realllly like to keep their blood pure.) 3) A Korean TV station did a documentary on my mom and dad and adopting me and how it is for a white family to adopt a pure Korean and stuff. We don't have a copy of it, not that I would know what they would be saying... 4) My co-workers are nicer then my husband's. They put just married all over his side and back windows and tied empty soda cans to his car. He did get a 150 Gift cert to Newegg for our new computer that they know we want to buy, but still. It's going to cost 15 of that to wash his car. XD SO glad my co-worker's didn't try pulling that sort of crap. I may not mind them messing and making fun of me, but you just don't screw with my car! 5) .2 mm glitter is a bitch if you accidentally spill it.

Well back to designing my wedding notices and thank you cards! Why buy generic when you can do it yourself and have fun with it? XD

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06/07/2007 5:29 PM
A nice day…

So, I've been having a nice day. I'm still very happy about my mother in-law not being able to come up. I am very sure she expected us to offer our place to stay, but that wasn't going to happen since neither of us really cared if she came or not. Yes, I do realize this makes me a b****, but you know what? I don't care. I don't like her, don't have to like her, thus I don't have to be anything more then tolerant and nice to her. Now if it was someone I liked, then I'd bend over backwards, but she's not so "eh".

I found out yesterday from my jeweler that when he went to the goldsmith my ring had some "dimples" in the gold. While the naked eye couldn't see it, he could so he had the guy redo it. This is something that happens when using a mold, meaning any ring can have this happen. He wants my ring to be perfect and when I found out I won't have it in time for my wedding I was a bit bummed. Then again who wouldn't be? It's what I get for not considering any mishaps with my ring though. Knowing he's making sure my ring will be perfect makes me thrilled. The fact he didn't use that ring band when he could have makes me trust him greatly and hearing him say he wanted my ring to be perfect for me makes me glad I used him. Being picky it's always nice when someone you work with is picky as well. When I wear it I will know my ring is PERFECT. It has no flaws and is perfectly crafted so it makes me even more excited to see it.

I do not have Starbucks very often any more so when I got my Iced Venti Mocha this morning it's made me very jittery. I had a Iced Grande Mocha yesterday afternoon so I was kind of bouncing then too, my co-workers said I couldn't keep still, but this is just really bad. My heart is racing, my leg is shaking faster then normal, etc. I want to get, up and do something, but without anything to do I can't.

Speaking of yesterday my work threw me a wedding party! I know aren't they just the best? They got me two really great gifts too; a George Forman grill with removable grill thingys and a really nice crock pot that has a removeable stoneware thingy for easy serving and when the timer goes off it automatically turns on the warmer. One of my bosses bought them, they pooled their money together for them, and even did an upgrade on the George Forman Grill since the one on my wedding registry didn't have the removable grill thingys!

I heard a comment on how I unwrapped the gifts. You see, I have this tendency to take a really long time when it comes to unwrapping things. I undo the tape on side, being careful not to damage the paper as much as I can, then I undo the tape the next side then I turn it over and nicely split it where it's taped on the bottom and fold it up nicely. This is almost how I undo our reams of paper at work except I just throw the cover in the trash. I've tried to just "tear into it" like "normal" people do, but I just can't bring myself to do that. It's not like I plan on using the paper again, although I'll be making a scrapbook for the wedding and 1st year anniversary, but it seems like such a waste for the person's time and effort put into wrapping it nicely for me; to just rip it to shreds in seconds when it probably took them a long time to wrap it. Then again I'm a bit weird like that.

The funny thing about the party is our CFO is the one who called me to the kitchen. He said he needed me. Although it was only a couple of seconds between him asking me to go to the kitchen and me answering my thoughts were, "Oh what can't he find in the kitchen. I'm sure it's not where the decaf. coffee is, but still can't I just tell him over the phone? Maybe it's the red stir sticks, everyone can't remember where those are. He's my boss though and it'd be rude to snub him, no matter how busy I am. I need to talk to the new business dept. about a commission statement though... Maybe he'll let me put him off for a minute since it has to do with money." He did let me come after I spoke with our new business dept. Glad I didn't ask him what he needed. Instead I just asked if he could please wait until after I spoke with the new business dept. about a commission statement. I wonder how he would have handled it if I asked him what he couldn't find? hehehe

Oh yeah because I was "mean" to the new recept. when she screwed up the mail again so I can't talk to her anymore. Personally if I knew I was going to be called mean I would have told her she sucked. I thought I was just being firm since she's been here almost a month and all of her mistakes with the mail is because she does not pay attention. Before I felt like a failure, and you know how well I handle being a failure at anything, and so I took it personally each time she did something wrong. I felt it looked bad on me and my teaching method. That because of me she sucked. I wasn't explaining things well enough or I wasn't being a good teacher. I lacked something so I kept trying harder to explain what she did wrong. I now know it wasn't me. I did the very best I could with what I had to work with. I was nice each and every time before when I spoke with her before. I gave her helpful hints and tips to try and make her life easier. My mom told me last weekend, "Don't take it so personally, sometimes who you are given to work with just won't get it no matter how hard you try."

I was also told they can understand why I was frustrated. Friday afternoon I was at my frustrated limit. Monday morning I went past it and sent my e-mails, to hell with my promotion she needed to be talked to. Tuesday I was past frustrated and at the point of fed-up with her not paying attention. Before I even went to lunch I had answered the phone 6 times and they weren't even that busy. When I came back from lunch is when I found the wrong piece of mail in mine and then after lunch I answered it 2 more times, one of them I watched her to see if she was going to put the first caller on hold. When she didn't I went to go pick up the second call. One of the ones in the morning that I picked up a co-worker saw her in the back at the printer working on printing out her doc. instead of answering the phone!

I calculated how much time would pass between each call if she truly did handle 300 calls a day in her last job. Yeah...liar liar pants on fire. She was spoken with about the phones and putting people on hold it seems since today she was able to handle two calls at once (a third one came in, but someone picked it up), but who knows how much more she can take. Today she screwed up the mail again, but this time it was for our CCO. One of them was a really important piece of mail too. I must say though even knowing all of this, because of my "f-it" view on what happens to her (the same one I ended up taking on our last recept. when it seemed clear she was there to stay) I slept better last night, I am less stressed and am much happier so in "f-it" mode I shall stay.

Oh yeah I also found Fangli and Suke's address, but because Fangli mentioned how their street address can change I don't want to mail anything until they confirm zip code and street address. I'd hate for someone else to get my package to them! They weren't going to retell me their address, but I hunted through over 1500 to find the address! MUWAHAHAHA!! I tried to warn them I've very stubborn and head strong when I want my way.

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