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Books I have completed reading since January 2018:

1. No Man's Nightingale - Ruth Rendell
2. One Day - David Nicholls
3. The Door - Margaret Atwood
Christmas Eve
Sunday. 12.24.06 2:17 pm
Gosh.. today is Christmas Eve. I was invited to my aunt's Christmas Eve dinner but unfortunately, I'm so tired and I have already declined the invitation. So tonight would be wonderful since it's a habit of mine to celebrate this kind of big events in solitary. Yay ... I'm so happy!!! But the problem is my mum and sister will be having good food for today's special day and I'm going to eat instant noodle or some pasta??? Hmm.. that doesn't sound very balancing .... But oh well, being alone is much better ... Alamak! I don't think I still have my Chipmunk Xmas songs..... If yes, I would be able to croak in my house ... Bwahaahahahahah

What are you guys gonna do tonight? I'm just going to sleep early tonight!!!

P.S: Will be having another movie and food review later I guess..... depending what I have for dinner tonight.

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Christmas is coming .... [dying tone]
Friday. 12.22.06 16:23 pm
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

If you know it, enter it; or, ask me for it.

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Chocolate Walnut Cinnamon Puffs
Wednesday. 12.20.06 16:01 pm
I saw this recipe in a local newspaper and the pastry in the picture looks so yummy to eat!!!!

3 tbsp sugar
3 tbsp cinnamon
one 22cm to 25 cm frozen puff pastry sheet
180g semisweet chocollate chunks
1/3 cup chopped walnuts

1. Preheat the oven to 200 C.
2. Lightly grease a large unrimmed baking sheet or ovenproof glass baking dish or line with parchment paper. Combine the sugar and cinnamon in a small bowl. Set aside.
3. Cut the thawed pastry sheet into 4 equal pieces and place on the baking sheet.
4. Divide the chocolate and walnuts evenly among the pastry pieces and sprinkle with half of the cinnamon-sugar mixture.
5. Use a little water to wet each edge, and fold the four corners of each pastry to the centre to enclose the filling. Twist or squeeze tightly to seal.
6. Bake for 10 minutes, then sprinkle the remaining cinnamon sugar over the puffs, and bake for 5 minutes or until golden brown.

Serve warm. Makes four servings.

*Warning* = I tried this kind of simple recipe before and they didn't turn out well. So I'm warning you guys that you might try and modify this recipe to your own needs!

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Movie Review
Wednesday. 12.20.06 14:52 am
1. Eragon 2006

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Eragon 2006 (Movie Review)
Wednesday. 12.20.06 10:06 pm
Eragon (2006)

Director: Stefen Fangmeier

Screenplay Writer: Peter Buchman

Novel: Christopher Paolini

Cast: Edward Speelers (Eragon), Jeremy Irons (Brom), Sienna Guilory (Arya), Robert Carlylye (Durza), John Malkovich (Galbatorix), Rachel Weiss (Saphira's voice)

Genre: Fantasy, Adventure, Family

Duration: 1 hour 45 minutes

Rating: 5/10


Eragon, a farm boy hailed from Carvahall, was shocked to find a long oval stone sparkling with blue sapphire colour in front of him during his hunt in the Spine. Awed by its beauty and the thought of being priceless, he took it home to only discover that he cannot buy food with the stone.

He placed the stone in his room and kept it a secret even to his uncle, Garrow, and cousin, Roran. To his astonishment, the stone hatched that very night and it was not an ordinary stone but a dragon egg. He raised his sapphire dragon with the name of Saphira in the forest.

What innocent Eragon didn’t know is the king, Galbatorix, has sent his men, the Ra’zac, to retrieve the egg from Eragon, for it has been stolen from him.

The arrival of the Ra’zac marked the beginning of Eragon’s adventure with Saphira. With the help of Brom, one of the Carvahall’s villagers, Eragon learned the art of magic and fighting.

The connection of fate between Eragon and Saphira makes him the first new generation of the Dragon Riders, which he realizes that he has the power to destroy and save the Empire.


I would actually just recommend you guys to read the book than watching the movie or both. This is because many parts in the book are not shown in the movie. So the book will compliment the scenes that are not in the movie.

I just feel that everything in the movie is too rushing despite having a chronological and logical story flow if you don’t read the book. Not only that, I just find there are just too many running here and there scenes including the fighting. I thought it would include more scenes of Eragon and Brom obtaining some information from villages like they did in the book. In the movie, Eragon looks like deft with magic, which is not the case in the book because he’s just an amateur who happens to have some innate extra magic powers and always blur blur with things. That is why Brom always asked him to stay out of trouble. The book also tells how Eragon is discovering his life history for he has been abandoned by his mum since he was born. If you really watch the movie closely, you could notice that the actors don’t speak much. They have short conversations like the captions I made for the pictures below.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I'm going to win the GoldFish Wannabe Contest!!!!

And come on, why is Saphira’s voice like a melting butter?? I think her voice should be tough, a little masculine but feminine as well. I just dislike her voice throughout the movie. Oh man, poor Weiss.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Big body ... big wings ... strong tail but you squek like a mouse and you act like one, Saphira

<Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Give me back my favourite dentures!!!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Did someone just fart?

Overall, the movie was crap. The story plot doesn’t follow the book much except for the beginning. I was so pretty optimistic that this movie is following the book when the beginning was quite the same. Unfortunately, I was very disappointed to see things turning out not like the young Paolini has written. He might have been disappointed as well but who asked him to sell the copyright to the director? I just have the hunch that the producer and his gung ho just want to reap as much profit as they can while this book is still selling like hot cakes.

Thankful: There’s a technology called graphics to make this movie ‘watchable’.

Ungrateful: I spent RM 8 for this movie which is not even par with any other fantasy movie like Narnia or LOTR.

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NO NO NO !!!!!!!!!
Sunday. 12.17.06 9:08 pm
It is Sunday. The last day I will be in Penang. Sad and happy. Sad because I could not spend more time with my friends there. I don't even have the time to lepak [walk around] Queens Bay Mall. Siti and Sherene and I were just there for like 30 minutes before we were drowned in the influx of people there. You just cannot imagine the volume of people in the Mall and it is not completely completed since there are still many shops haven't open. And ... this mall has similar shops whereever you go in Malaysia. I don't see the point of having so many malls with the same anchors like Padini, Elle, Jusco. I want to see something different. Anyway, we ended up in Dome because we just could not find any better place to rest and chit chat. But to be frank, I don't really like their Iced Chocolate because it's not blended. Oh whatever......

Then halfway in our conversation, I cabut to Hotel Vistana to meet up with my customers... I was so sad because I saw the Face Shop but I just got no time to check out if someone I knew is working there.

But after the meeting, I just joined the rest in Bukit Jambul Complex.... Hahah ... you know what??? At this moment, I learned that AirAsia delayed my flight one hour later. Crazy. Imagine, I reached home 2 am. And I'm back to work now. =p But anyway, we watched Eragon. I think I won't comment anything about the movie if not I have nothing to say in my Movie Review. Yay ... Eragon will be the official opening review for my Movie Review section. I think....

I met up with my high school teacher as well and that was cool because the food was good. Bwahahaha.. Oh well, this is renaye you are talking about. And then we discussed quite a few of linguistic things and some business plans. =p

Oh well.. my eyes are in strained now and I'm damn hungry.

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