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*~ Eat when u r hungry
*~ Money is not the most important thing
*~ Have faith in something you feel strongly about
*~ Respect all religions
*~ Don't take life so seriously
*~ Give hugs
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*~ Be passionate about your job
*~ Invest in a good eye cream
*~ Don't waste food
*~ Respect elders
*~ Don't be afraid to have a say!
*~ Love animals

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Being sick makes me sad
Wednesday. 10.17.07 10:44 am
Ever since I was a lil girl I have always felt really down and sad when I am sick. I feel really awful and just want to crawl into a cave and hide. I don't know why but I just don't like being sick. It makes me feel rather useless and I can't do anything due to the lack of energy.

That's what I am feeling now...I have this stupid virus! My nose won't stop running, my throat is so sore, I feel dizzy and nauseous, also I have lost my appetite and sense of taste! :( My sense of taste is very important to me, I guess in a way it fuels my moods and emotions. And without it I don't feel in a happy mood.

I would also like to take meds but I am breastfeeding, therefore it is not adviseable cuz the effects will go through the breastmilk. Probably making Sofia all drowsy too. I can't give her kisses and have to wash my hands everytime I handle her in case she gets the virus from me. So I am having to suffer and wallow in my sadness that I am ill. I hate being SICK!! Last night I had a high fever but I was feeling cold at the same time...that is the worst of all!

Basically during this time, when I am sick I will warn others I will not be happy and tend to be cranky. lol! Even though I am cranky...I still want hugs :) Hugs always seem to get rid of that 'sick' feeling.

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The summer heat...
Sunday. 10.14.07 10:15 pm
I enjoy and loathe the summer heat. Perth just had a taste of it this weekend, the temperatures hitting 29 degs, which is not the Summer average but close to it. I found it difficult to take Sofia out and about cuz our car doesn't have air con! We have been putting it off for ages, cuz we know we can put up with it...it helps us lose the fat through sweating haha. But yeh...now we have a lil tyke to worry about and she is very fussy with hot and cold...so a new car is prob in the the wish list now.

I discovered how to make her smile, and that is to blow in her face when she is hot. haha. She likes the feeling of cool air. It is good to see her smiling, cuz she frowns most of the time like her dad. A very big thinker with frowning brows. It is amazing when she does smile though, she doesnt give them out so often :)

I cant wait to go to the beach and one day Sofia will learn how to swim. Summer will be fun and not so much fun either...hmmm...Anyways I guess I am looking forward to it all the same. How I wish I were on holidays now...skip the blasted exams!! Also I hate the fact I have to sit one of my exams earlier than other uni students...this is a sacrifice so I cana go on holidays whilst everyone is stressing out over their papers. lol! *sigh* It's so hard to study though...with Sofia crying out and facebook being a distraction I have to go to the library... It is my only hope!!

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Get it off my chest..
Friday. 10.5.07 11:52 pm
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

If you know it, enter it; or, ask me for it.

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2nd go at ebay
Tuesday. 10.2.07 1:50 pm
I'm back on ebay again, selling stuff. I grew frustrated at the whole ebay thing last year when I tried to sell something and I paid my seller fees and Ebay tried to sacm more fees off me. My account got suspended in the end of course...and that was the end of buying and selling on ebay. :/

Now since I'm at home with free time in between minding Sofia I have used F's account to buy and sell stuff and it works. Though my first item I sold was under the auction price I wanted and postage costs were a bit pricey. I just need to practise more at selling and concentrate on earning a profit. At the moment I have been selling things that I do not use, such as extra junk I have just accumulated over the years.

I guess I rather have money for those items rather that use them up. I have too many smelly stuff, soaps, clothes etc and it would be of better use to others than myself. Plus I am wanting to save up money for spending in Msia and this is one way to do it ;)

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OMG! That's a BIG BABY!
Saturday. 9.29.07 2:23 pm

17 pounds baby girl born in Moscow

Sofia and I went to the office yesterday and she was such a terrific lil girl. She didn't cry when she was being carried by others, but she did when she was finally feeling hungry. It was good to go into the office and show her off to everyone, plus it was nice to get out and speak to adults! I find myself conversing in baby-speak...even to Fernando! lol! We can't be bothered forming proper sentences but speak like 'dinner..eat..now'. hehe. It is quite embarassing when it happens as I am speaking to other adults. But yes, I was happy to take her on her first bus trip and introduce her to my fellow workmates.

When I was at work, my boss told me that a lady had given birth to a 17 pound baby! I didn't believe it until I saw an image of the baby on the news. All I could think of was 'OUCH'...and that lady would need a wheelchair during the whole pregnancy to get around. Imagine carrying an extra 8 kilos of baby on top of fluids, placenta etc!! Plus this mother has another 11 children, this is her twelveth! How courageous I say!

To add to that, I have been complaining these past few days of my wrists being sore. It is from carrying Sofia all the time and picking her up etc.. I am looking for a wrist brace cuz it has become that painful! And to think she is only 4kgs. To carry a 17 pound baby? I rather keep it in the pram, or my wrists will snap off. lol! The mother is Russian, those women built better than Asian women in the muscle department :p

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my love and hate rship with Spring
Sunday. 9.23.07 3:09 pm
It is exciting that Spring is here and Summer is on its way. I have been looking forward to this moment where the day is cool, yet the sun is still shining. It has also been raining every now and then which is good for the Summer months. But there is one HUGE peeve about it being Spring...and that is my annoyance with HAY FEVER!! I have probably complained about this last year, but I have to every year cuz it causes me too much strife! The red itchy eyes, the runny nose, the itchy skin and drowsiness....I hate it all! Though I heard somewhere, that hay fever sufferers are unlikely to have heart disease (prob bullshit to make me feel better!).

Having hay fever stops me from going outside. I have been wanting to start my exercise regime with F but the pollen puts me off stepping outside my door! I went to Harbourtown yesterday with Sofia to catch up with some Murdoch friends and my eyes were so itchy, I could hardly open them... *sigh* After that confinement period of being stuck at home, I have wanted to go out and now THIS!

Besides complaining about hayfever, I want to complain about passports. Since when did young babies have passports of their own? Maybe cuz it is my first child, I realise it is so expensive for babies to travel. $100 for a passport that will be valid for 5 years!! And her photo has to meet the standards, but what for?? She will change in another 2 months and wont look like the current photo. Also how come babies dont fly free? Now a ticket is $84!!! Come on! Since when did that happen... I know it doesnt sound like much, but as I have been saying lately 'It all adds up'. We are planning to go back to Msia in November and my ticket is already $890 :/

My current wish list, is to get:
-SONY Digital HD camcorder (yes High Def, and we dont even have a high def tv yet)
-Digital Camera (possibly Canon or Sony)
-new Mobile phone (prob Nokia AGAIN, or Sony Ericsson...or I could hold out for the iphone)
-ProMac (F and I will hold out for this too, possibly Jan 08, we want Leopard!!)

Some of these we will prob purchase in Msia. We haven't really gone shopping lately, so it will be exciting to get some retail therapy in :D YAY!

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