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    Certified Mixtapes
    Tuesday. 9.5.06 9:31 pm
    DJ Drama & Young Buck
    Welcome To The TrapHouse - Gangsta Grillz

    DJ Drama & Plies
    From The Bottom To The Top - Gangsta Grillz

    DJ Scream
    Heavy In The Streets V.7

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    Top 5 Soundscan Album Sales 08/30/2006
    Tuesday. 9.5.06 9:30 pm












    Rick Ross

    Port Of Miami




    Gnarls Barkley

    St. Elsewhere




    Yung Joc

    New Joc City







    More Soundscan Numbers

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    Chamillionaire Receives Apology From ABC
    Tuesday. 9.5.06 9:23 pm

    Tuesday - September 5, 2006 by Dick Johnson

    SOHH.com has learned that ABC has apologized to Chamillionaire for cancelling their interview with the rapper for an episode of "20/20" on racial profiling.

    While Chamilionaire accepted his MTV Video Music award for Best Rap Video last Thursday (August 31st), he revealed that he was to appear on the show to speak on racial profiling in relation to his hit, "Ridin."

    "Yesterday, I was supposed to do an interview for '20/20' for the song 'Ridin', about racial profiling, and they canceled it, and that ruined my week, you know what I'm saying," the self-proclaimed Mixtape Messiah said during his acceptance speech. "I do want to say, this award just made my year. ... The best thing about this award - nobody can cancel this."

    According to Chamillionaire's reps, the network has issued an apology to the Houston rapper. Cha's reps declined to comment further on the situation because they didn't want to "fuel the problem."

    ABC told The NY Daily News that they cancelled the interview because the network decided not to run the racial profiling segment. Knowing that the episode would end up on the cutting room floor, the "20/20" producers didn't want to waste Chamillionaire's time.

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    Tuesday. 9.5.06 9:20 pm
    Hip-Hop Rumors: CHRISTINA AIN'T BROKE!


    When I don't believe rumors, I'll say it. This is one of them. A few people have emailed me about Christina Milian being "broke" and auctioning off her old clothes. She's in a few movies so I doubt that she is actually running out of money. Maybe she donated it and the people she gave it to are now selling them. Also, please remember, everybody from Professor X of X-Clan to Diddy to Cam'ron have used Ebay to get money. Nick Cannon, what's wrong with you, letting this one get away. I just had to say that. At any rate, here is the link.


    Rumor has it, that King Sun is trying to make a comeback. You might not remember Sun if you are under 28 years old. He was really ill, but recently has been known as a professional stage bum-rusher. He had a very public beef with Ice Cube in the 90's, because he said the gangsta rapper stole that song "Wicked." Anyway, from what I have gotten is that King Sun is now working with producers from Sweden. The stuff I heard sounds pretty good, even though its sort of dated. King Sun is one big dude. That's why he's able to muscle his way to the stage. Click here to see one of Sun's infamous bumrushes!


    Big shout out to the homeys Andre and Shonny. I'm a lil' late getting back to you , but here you go. Lil' Wayne recently performed at a club in Richmond,VA, costing patrons a cool $75 each at the door and over $40 in advance. Several people hit me and told me that he rocked the venue for all of 5 minutes before making an abrupt exit. Apparently, he got upset at some dudes who were throwing money down from the balcony into the crowd while he was performing. Wayne wasn't impressed and said that they were disrespecting him because he's "not a f***ing stripper." Then, the dudes decide they are going to rebel even more. They say, "F**k you! Wayne is like sexual chocolate!" And let the money "rain" directly down on Wayne. And suddenly, Wayne leaves. WOW. I think I would have demanded my money back. I don't know what happened, but he bounced. I'm picking up any money that rains on me.


    Houston radio personalities Tasha and J Mac recently talked to Ludacris and he clarified on the whole "War Wtih God" song. Turns out that the ferocious diss wasn't about himself afterwards. Luda told them, "They misquoted me saying it was about me. What I was telling them is that I divulged a lot of information about myself. I'm not battling myself on a record, that's ridiculous. What happens is, you got a lot of people taking subliminal shots at me, but nobody really says my name, so I'm not for sure, so that's my way of taking subliminal shots right back." He basically said, "Bring it on!"

    Even thought Lil' Wayne hasn't really commented a lot on Gillie The Kid and his claims that he was Cash Money rapper's ghostwriter, he recently did. I heard Weezy said, "All I'm saying is if you wrote something for me, how come you ain't rich. A n***a like me good.That nigga said he got $25 thousand a pop for when he does songs for us. Un-f***ing believable!" I don't know how to call that one.

    If you remember, Chamillionaire and Paul Wall both performed at AllHipHop.com's Grand Finale concert a few weeks ago. I was a lil' surprised, but maybe not. I heard that there is talk that he might be working with with Paul Wall and Mike Jones again. He reportedly told Tasha and J Mac, "It definitely would be dope. I just can't rule that out. But I feel like we need to do our best to keep Houston moving right now. There's power in numbers. I think even a tour would be dope. If all of us went on a big tour and really just went everywhere across the nation and overseas, we could make it happen. It's just about everybody putting pride and egos to the side." That young man deserves another award for these comments as well as his speech at the VMAs.

    Lil' Kim reportedly came to Beyonce's party a it upset because Nick Lachey called her Mo'nique. Get glasses!

    I heard Slim was the only one sipping on a purple drink the whole night at a party he attended. You know what it is, but he wasn't telling when he was asked.


    I heard Mef is about to take the indie plung! I think its a good move for the Wu Tanger. Don't forget this is Wu Tang Week and all the members are represented this week. I'm hearng that the Wu-Tang is adding a new member to the Clan. I don't know who, but I don't think this is referring to Capadonna. Holla!

    Rumor has it, one of New York's most beloved hardcore group's is having problems coming back out. One of the two rappers has a serious drug problem and its preventing them from releasing their anticipated album.

    Most of the gals from "Flavor of Love Season 2" have already started moving forward with their modeling career. You can find many of them online, but this site is a one stop shop for them all. I ain't like how Flav did Like Dat! She should have been allowed to stay!

    Not sure, but I heard Andre 3000 has been dating somebody close to him. I'm not at liberty to say the name, but he's very cool with a female that's helping his film career flourish. Ice Cold! Nuff' said.

    If you haven't heard, Fat Joe has taken himself and signed to Virgin Records. I think JD will be able to promote Joey just fine.


    With all the talk of T-Boz and Chilli going solo, I thought I'd refresh you (and me) about why we all loved TLC in the first place. "I Ain't Too Proud To Beg," y'all! Real fans only!


    Some rumors and some crap! Read yesterday's rumors by illseed and consider it a re-run!

    They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!


    WHO: illseed
    WHAT: Rumors
    WHERE: AllHipHop.com, MySpace.com/TheIllseed
    HOW: Send your rumors and ill pics to illseed at [email protected].

    - allhiphop rumors

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    Three 6 Mafia Seeks Dismissal Of Lawsuit
    Tuesday. 9.5.06 9:17 pm
    By Alexis Jeffries and Chris Richburg
    Date: 9/5/2006 12:40 am


    Academy Award-winning rap group Three 6 Mafia requested the dismissal of a lawsuit filed against them by man who claimed he was severely beaten at a concert when fans followed lyrics of the song "Let's Start A Riot."

    McKeesport, PA resident Ramone Williams, 22, claimed in his July 2005 suit he was beaten during a concert at a now-defunct Pittsburgh nightclub on Aug. 26, 2003.

    Williams, who was 19 at the time, said he was admitted into the Rock Jungle night club in Station Square, despite being underage.

    In his July 2005 complaint, Williams said he attended the show on a whim with a friend. He became uneasy during the concert, when fans of Three 6 Mafia started acting out the lyrics to "Let's Start a Riot."

    Williams alleged, he was thrown to the floor, hit with a chair, stomped on and kicked in the face, fracturing his left jaw. He won a default judgment against the club, which later closed.

    According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Williams’ attorney, James E. DePasquale, said the group claims the inciting lyrics were performed that night by Robert "Koopsta Knicca" Cooper and Darnell "Crunchy Black" Carlton, two associates who are not regular members of the group.

    A motion, filed by the group’s lawyer in TN, John E. Hall, challenged Williams’ complaint, saying there is no "genuine issue of material fact" and that Three 6 Mafia’s lyrics are protected under the First Amendment to the Constitution.

    In April 2005, Williams voluntarily released two group members from the suit, stating that [DJ] Paul Beauregard and Jordan "Juicy J" Houston, were not present at the time of the assault, and thus should not be sued.

    Both Crunchy Black and Koopsta Knicca remain as defendants in the suit along with Ricky "Scarecrow" Dunigan.

    Three 6 Mafia, of Memphis, TN., won an Oscar this year for the song "It's Hard Out Here for a Pimp" from the film Hustle & Flow.
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    text news tips/pix: 6462706358


    Young City Freed From Prison, Working On New Album
    Hip-Hop Summit Heading To Atlanta
    Death Row Bankruptcy Continues, Judge Sets A Date For Claims
    Afrika Bambaataa Officially Dubs Indian Rapper, The1shanti, As India Bambaataa
    Three 6 Mafia Seeks Dismissal Of Lawsuit
    Funding For Hip-Hop Museum In The Bronx Frozen
    Ron 'Mr. Biggs' Isley Of The Isley Brothers Sentenced To Three Years In Prison
    DTP, G-Unit Square Off On Basketball Court During 'Luda Day Weekend'
    MTV VMAs Filled With Surprises, Upsets
    Peedi Peedi Preparing New Album Under Def Jam, Talks Roots Collaboration
    Kurtis Blow Taking Hip-Hop Church America On The Road
    Mos Def Arrested Outside MTV VMA Awards Over Performance

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    Afrika Bambaataa Officially Dubs Indian Rapper, The1shanti, As India Bambaataa
    Tuesday. 9.5.06 9:05 pm
    By Alexis Jeffries
    Date: 9/5/2006 9:00 am


    The Godfather of Hip-Hop Culture and the Father of the Electro Funk Sound, Afrika Bambaataa, has officially dubbed Hip-Hop artist, the1shanti, India Bambaataa.

    "You have our blessings (Afrika Bambaataa and The Universal Zulu Nation) as long as you use your name in the good of your people and the good of yourself," Bambaataa told the1shanti last week via written correspondence.

    As a global rap star who was one of the first New York rappers of Indian descent to bring Hip-Hop to India, the1shanti cites Afrika Bambaataa's innovation and spirit as one of the main influences in his career

    "Hip-Hop is the most influential force of our generation," says the young artist, "Bambaataa's blessing lets me know I'm playing an important role in pushing the boundaries of how far Hip-Hop can grow."

    With Afrika Bambaataa's backing, Flatbush Junction Recordings has officially announced that it will move ahead with the November 12 launch of the1shanti's debut album, India Bambaataa.

    India Bambaataa scored success with the group DDP and their release Spiritual Bling. India Bambaataa is set for release late fall on Flatbush Junction Recordings.
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    text news tips/pix: 6462706358

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