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Books I have completed reading since January 2021:

1. The Enchanted - Rene Denfield
Die another day
Wednesday. 1.24.07 5.38 p.m.
I have a function tonight and dinner will only commence at 7.30 p.m. That's pretty long for a wait since it's only 5.40 p.m. now. But thank god, I have taken pre-dinner. I'm a genius and yes you guys don't need a reminder. But I have forgotten to see that it's 6.30 pm until midnight. *gasped* I got work tomorrow la so how am I going to be there until 12 am? It will be so cool to be there until 12 am because I have not stayed out that late before in Malaysia. Hang on, let me repeat, it's Malaysia not New Zealand. *Swallowed back my words*

I'm so happy to have someone famous especially being awarded and recognized internationally this month to cooperate with me. Can't tell who but I admire his spirit.

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Tuesday. 1.23.07 7.51 p.m.
Today is quite funny.

My date for today was opening a bank account at an Islamic bank and I didn't expect the shorty guy to be the manager of the bank. Bwahahaha... Laugh all you want, renaye. But the teller was not really efficient but can't blame her since she's new. Oh well, I'm so happy because this bank is so much nearer to my office. You know, I could just drop by this bank anytime I want if I just want to deposit money. I'm so happy because I finally deposited my coins. I don't know why the teller just looked at my coins and questioned if I would like to bank them in as well. What do you think??? But like I care. Laugh all you want and let's see who's going to be richer.

Today is funny.

One of my lengchai (handsome) friends called me at work and I answered it on my desk. So I addressed him as leng chai just to tease him and also to make him happy because I asked him for a favour to sacrifice his beauty sleep just to see my client in my stead. I have to make him happy right?? Whether the client is giving me sale or not will be absolutely in his hands. So what do you think? So I was talking and laughing on the phone with him for a few minutes and I didn't know someone was eavedropping - the only male worker in my office. After I ended the conversation, I was surprised to hear him commenting that he has never seen me talking so gently to someone. Oh well, maybe that's because I was acting like a tigress in the office - everyday. And he suspected that lengchai is my boyfriend. I nearly died of laughing. That leng chai isjust my fellow otaku disciple. This male worker doesn't know the whole story - yikes. But anyway ... he sounded like he was jealous that I called my otaku friend leng chai... haha can't blame him because I also called him leng chai everyday. Bwahahahaahahahahah..

Laugh all you want, renaye.

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Tired ...
Monday. 1.22.07 9.42 pm
I just can't imagine that I actually just yawned and yawned and yawned in the office. I even got a nap while trying to read some heavy stuff during work. I just couldn't open my eyes so I just stopped reading and opened Spider Solitaire game. I played until I was bored. Can you imagine that?

Then later, I went on to my date at the latest and biggest Islamic bank in the world just beside Public Bank. And the bank officer was shorter than me. I'm saying nothing*. What I wanted to say is my boots heel just boosted my height... I'm going back there again for my date tomorrow.

How sweet.

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Eat and sleep
Saturday. 1.20.07 9.31 p.m.
All I did today before now typing was err ... eat some durian made food like Durian ais kacang [Malaysian dessert] and Durian Bomb. Inside the durian bomb is durian flesh.... hmm... yum. I thought of buying some durian tart but luckily did not because I'm still very full from lunch. I also think that my gastric is making a come back because I ate the ais kacang after having some curry fish head. It's a big no-no for me because I did that once and I visited the doctor the next day.

After lunch, I slept for 3 hours. Yea that's what I call a catnap.

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Thursday. 1.18.07 8.25 p.m.
I don't know why many people are interested to find out about my comments about Il Divo. I actually have nothing against them and I don't know what to comment about them since I'm placed in a strange limelight. But anyway, I wanted to say that jolenesiah could ban me from saying negative things about that group on her blog but she can't do that if I were to place them here. See, I'm a genius. Or rather, I'm such a critical thinker to come up with this loophole.

Another thing I wanted to say was I can't believe that jolenesiah really waited for 7 hours to see Il Divo and I'm absolutely sure that she still owes me an Il Divo autograph. I'm deadly serious about it. She had invited me to come along but unfortunately I can't because I was supposed to see my client on that so very significant day for jolenesiah. Anyway, unbelievable to have waited for 7 hours. I rather eat, sleep and dream.

I named this entry 'Tribute' because jolenesiah's encounter reminded me of my friends back in New Zealand who really chanted so hard just to meet their idols. Grace was so lucky to meet her singing idol somewhere in Auckland after a concert. But what made her lucky was she and the artiste shared a lot of passion so they have a lot of things to talk about. Guess what? The artiste gave his contact number to my friend voluntarily. It might be purely a coincidence but it is not - I mean she didn't bribe anyone to close the distance between him and she. It's just the work of her strong chanting and prayer.

Another thing I want to tribute is to a girl whom I have only met her once in Auckland. She passed away last year on the 10th July 2006 at the age of 25 if I'm not mistaken. She passed away as an aspiring actress that dreamed to be the first Asian actress to win the Oscar award. She too chanted very hard just to talk to Orlando Bloom. And victoriously, she got hold of Orlando Bloom one day when he was coincidentally in the UK in the middle of the shooting of the movie: Pirates of the Carribbean 2. He was actually not supposed to be back after 2 years. He also sent her family a condolence message on her funeral day. I don't know her very well but her death really tells me that My Life Is Very Short and I Don't Want to Live an Unfulfilled Life.

So guys, live life to the fullest!

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What the ...
Monday. 1.15.07 10.04 pm
What is wrong with Nutang sometimes? I was typing a very long memento on the blog and then all of a sudden it got jam. Fine ... so I highlighted all and pressed ctrl + c. It is the work a genius but I don't know why it didn't work at all just now. I'm so frustrated!!! This is not the first time and this is don't know how many times liao!!!! Sometimes the process didn't go well and I need to type all over again... Arghh ... not for tonight. I was typing something about Il Divo but now ... I'm not in the mood.

Night people.

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