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Miss Pandora

Age. 35
Gender. Female
Ethnicity. Asian
Location Adelaide, Hong Kong
School. Other
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Wednesday. 4.7.04 6:36 pm
Late again.
I pressed the alarm, and sleep agian.
Not until I received Crystal's call, and it was 3mins to 9.
So, I told her to tell Maria that I'd be late.

I arrived an hour late.
When I sat down, Joris asked where did the noise come from? and Crystal asked any belts with me? I said no. And then I realised that was came from my glass-bangles, so I waved my arm and made the sounds. Finally tell off by Maria said I made too much noises since I arrived.

I met Nora after class, so we went to library together. However, she received her friends' call and asked her to meet at Market City. After we reached there, we find they were having lunch, so we left and go to library to get a discussion room.

Everyone is hanging in library.
I saw Anna when I walked to the reference books shelf, and on the way back to discussion, I met Lena. My account hasn't been fixed, so I can't borrow books. Since this is week 6, the stuffs said it'll be fix within 2 days each time I asked them. I don't even remember how many times I walked in student services for account problem.

I find Sandy in the discussion when I back, and she asked me to proof-read her group writing. Oh, I am not able to do this. My english is not good enough. I asked Lena for help, and she nearly re-wrote the writing!!!!
Anyway, Thanks Lena!!!!
And I joked that the teacher will be big surprise for their english.

I talked to Lena for a whilst, and she went back to study (I should learn from her). Then Nora and me went to student services for the account again. This time, a lady called Dianne helps us, she tried to phone different department to solve out the problem. She finally left our mobile to IT department, and said if we don't receive calls from them tomorrow, come to see her again, see what she can do for us.
She was the most helpful person that I met in Student Service.

We went to the Taiwanese resterant located at the ground floor of Prince Centre for lunch (it was 4pm). We went to computer lap at Prince Centre, because Nora needed to do her homework, and I wanted to write diary and check mail. When I was sitting down, felt something hitting me, and it was Hugh hitted me with his newspaper, I didn't know he was sitting next to me.

We left at 5:30pm, and I tried to revenged Hugh, but not successed.

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a tuesday
97th day of 2004
I arrived media analyse on time.
(I used long time to struggle on bed, though!)

This week's topic is reality tv, I don't interesting to, because I find they are boring and silly. Exaggerate and fake acting, they should all go to acting school. Reality tv, can you really be nature and true when camera is focusing on you?

Crystal came to class, finally, but she lefe after break to met her boyfriend.

I met Lena outside Market City, we walked to Town Hall together,as she was going for bus, and I was going for window shopping. On the way to Town Hall, She reminded me the homework for ACAD, and I completely forgot. Thanks Lena!

I broguht her to a shop on Geroge Stree, which sells snacks from Japan. I bought a strawberries candy contain five different favours: strawberries milk, strawberries soda, strawberries with chocolate, strawberries with apple and peach, and strawberries. And Lena bought a kiwi favour candy.

Lena said she wanted to go to Grace Bros to look at Anna Sui products, and I told her the Anna Sui countre was closed, but she still want to have a look. We asked the sales, and they said they don't sell Anna Sui anymore. I don't understand why they closed the countre though.

We went to David Jones, I showed her the strawberries milkshake shower gel from Philosophy, I like that shower gel, but a bit expensive for me. Don't want to spend all the money at the beginning of month.

We went to the Sky Garden, which is a mall opposite to David Jones, Lena showed me the shop sells brands, she told me the belt that she want to buy, it is cool, and has different sizes, the cheapest one coist $500(s).

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Believe me! I am hard working
Friday. 4.2.04 3:25 am

3rd Apr - Make up class of 105
13th Apr - Assessment hand in for 107
14th Apr - Vocab Quiz for 103
17th Apr - Make up class for 105 (again)
19th Apr - Project outline for 106
22nd Apr - Excursion for 108
24th Apr - Make up class for 106
27th Apr - Assessment hand in for 109
28th Apr - Assessment Outline 103

3rd April, Mick's make up class (not cosmetic).
I missed last lesson and test, that was 10%, so I made up a medical cert.
He did't know that (or pretended he didn't know),
I need to work hard on Comm 105,

And finished all homework from Comm 107.
Write notes for Comm 108
Read Text for Comm 109.
Design project from Comm 106.

And a job.

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I finally go to english lesson
91th day of 2004
Today is the 91th day of 2004, time is flying away!!!

need to Work hard!

need to Work hard!

need to Work hard!

need to Work hard!

need to Work hard!

need to Work hard!

need to Work hard!

need to Work hard!

need to Work hard!

need to Work hard!
(say 30 more times)

My alarm rang at 7am, and I wake up at 8am. My first time attend acad since the new teacher -maria come.
Crystal was same as me.

i was worried that the maria'd ask "Oh, who are you? Are you student from my class?" Luckily, this doesn't happen. However, she showed her surprise when she called my name on roll, then she asked "where is Crystal, THEN?" Little did I know who is Crystal. LOL

I think she is better than Barbara, and she has a clear voice, but I couldn't help to close my eyes for a few times. Alas! Joris and Hugh were playing rugby during break, most of us watch them to play, and pretend that we don't know the time to go back.

It was pain to wait to 1pm. I went to kinokoniya - a Japanese bookstore in Town Hall, and I saw Iku there. Went back home to sleep, award I wake up early, and arrived on time.

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missed the test
Monday. 3.29.04 6:02 am
I supposed to have a test today.

But I missed it.

I wake up by a good-luck-sms from Karen, that was 11am, so I wake up for afternoon class. We made typography this afternoon, interesting stuffs, and time goes by quickly.

Joris sang during the break, Lena tried to push him out of the classroom, but she is too weak to do so. Then Joris danced with Lena (she was inactive, indeed), and fall on the floor together. At the same time, the computer assistance came in, he was shock when he saw it.

Karen asked about the test this morning. Thank you for concerns, but I didn't go as I was overslept. She was shock and thought I was kidding.
She wasn't happy because Adrain gossip around between friends that karen goes after good-looking guys in the campus. Oh, please stop doing things like this!! What's so surprise for girls go after guys, expecially good-looking guys.

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Someone cooked for me at mid-night, thanks
Friday, 19 March 2004
Forgot to set alarm!
wake up at 10am, wondering should I go to school?
Class started at 10am.
And finally, I decided to sleep.

I had a date with Mark at 8:30pm, because Sandy went to party without him. I arrived QVB at 8:25pm, guess he'd be late, and he was ... big late. I was first walked inside QVB, and then sat on the bench to wait for him. He couldn't recongise me!! We had four people tonight, mark, katharine, yen and me.

We went to drink and chat, time goes by so fast, Mark said he needed to go to train station with Yen, and asked us to wait for him. However, he didn't come back after an hour, so Kartharine and me went outside to find some food. We walked along Geroge Street and go back to the pub, met Mark and Sandy. He went to pick Sandy up, no wonder he took long time.

We went to another pub for another drink, and I felt so hungry, then I went to their home. The couple cooked for me, I felt so lucky, have someone cook for me at mid-night.

I left at 5:30 or 6:00, went back home for some sleep, and I know they were tired too. I arrived Town Hall Station around 6:30am, but all platform closed except dondi junction, Hurtsville, and Sturland. I catched train to Central and changed for another tain back home. I didn't use the mechine when I arrived Strathfield, I showed my ticket to the staff, and he pretended to tear off my ticket. Hey, mine is weekly ticket!!!

I had to remove make up even I was tired, then I got to sleep.

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