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frostbitten/ can't stop the gods from engineering
Will U Be My Valentine? NO THANKS! Haha
Wednesday. 2.14.07 2:35 pm
listening to: Sappy Songs Playing On The Radio Because It's Valentines haha

Wakeke XD So much for internet-fasting!
I'm back!? LOL

Anihoooooo, yeyeah! It's Valentines people! HAPPY FRIGGIN VALENTINES TO Y'ALL!
Now to all those who have Valentinos/as, hearts hearts hearts for u!
To all the free lurkers out there, here's a kiss! Bwahahha
I'm crazy & i ♥ it! =P

Anihoo this day, February 14, 2007, is very important in this phase of my life.
This is Day 1 of Operation Carlos Rehabilitation or in ordinary language, the start of a Carlos-free life!? LOL
Too bad i didn't get to test it out coz today is a SNOW DAY! HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA
Hope i can get through this! Lol Keepin my fingers crossed! *wink*

Why oh why can't i ever get away from the computer?!!?!? It's friggin unbelievable! I can't live without internet anymore! Grr.. Lol
Whatever. Done ranting. =P

Now who wants to be my valentine!? Ahehehe XDDD

Cute fact: MY LOWER LIP WAS BLEEDING WHEN I TYPED THIS ENTRY. And i didn't even notice until i felt it trickle. How...weird of me. :-/

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Monday. 2.12.07 7:01 pm
listening to: Sucker Train Blues Velvet Revolver

Will be internet-fasting.

Will be gone for God-knows-how-many-days.
We'll see how many days i can do this.
Til then, Nutang. Much love! <3

How bout if you comment here & my prev entry? LOL

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Love belongs to Desire, and Desire is always cruel.
Saturday. 2.10.07 7:14 pm
[Okay, i admit it. I'm afraid of Valentines Day.
I have a slight idea why but i don't want to accept the reason because it's just so damn cheesy i actually hate myself for it. Grrr.
And i hate it when i momentarily become sappy/cheesy/eww.
So i'm dreading Vday. But a bit excited too.
I mean, for sure, i'm not the only person who's "not so sure" about Feb 14.
Right? :S What the hell lol]

Anihooooo i mark today, February 10 2007, as the day i completed the SANDMAN SERIES!!!! Woohoo!!!

NEIL GAIMAN RoXoR! =) He is soooo my idol. Love his writing style & his berserk ideas! I would give 5 years of my life to get 1/3 of his brain. =)

So for those who have no idea who Neil Gaiman is (and/or are too lazy to google him), he is the creator of the 90's graphic novel, Sandman - a collection of dreams and uber-delicious weirdness. Absolutely everything under the sun - horror, romance, myth, sci-fi, Shakespeare even. And yeyeah i completed it all! So proud of miself!

Sandman is just so good. Sooooo goooood. =)
I definitely definitely recommend it to everybody!
(Well except for the squeamish and close-minded people who aren't prepared for "new" things.)
Bwahaha. >:D


P.s. The title is just one of the many many "wise words of wisdom" in Sandman. :P

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Saturday. 2.10.07 9:07 am
listening to: One and Only You Parokya ni Edgar

I actually don't have any idea what to blog about. Haha
But i just wanted to blog. =)

Okay i'll just share the lyrics of the song going through my head right now. One and Only You from a band back home, Parokya ni Edgar.

It took one look then forever laid out in front of me
one smile then i died, only to be revived by you

There i was, thought i had everything figured out
Goes to show just how much i know 'bout the way life plays out

I take one step away and i find myself coming back to you
My one and only, one and only you ooh ooh

Now i know that i know not a thing at all,
Except the fact that i am yours and that you are mine
Oh, they told me that this wouldn't be easy and though I'm not one to complain

I take one step away and i find myself coming back to you
my one and only, one and only

Okae so this is a boring entry haha. Blog later.
Adios, Nutang-ers!

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"Papercut my heart in half and discard the evidence. x"

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