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a dream that comforted
Thursday. 1.10.08 11:14 am
I'm not exactly tired, but I can't stop yawning. I guess the air supply in my lungs just won't stay at the requied amount.

I have a minor problem right now. In the past when I've had dreams about certain things, it bugs me because I want it to come true. One of my dreams that did actually come true could have gotten me in serious trouble. It didn't, but the risk was still there.

Last night I had a dream about Sam. I was over at his house with him; it was kinda late {around 11ish or so} and we were just cuddling together under a blanket watching movies. It was one of the most comforting dreams I've had in a while. The problem? I want it to happen. I miss cuddling and in this dream it was almost perfect. {the only way it would have been perfect is if it hadn't been a dream}

The dream skips ahead a couple hours {it's now almost 2am} and he's suddenly hungry. But what he's hungry for, he doesn't have in his house so he askes if I'm okay with going out. I laugh, say it's no problem and we head out to his car. We get just about to his car and he stops almost as if he's forgotten something. He looks at me, smirks and says he'll be right back. Go ahead and get in the car. This confuses me, but because it's cold out, I get in the car.

I watch as he runs over to his neighbor's house, grabs the sprinkler places it just so on the lawn and turns it on. Then he books it back over to the car, gets in and we drive off. I look at him and ask what that was all about.

He tells me he's been pulling this prank on his neighbor for about a week. He goes out in the middle of the night, sets the sprinkler so that the aim is at the bedroom window. He turns it on and the sound of the water hitting the window wakes them up. By the time they get out of the house to find out what's going on, he's back inside. This is the first time he'd driven away, but we're so far away now, it won't matter. The funny part is that they'd asked him to keep an eye out for whoever is doing it because his window faces their yard. I laugh at how dumb they appear to be for not having figured it out already.

The dream skips ahead and now we're back at his place, cuddling again, but now he's got his food. {I can't remember what it was he wanted} He askes me if I'm tired and I say a little, but there was no point in sleeping. I had to be at work at 6am {it was now just after 3am} so he'd just be dropping me off at work. He felt a little bad for keeping me up, but I told him it wasn't the first time I'd be going in on no sleep. And I was happy staying up because I was with him. We both smiled and focused our attention back to the TV.

Then I wake up.

It was the most comforting dream I've had in quite a long while and because it was with Sam, I want it to happen. Oh well. Maybe it will, maybe it won't. Only time will tell.

Alright, I think this has been long enough. I might write again later tonight. It depends on if there's anything good enough to write about.

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Wednesday. 1.9.08 5:28 pm
So I was going to take a nap around 3ish, but by the time I got Lotus put back in her tank and finished texting people, it was closer to 4. And I watch It Takes a Thief at 4. I'm not sure why I like that show, but I seem to have to watch it whenever it's on.

So I layed down to watch it and oddly enough, with as tired as I was, I managed to stay awake through the whole hour with not much effort.

So here I am ... 5:31pm and awake. I've been up for just over 14 hours. Which isn't too bad. I would wake up at 8am and be up until midnight. Just to wake up at 8am the next morning.

I just realized I started the last three 'paragraphs' with the word "so." I unintentionally did that. I apologize for the annoyance it might cause some people.

Anywho, Sam hasn't called yet. I'm not surprised, nor am I really affected. I'm not expecting him to call at all, let alone in just a day. I mean, he only got my number just over 24 hours ago.

On Sunday{?} I bought two 24 packs of 1/2 litre bottles of Dasani and I'm just about finished with one. That means I'm averaging about 3 litres of water a day. At least it's good for you.

One of the boxes of pillows I opened today was actually really cute. They were animal pillows that could either be a pillow or a stuffed animal. A piece of velcro was holding the two sides closed. The pig was the cutest {even though I'm not a fan of pink.} The cat was the ugliest. I just didn't look right. I would have liked the hippo ... if it wasn't pink. Hippos are not supposed to be pink. Pigs are. Hence me dealing with the color.

Uhm, my day was very typical. I didn't work too hard. I didn't slack off either. I'm off tomorrow and then I have to be at work at 2am Friday. I'm okay with that because by going in two hours earlier means I get to leave two hours earlier. Only one hour of being open, having to deal with the early riser customers.

Alrighty, I'm done.

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*le sigh*
Tuesday. 1.8.08 7:33 pm
I'm not actually upset, I just don't feel good. Don't worry, I'm not getting sick again. Let's just say being a female sucks ... for about 60 days of the year.

Anywho, after my much appreciated comments yesterday from southern. the-muffin-man and nuttz I thought about my spending in the last couple months and due to Christmas and the New Year, I have spent a bit more than I had originally thought. I saved most of my receipts and the extra money that was spent was on food that I didn't keep the receipts for.

I guess I start from page one again. Saving up money from the beginning.

In other news, I got to talk to Sam a little bit more today. Still didn't find anything out other than he's from Cali and this is the only other place he's lived. He's got more money than I do ... I'm a little jealous, but not enough to affect my emotions. After about 10 minutes of talking {and realizing just how much more of a life he's got than I do} I said that we should hang out sometime. In which he replied by getting my number. The only issue I have is that now I have to answer all the calls of numbers that I don't recognize because I never got his number. Fine by me though. I can cuss out the idiots who refuse to understand "you have the wrong number!"

I told Tony that I liked him and told him not to say anything. . . with the small hope that he might. I don't think he ever said anything to Mario, though, so he might not with Sam. Oh well. I can only hope for the best if and when Sam finds out. This is one of those situations where I hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.

I'm beginning to really hate the holidays. All of them, in general ... with the exception of Halloween; which will always be my favorite. It's disgustingly ridiculous just how commercialized all the holidays are. I was working on putting out Valentine's, St. Patrick's Day and Easter shit and was getting more and more annoyed with every box I opened.

I mean seriously? Basketball, soccer and football Easter Eggs? WFT?! I don't even know who came up with the association between Easter and eggs, but really? What the fuck is wrong with regular colored plastic eggs? The cheap kind I had when I was a child? The way holidays are looked at these days are just bullshit.

*ahem* Sorry. I didn't mean for this to turn into a rant. But I guess I'm done now. I'll write again tomorrow.

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Monday. 1.7.08 2:26 pm
I've been working for about 2 1/2 months now, making the same amount of money I was making when I left Tucson. I'm not working quite as many hours, but it adds up to about the same amount of pay.

I had the rent, cable bill, cell phone bill and food to pay for. I didn't have a lot of extra money, but I had enough to indulge in chocolate and go to the movies every so often.

Here, I pay my cell phone bill {which is actually about $40 less than it was in Tucson} and I buy some of the food I eat. Other than that, I don't have to pay for anything. How is it, that I'm more broke now than I was when I was living on my own? I'm not sure how it works, but it's happening.

I'm moving in July and I need the save up money for that. I'm not even thinking about saving up money for the tattoos that I want or the piercing that I want. That's not top priority right now. There are a few extra things I want to buy {such as every-so-often movie tickets}, but other than that the money I get will be put away.

I still have no idea how I'm more broke now than when I was having to spend money each month. Oh well. Hopefully in the next couple months I won't be as broke.

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posting for the sake of posting
Sunday. 1.6.08 7:22 pm
My day was very uneventful. Not too long ago, I was so bored that I counted every piece of candy in the bag I have. How incredibly lame.

So there's this new ... well, I guess he's not really new; he's been there for about a month ... guy at my work. I'm sort of crushing on him. We talked, through myspace messages, for about an hour last night. I didn't get to know anything more than I already knew.

I wonder if we'll talk tonight.

And I wonder how he'd take it if he found out I had a crush on him. Would he like me back? Doubtful. But I say that with every guy I like. And that's the thought that remains until I'm proven otherwise.

Haha, this is completely lame. I'm drawing a blank as to what else to write. This is the end. For today ...

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Saturday. 1.5.08 7:18 pm
I'm clueless as to what to write about.

Yesterday was uneventful. I got up around 11am-ish. Got in the shower and around noonish headed out to get my paycheck. Ma and I stopped at the bank to deposit money {I have the direct deposit paper, I just haven't gotten around to giving it to my boss} and then we stopped at Smart & Final on the way home to get water.

When I got home, I did nothing.

Today I worked from 4am to noon. I managed to get almost 3 pallets out. I probably would have gotten the remainder of the third one done, but I needed to help my coworker with what she was doing. I didn't mind though.

I'm off the next two days.

Oh!! The Carl's Jr that they were building up the road finally opened!!! It's about effing time too. We've been waiting for it to open since we found out what they were building there. Today was a training/trial period. They opened the doors for 3 hours and the food was free. It was good. If the service remains the way it was today {and if I have the money} I'll be going there more often.

Uhm, I think that's it. I'll write again tomorrow.

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