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Welcome to the Merrick

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.
We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous,
talented and fabulous.
Actually, who are you not to be?

my loves
Li Rong
Michelle michelle
ET Laine
Xin Fu de Da Nu Ren
Friday. 2.11.05 1:54 am
*since seems like SOME pple thinks i'm out of whack/went over the bend recently, i'll prove u right. bleh~!*

Not to be cliche, but sometimes, i feel so fortunate.

I'm not going to go into the no lack of food, no lack of clothes, roof over my head, no natural disasters blah blah etc.

When it comes to financials, there is always Joan "Loanshark" to go to. So far, i've not reached the limit of my credit line. so i can't tell you much maximum is the loan amt.

den its proj work, tutorials, last min exam tips (i'm not exactly the most hardworking gal in class) there's always T "the lor sor dodo". Been doing projects with the fella for 3 years. can say know his working style already and out of the few times we are not grped together, esp the last CSB, i realised the error of my ways when i got stuck with KS.

Coz my mum doesn't cook dinner. and if i want dinner at home, its pretty much up to me to cook, i end up having almost all of my dinners outside. usually, Audrey "the perverted ger" would accompany me for dinner. so much so she has gained a fair bit of weight ( i do feel a bit guility lah~ muhahaha) coz she still has to finish a 2nd dinner her mum cooked at home. not to mention being a confidente and advisor when i have problems.

Fad "the secretary" would help me keep track of things i gotta do, test rooms, test times, wat to study, sometimes-my apptments with pple, or once i a while morning calls when i have to wake up real early. even club activities, she'll make all the arrangements and i'll just go and show my face/complete what ever i have to do.

For sch work where I'm completely lost, there's Hock "the Buffett Fan" whu at the least twist my head in the right direction. and point out stuff i've overlooked. His white hair is not for nothing k? Hock considers and thinks thru lots of stuff before arriving at a decision.

of coz there is Ben "the dodo brother". so used to him helping me with this and that. seldom buy drinks at the drink stall, coz ben would help me buy. i seldom have to carry anything, heavy or otherwise. coz the Wei LiangZ always kenna bullied into carrying stuff fer me. my bro is also the one whu makes me slow down when i'm overworked/overstressed.

Since young i've been pampered. I'm wilful, expect too much, want things done my way, opiniated and have a temper to boot.

dare i say i'm pampered now? despite my tendency to scold pple, these are the same pple whu has given me help when i needed it. dun mind getting scolded a bit when they dun have to take my crap. so, yes. I'm feeling really fortunate.

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The Romantic View
Friday. 2.11.05 1:05 am
The romantic view--why do pple get married?

There are millions of pple in this world. And when they die no one will ever know they existed. People get married so that they will have a witness. A witness to their lives.

A witness for the good things, the bad things. A witness for the exciting things, the mundane things. To have some one to promise that: "Yes, I will witness your life" as you witness mine.

-Lines from Shall We Dance (as i rem it lah)

The romantic view--why do pple blog?

There are millions of pple in this world. Out of this millions there are pple whu assume 2,3 or even more identities in the cyber world. Whu is to know who is real or not. People blog so as to make their voices heard. To let their friends or someone in the world whu has stumbled upon their blog keep a witness.

a witness to the good the bad and exiting the mundane. someone whu will read abt your feeling, thots and things that happened to you today. That cute guy u saw that you are bursting to tell everyone. That decision that took you forever to make. Although there is no promise, but there is a chance of having someone out there whu is willing to be your witness.

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