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Tiger's SMS Hotline... Malaysia
Tigers' Life in the Mother Earth
Updated 16 Feb 09

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The tiger is our national animal. Our heritage. But today only less than 500 of them
remain in the wild. As Malaysians, we need to stand up and protect our heritage.
Speak to your children. Speak to your leaders. Everyone of us can make a difference.
For further information, please visit MYCAT (www.malayantiger.net), WWF Malaysia
(www.wwf.org.my) and Department of Wildlife & National Parks (www.wildlife.gov.my)


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An Amur tiger and cub at Edinburgh Zoo. Photograph: David Cheskin/PA

There are now just a few thousand tigers left. Seven hundred mountain gorillas. A hundred Iberian lynx. Can we do anything to help them? Emine Saner looks at 10 animals we just have to save - and how you can get involved ....
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Source : The Guardian

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Siberian Tigers Could Face Extinction (Digital Journal)
Wednesday. 7.22.09 10:12 pm
Dear Diary,

According to the latest news (not so latest) , Siberian Tigers may faced extinction based of the new genetic study of Siberian Tigers. Studies shows that only few are capable of reproducing and often the actual number of wild tigers do not reflect the effectiveness of reproducing.

And thanks to human uncontrolable development, soon, our next generation will have an extra tiger sub-species in the extinction list.

Siberian Tigers are my favour sub species, because they are huge (the biggest in the Tiger family) and beautiful (fur) because of them, i started my love of tigers, when knowing the news that they may face extinction, the feeling was like a knife stab into my heart.

3 Sub-species out of 9 had extinct, Java, Caspian, and Bali tigers.

Not only illegal poaching driving the wild tigers to extinction, but self-fish human development too. Stop! and Save the Wild Tigers... they are earth citizen too!

Further information please visit this website.

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----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- These little long stories, belongs to my crazy little mind, these fancy funny photos, belongs to my crazy little eyes, so please dont plagiarize, or my little angry devil will come into your mind. Hence~ All contents here Copyright 2006 - 2100 mizutama.
Red Bean Konnyaku Jelly (Azuki Konnyaku)~
Tuesday. 7.21.09 11:00 pm
Dear Diary,

I have left over konnyaku jelly powder due to my stupidity (thats y my orange n chocolate konnyaku jelly failed miserably - did not pour all the powder so my jelly was so soft and texture was so weird.)

Since it been there for so long, i decided to use the left over to make Red Bean Konnyaku~ is pretty easy tho, but 1st you have to cook your Red Bean.

Red Bean
Pandan Leaf

Soften Red Bean
Konnyaku Powder
Water (use red bean water~)

1. Use slow pot to cook the Red Bean over night until it became soft~
2. (dont blend the Red Bean cause it hardly hold when it became jelly)
3. Place the red bean in your mold and set aside
4. Mix the sugar and konnyaku powder together, and pour into the water (red bean water) and bring in to boil. Set aside and continue stir for 5 minutes or until the bubble dissappear.
5. Pour the jelly mixture into the mold, let it cool before keeping it in the refrigerator.
6. Taste good when it is serve in cold. :D

Oh and is very good for health too :D

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----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- These little long stories, belongs to my crazy little mind, these fancy funny photos, belongs to my crazy little eyes, so please dont plagiarize, or my little angry devil will come into your mind. Hence~ All contents here Copyright 2006 - 2100 mizutama.
The Secret Soul (fiction) - Short Story V1
Monday. 7.20.09 11:14 pm
Dear Diary,

Another silly attempt of writing a story that was in my mind for long, erm is hang tho...hope u like it :D


Run Eureka, run to the bush, hide at the secret pavement I once showed you, remember no matter what happen, don’t ever come out, I promise, I’ll be back very soon to get you, but remember…… Mummy always loves you.

“NO…..! MUMMY……”


“What do you want to be, Eureka?”

“An Assassin…. Mummy.”
Eureka jumps off from the bed, realizing that she had once again wet her pillow. The dream had been haunting her ever since she witness her mother being killed by a group of unknown, she only remembers they were all wearing black, covered from head to toes, as if they were a group of ninja. She check her clock and it shows 3.45am, so she lay back again to her bed and trying to catch some sleep before attending her graduation ceremony.

The alarm clock rang, and put Eureka in high alert and energetic mood, she rushes to the bathroom to have herself clean and changed to formal attire before heading towards the kitchen to prepare breakfast for herself and her “Guru”. Today considered a big day for both of them, as Eureka is soon a graduate and will receive actual tasks for the first time in her life.

“Good morning Guru, how are you feeling today? Your breakfast is ready.” As the Guru walking down from his bedroom, he identifies the similar energetic Eureka jumping and hopping around the kitchen trying to get the breakfast done. He chuckle a little when he recall the past, when Eureka first stepped into the house being a disturbed and curious child, she will smash whatever came across her to show her anger and poke and cut off the small animals to satisfy her curiosity. But as time passes by, Eureka had turned into a lovely teenager and today, she finally will leave this house. Tears started streaming off Guru’s eyes betraying his well known famous macho.

“Good morning Eureka, you often as energetic as ever, let’s see did you burn my bread again?”

“No, not today, today is my big day and Guru, I’ll be receiving my first real task, and I can’t wait to complete it to shows you that I am your very good student.”
Having a piece of bread munching between her mouth while the left hand holding a cup of hot cocoa.

“I’m proud of you, I never worries about you, except when you prepare my burn breakfast. My girl, remember behind every fears are the freedoms await. Remember my teaching, remember the skill you had learned from me, remember your mind holds the key to success, learn and be like the tiger, predator of the wild, they are patient enough to hunt to get their big prey.”

“I will remember all the teaching you had taught me, and I will never disappoint you, this is my promise to you and my Mother.”


Along the way to the graduation destination, Eureka remains silent, while her Guru does the driving. A lot of memories from the past flew through Eureka’s head and sometimes she chuckle a little over her silliness but often enough her betraying tears well up her eyes. She knew today is going to be the last day in the learning world, and also means that she will have to leave her Guru and started her new professional life. She fears of failure to perform the first task, but deep beneath her heart, she knew she will perform it well because she wanted this profession life and been hoping to graduate as fast as when she stepped into the school.

As her Guru pulled over his car at the parking lots provided, Eureka senses her heart started beating fast. She know, from today onwards, her new life journey begin. “Mummy, soon I’ll revenge for you.”


“Now put your hands together and give a big applause to Eureka Quinn, representing the graduates to give a speech of appreciation. Eureka Quinn, is the first class honor student who broke the historical records of the school, earning and setting the new records after 100 years of history.” As Eureka walked towards the stage, the hall is surrounded with cheering and applause from the audience and echoes.

“Thank you ladies and gentlemen, the organizer, my beloved teachers and of course my Guru, without you, I wouldn’t be here standing on the stage graduating with first class honor, and breaking the school historical records. Today representing all the graduates, we would like to thanks the school for providing this special profession to train us, to mold us to become today’s highly demanded profession. I sincerely apologize on behalf of my friends and myself for the wrong doings we had done in the past 10 years.”

“My fellow classmates, one day we might be enemy in the field, but never forgot the times we had spent together, the laughter we shared, the tears we shred. If one day we happen to meet face to face, and to follow the order, never blame, never hate but be grateful.”

“We know we have to get things done which we been taught in school at the very first lesson, no matter who they are, right or wrong we are not the judge, we only follows order of the clients, but remember, we are free lances, the clients have no rights to control over mind and our soul, they only give us the target and deadline.”

“Be a free soul, and punish the evil soul. Thank you.”


“Your first client is waiting for you at the 10th tree from this bush go straight and the code name is T-I-G-E-R-F-A-N-G-S."




“Hello Eureka, well I supposed this is not your real name, but allow me to introduce myself, I am Devan, and I have a task for you, I am aware that you broke the historical records of fast and sharp shooter, and being a first class honor, however, the real life often differ from the classroom environment.”

“You don’t have to lecture me about that, I been in the school for my entire youth, trust me, in this profession I know way better than you do.”

“Interesting, let’s get back to our business, this is the target, Vinga James, he is C.E.O of Jupirian, although he been stressing that the company practice social responsibilities, but recent years, data collected from the spy shows the other way, he is running underground business which exploiting the poor and children underage in illegal mining of scar resources and exported it to the neighboring planet that our planet having war with. We need him dead to gain the access to the mines and winning the upcoming war. Further details, is provided in this file.”
As he passes the pictures and a file to Eureka from behind the tree. This is one of the rules in the assassin world, Rules 10, never let the client see your face, and never see your client face.


“ One week from now. After finishing the task, called this number and we will meet here again.”

“Okay, bye.” Eureka walked swiftly towards the road, and in her mind she started planning and processing the data she received from the client.


To Be Continue If i still have the ideas

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----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- These little long stories, belongs to my crazy little mind, these fancy funny photos, belongs to my crazy little eyes, so please dont plagiarize, or my little angry devil will come into your mind. Hence~ All contents here Copyright 2006 - 2100 mizutama.
Bon Odori 2009 (Penang) Disclaimer: lots of pics
Sunday. 7.19.09 9:54 am
Dear Diary,

After a 2 years break of not joining the fun of Bon Odori, this year i once again stepped my foots over the greenie grass of Esplanade together with sensei no musume tachi (teacher's daughters), since i do not wish to drive there, and since my teacher needed someone to accompany the daughters, so i tag along ~ win win situation :D.

We reached the destination around 530pm, and you bet, kondeimashita yo (was crowded), we walked around the field, and bought our RM20 coupons (dislike the system tho but i think was fair) and started wondering off the stalls, seems like a food fair than a Bon Odori for me, but since it had already combined the culture of Malaysian, so nothing more to expect right? Not much of edible foods, since it were too expensive, one small korokke charged RM5 @@'' TOTEMO TAKAI DESU! so i pass and bought myself a toriyaki (mada mada oishii) and mushroom and fish tempura.

We lurked around the area, wanted to try our luck at "Gold Fish Catching" but the crowd was horrible, so we passed, after our dinner, we went straight to the stage to enjoy the dance performances prepared by the organizer, dancers from Penang Japanese Foundation, from Japan and etc.

the 1st dance performance while i was there was Souran Bushi, Fisherman dance, i thought Hikawa Kiyoshi Souran Bushi will become the background song, but to my dissappointment it did not, seems like every years the songs never changed... YAWN.... after Souran Bushi was the dancers from Japan, and followed by the local Japanese :D yes the dances were nice, and the songs were okay, haha but it always have the Rasa Sayang song @@''.

Once the dances started to repeat, we headed to SGGS haunted house that gave me a good laugh. We were there queing and i found RM7 coupons, but later i found the owner so i gave it back, (am i stupid? nah!). The haunted house was not scary at all, and it smell so strange with all the sweat ! eww... When we walked into the haunted house, i saw students wearing all those clothes, and seriously is not scary! And there was this "Ghost" trying to block my way, i used my fan to move his katana aside and walked pass, and once im out from the haunted house , i cant stop laughing, so did my teacher's daugther. this gonna be the last time im going to the haunted house.

When the clock hit 10pm, the firework (hanabi) display for 5 minutes were shown, it were beautiful, but of course we can't compare it to the real Hanabi at Japan, but overall I'm happy. :D

The Jam was horrible tho..

The Food Stalls

The expensive foods

Fans RM5 each


Japanese Dolls

Paper Dolls


Souran Bushi

Dancers from Japan

The Crowd


Any significant?

Our Fans :P my was from Japan 2008


Kawaii ne?

Gold FIsh Stall and Souvenir Store~

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----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- These little long stories, belongs to my crazy little mind, these fancy funny photos, belongs to my crazy little eyes, so please dont plagiarize, or my little angry devil will come into your mind. Hence~ All contents here Copyright 2006 - 2100 mizutama.
Bon Odori 2009 Here I Come~~~ (Japanese Ghost Festival)
Wednesday. 7.15.09 6:58 am
Dear Diary,

not so good picture taken year 2007 since camera was haywired

Yes, this year i found someone to go with me .... and another good point i dont need to drive during that day since it gonna be a headache just to look for a parking~

Hahah... hopefully it dont rain during that day... PRAY ~~ will updates with zillion pictures since my camera was fix years ago....


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----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- These little long stories, belongs to my crazy little mind, these fancy funny photos, belongs to my crazy little eyes, so please dont plagiarize, or my little angry devil will come into your mind. Hence~ All contents here Copyright 2006 - 2100 mizutama.
Teaching My Computer to Listen n Act
Monday. 7.13.09 12:23 am
Dear Diary,

It must be destined today for me to given a task to teach my computer to listen to my commands, since i lost my languages setting. Upon searching for the language settings, i found that my laptop have this Speech Recognition Function, as curious as always, i decided to try on it. Ended up i spent my whole day trying to teach my computer to understand my English.

I have to went through a long set of tutorial before I started applying to the day to day computer activities, so I learned simple commands like, Start Listening, Stop Listening, Enter, Close, Question Mark, Show Numbers and etc. oh and my most dislike word Next because the computer hardly understand me.

After finishing the tutorial, I tried to ask my computer to do some simple function, to my surprise, it did it yay her~ the Casablanca III but when come to dictation of text, she gave me only headache @@, seems like it have dyslexia which hardly identify s which will ended up f, t which ended up with p,b,g, and to, too, two she failed to identify, until today I yet to teach her that word, it need patient @@ , just like teaching a child. *maybe I pronounce it weirdly~*

I did some experiment on itunes, but she failed to identify the word I-TUNES, so I just asked her Show Numbers -> ok to start the player, and later I asked her to search for Gackt ~ to my surprise she found it in my first attempt , and when I asked her to click Enter the songs start playing ~~ aww sweetK

Too bad when trying to listen to songs, I have to off the voice recognition instead of Stop Listening because it will react to the songs and start operate my computer without me controlling. Good experience yesterday, I let the songs run while I went for quick shower, when I came back, Speech Recognition was on, and she was surfing my blog @@.

Overall is a fun experience, you can try it too, if you do not know where the speech recognition located, just click on Start type Speech Recognition at the search and have your voice on :D.

Note the tutorials were quite longK so just be patient K. :D enjoy :D

Extra notes: (well this is very basic which can get from the help) as time goes, it will learn new things, like now she knows that my network have a name, so when I said the name, she will search for it :D

To Start it say Start Listening
TO Stop it say Stop Listening
Need help? What shall I say This will pop up

To Close Close / Close That
To show what to click Show Numbers followed by Ok
To Enter Enter
To Start button Start
TO Cancel Cancel
To Minimize Minimize
TO show desktop Show desktop

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----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- These little long stories, belongs to my crazy little mind, these fancy funny photos, belongs to my crazy little eyes, so please dont plagiarize, or my little angry devil will come into your mind. Hence~ All contents here Copyright 2006 - 2100 mizutama.
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