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Monday. 9.19.11 3:02 pm
So, Netflix has recently separated its DVD service from its streaming service, and raised the prices on their plans. They lost over 600,000 customers because of this. Now their CEO has issued a letter apologizing for being a horse's ass, but says there are no plans to reduce prices. Oh, and the DVD half of the company is changing its name to Qwikster. Great. So my extra monthly fees went towards buying that stupid name. What a silly company.

A customer came into the bank the other day with a glass jar full of coins. We have a coin machine, so he was allowed to run them through and get cash back. What he shouldn't have done is drop the glass jar to the ground before pouring the coins into the machine.

So our lobby floor was covered with coins and broken glass for awhile. I helped clean it up a bit. I got two glass cuts on my fingers from picking through coins so the glass wouldn't damage our machine. And the cuts are in such a place that I can't play the uke or guitar. At least until they heal. Damn it.

*sips water*

Oh well. How are you guys?

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UPS: Day 2.
Friday. 9.9.11 2:06 pm
UPS: Day 2

A UPS truck came by the office today. I gallivanted with glee towards the door, only to realize that my package wasn't on board.

O, woe! "For I need my ultimate instrument! Hand it to me thusly, and with speed, good sir!" But to no avail.

Where doth Excalibur's offspring lie? Not a soul knows this. No officer, from any institution, can examine this question with confidence in resolution.

I'ma slap somebody.

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Dear UPS
Thursday. 9.8.11 3:20 pm
Dear UPS,

Deliver my damn package. It is sitting on a truck. Now bring it to my desired location. If you are unable to because you felt a few raindrops on your brow, then politely inform me, and I shall accommodate you accordingly by picking up the package myself.

Failure to deliver said package could result in violent thoughts, including but not limited to:

- shaking my fists at the sky
- cursing
- feet stomping

Please take this into consideration.



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broke at the neck.
Tuesday. 8.30.11 10:53 am
I like Call of Duty: Black Ops. I play it some.

I'm on XboxLive if anyone cares. My gamertag is halfthaiALLMAN.

Enjoy losing to me.


Hi 'tangers, what's the happy-hap?

I have been watching tons of Parks and Recreation. The show is hilarious. Give it a try.

I also saw Captain America. It was mildly entertaining. Let's see, what else...

I haven't played music in a few days. My ukulele broke at the neck and I need a new one. :(

What's new with you guys?

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Tuesday. 7.26.11 3:31 pm
I bought a condenser microphone. I hope it works well with recording my uke.

It's hot here in Baltimore.

How are you all?

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Friday. 6.24.11 8:40 am
Agnosticism is becoming frustrating. I sat at my desk and my eyes teared up as I thought about complete nonexistence after death.


I don't know what to do. My mind is incapable of wrapping around the existence of a known god. This isn't fair.

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when you buy my things it makes me happy.
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