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Books I have completed reading since January 2018:

1. No Man's Nightingale - Ruth Rendell
2. One Day - David Nicholls
3. The Door - Margaret Atwood
Kiri Kanan x2 [Left, right]
Saturday. 1.13.07 12:25 am
I was hanging out with jolenesiah this evening and we were talking about the slice of a Malaysian life. And one of them we chatted about was kiri kanan kiri kanan [left right, left right]. This is a term we came up for people who took ectasy pills in order to fling flung their head. So we came up with a substitute method which is absoultely free and easy access... Do you remember those days in school where teachers and parents taught you how to cross the road? You look left then right then left and so on right??? So that was the substitution idea we came up with. Roads in Malaysia are already horrible but what further aggravates this situation is the drivers. Drivers are quite road illiterate and they really got the guts not to stop despite red light or green light for pedestrian. And the whole night I was just telling jolenesiah to 'cross now or R.U.N!!!!' So by looking kiri kanan kiri kanan until you can't control your neck movement is the ultimate replacement for ectasy pills.

Good night.

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Amazing things
Thursday. 1.11.07 6.23 pm
I actually submitted a new blog entry yesterday but I just don't know why the processing was interrupted so now here I am publishing a new entry. Unbelievable.

One of the amazing things I wanted to annouce is I got a flat screen computer in my office. I'm just one of the 2 lucky persons to get a flat screen other than the receptionist. Unbelievable. Everything from the monitor to the mouse is brand new. Exciting isn't it? And I have already uploaded my songs and iTune into the computer. And hey, it's renewing my energy in working...

Another thing is I was not in the mood to do office work since we still don't have internet so I just spent the whole day writing an article in response to an article in the Star yesterday but I'm not sure if the Star or the Sun will publish it because the article looks very amateur and err... sounds like gibbering. I will upload it when the internet is back in my office.

And today, my workmate asked me to draw somethin something for his friend to interpret my drawing. Can't wait for the results.

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New Year T-shirt!!!
Sunday. 1.7.07 8:50 pm
I'm happy today because I managed to buy a very nice T-shirt from Tropicana Life. This is a local own and produced T-shirt and I'm glad to support this shop. But unfortunately I could only get one tee since they don't have the sizes that I want though I feel like buying every one of them in the shop. And I was quite surprised to see one of the Malaysian mangaka in the coming design on the tee. That was pretty cool.

Remote viewing in cool but it's not cool when I was scrying to see cars on the road.

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Sleepy Saturday
Saturday. 1.6.07 10:19 pm
I went to the Star's education fair today and I was giving a hard time to the Informatics staff. Not I really want to but I was just taking into account of taking which course to study part time. I was indeed torn in between gaming and animation and network and cybersecurity. Oh well, I ended up choosing the latter since it's more job related. Arghh......

Just want to share this article, Rich in the 20s, with you guys.

You guys want to be rich young right?

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Sad Friday
Friday. 1.5.07 12:00 am
Today was a sad day.

Someone I knew was practically injured and I was so sad that I could feel my tears on the verge of my eyes. But I of course tried to be cool and calm and collected, whereby my heart was fully wrenched. Friends of mine who are also a friend of this person were so sad. My mum was sad as well.

Although today was a sad day, I have thought of something interesting to begin 2007. Something realistic to achieve one of my dreams for this year and I hope people surrounding me would also help me out with this idea. Can't tell you guys at the moment because it's related to patent/copyright.

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Greatest thing to start 2007
Wednesday. 1.3.07 10:55 pm
Today is the greatest thing to start my 2007 year. I received good news from my boss today, whereby I'm now officially a staff of his company and I got some incremement. I was just grinning all afternoon in the office which frightened my guy workmate was frightened by my grin. But who cares? I was just top of the world and then back to hell because I have not started working on my latest assignment which I'm supposed to finish last week? Whatever...

Today I discovered why another boss of mine was gloomy for the past few days, which includes last month: her team members were not getting any better sales than another team manager. I was just laughing evilly in my heart. Oh come on, if you want sales, you need patience since we need to talk to the right target not every target which just exhaust us. Thanks to me, she's reaping quite a good $$ for last month. Otherwise, she would only get 20 000 sales for December.

That's all. I can't wait to invest in my sister's program... No!! I forgotten to ask my financial planner friend to help me out with my retirement plan.

Whatever ...

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