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Ethnicity. A European Medley!
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School. Seattle Pacific Univ
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I have officially bitten off more than I can chew
Tuesday. 7.24.07 10:56 pm
Starting Monday, I will be working split shifts of swimming lessons four days in a row.

Oh, and Matt will be staying at my house.

He can't afford to move into an apartment right away, despite having a job lined up, so somehow I decided that was my problem. I am totally surprised my parents didn't throw a fit over me even asking.

But you know what I realized? As much as I like having him around, I don't want to date him. I literally rolled over in bed this morning and realized that I don't want to be "with" any of the men who are currently in my life. Not Matt, not Vexing Ex, not BFF's brother, not Hottie Co-worker. It was kind of a weird, mental cold shower.

Except it's lasting. I went to work, saw Hottie Co-worker, we joked around and smiled a lot, and now I am home. He's a nice guy, but not my nice guy.

I called Matt to tell him he could stay with me. He told me about crazy adventures driving through Arkansas with his girlfriend. He's a fun guy, but not my fun guy.

I'm gonna finish reading Harry Potter now. He's an imaginary guy, so there shouldn't be any problems there at all.

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Ummm... yeah
Monday. 7.23.07 6:55 pm
My super-hot co-worker definately caught me singing this while I was guarding yesterday.

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This is how I play in the Summertime
Sunday. 7.22.07 11:43 pm
As July wraps up, so does my Ultimate Summer Jam Playlist, 2007.

Here’s what it looks like so far:

1. “Young Folks” Peter Bjorn and John
2. “Blister in the Sun” Violent Femmes
3. “Nausea” Beck
4. “Born to Run” K-OS
5. “All of Your Love” Hellogoodbye
6. “Pieces of the Sun” Test Your Reflex
7. “Je m’en Vais” Cali
8. “[I have no idea what this Croatian song is called]” Colonia
9. “Summertime” Robbie Williams
10. “She’s Electric” Oasis
11. “Four Winds” Bright Eyes
12. “Paradiso” The Chameleons
13. “The Caterpillar” The Cure

So… I still need about 3-4 songs to get this perfect, and burn it onto a CD for future generations to enjoy. I’m thinking about adding “Should I Stay or Should I Go” by The Clash, but I’m not sure where it would go… and I’m still not sure that I like the track order… any suggestions?

What is your ultimate summer jam?

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Mark Wahlberg Movie Hair
Thursday. 7.19.07 11:41 pm
Mark Wahlberg is one seriously sexy guy. Sexy and pretty smart too, I would think. Why, then, I asked myself last night as I watched Shooter for the billionth time, has he been having so many bad hair moments in his recent films?

Take, for example, the aforementioned film, Shooter, in which he breifly trys to rock a scraggly pony-tail.

Or The Departed pudding bowl incident.

Ick. Mark, if in some fantasy world you read my blog (in which case, will you marry me?), please consider taking good-hair roles in the future. Love, Heidi. PS: You kick ass.

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Tuesday. 7.17.07 6:23 pm
Thank you all for sharing your very, erm, strong opinions. Now, if I get into hot water, all I'll have to do is think of all the NuTangers waiting to kill me if I screw up. That ought to cool my jets a bit.

Thanks for having a little faith, Muffin Man. Us ghetto kids have to stick together.

I love this song.

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Guess who called me today!
Monday. 7.16.07 9:07 pm
Matt! As in: Matt, my-friend's-boyfirend-who-I-have-a-wicked-bad-crush-on-and-almost-moved-in-with.

He and his g/f have been on the East Coast selling (or trying to sell) educational books door-to-door. 9.9;; I know... save your witty barbs until the end. Anyway, the two of them were supposed to be gone all summer, but apparently they weren't selling enough, so they'll be back West in two weeks! And instead of returning to Oregon, they'll be up here in Seattle!!

I am totally excited, but also a little worried that I'll do something stupid. But I can handle a little temptation, right?

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