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Age. 27
Gender. Female
Ethnicity. ...
Location lubbock, TX
School. Other
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found her
Sunday. 7.25.04 12:07 pm
Well we found my dog Tiffany, and she's ok but we have to get rid of her... Not sure why...


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Sunday. 7.25.04 2:49 am
mood: tired and scared
i think my baby doggy is dead i think my other one killed her! ive had her sense like kgarden we cant find her omg! and ive been asleep for like a hour and im about to go to sleep omfg my doggy!

no smiles, no winks, no smooches tonight

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Saturday. 7.24.04 3:41 pm
I had a dream last night... A good dream, but it put me in a sad mood...

I built a time/space machine and I went to a world exactly like Earth, and the people were the same, but they weren't like, copies of people on Earth, or anything. And so I went to Oklahoma on that world, because, you know, Taylor moved there, and I saw Taylor and I was like 'OMG! You moved, not only to a different state, but a different world!' and he was like, 'Yeah...' And so, we were walking around, just talking and stuff, and I asked him, 'Why'd you move, Taylor?' And he said, 'Because, well, my family isn't like rich, or anything, you know. My mom's been in and out of jobs and stuff, and so we couldn't afford to live where we were living anymore, so we moved to Oklahoma.' And I was like, crying, and I said, 'Oh my God, Taylor, my family's just like that blablabla,' [not sure what I said there. In fact, I'm not sure if I even said anything, I might have just thought it...] and then I went back to Earth, and I don't remember alot of what happened but then it was the last day of school, and I was the only one crying [like the last day of Elementary which, in real life, I did miss.] and I went up to my friend Pierce, whom is also one of my best friends, and he's goin to a different Jr. High than me, and I hugged him and I was like, 'Pierce I'm gonna miss you so much!' and he was like, 'Hannah I'm gonna miss you to! And you're so nice and I like you so much and I can't believe I won't see you agian!'

And I miss those guys so much, Taylor and Pierce, and I feel like crying rite now, but I can't for some reason. And Taylor hasn't been on AIM sense he moved, and I haven't talked to Pierce sense Brooke's party, and I didn't even really talk to him then, and I like them both so much, and they're such good friends! OMG, Why do I have to get in such a sad mood two days before camp? Why???

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Saturday. 7.24.04 11:16 a.m.
I believe in fate. Look at this.

>>My mom works by a swimming pool.
>>No one could come swimming with me.
>>I went swimming anyways.
>>I didn't even get in the pool before it started raining.
>>I hadn't spent my consession stand money because it started raining [that's an important one].
>>My mom took me back to her work.
>>My dad picked me up from her work.
>>My dad wouldn't let me go to the 7-11. [that's also an important one]
>>I went to my granddad's house.
>>My grandad lives by two parks, and a Lowe's supermarket. [have you figured out by now that the bold is important?]
>>I wanted to walk over to Lowe's and spend my consession stand money.
>>My mom offered to drive me, but I said, 'Nah, I'll walk.'
>>I was walking back from Lowe's when I saw Evan [my friend from church] at one of the parks by my granddads house.
>>In short, there was an O.L. party at the park, just for Roscoe Wilson kids, and, even though I'm not a Roscoe Wislon kid, Evan's one of my best guy friends, and the party was for people goin' to O.L., and I am, and I met some people goin' to O.L. next year.
>>If it hadn't rained, I wouldn't have gone, and I had so much f'n fun!

And that is why I believe in fate, or destiny, or what have you... Yep...

s, s, and s!
Smiles, winks, and smooches! lol

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Thursday. 7.22.04 5:52 pm
My nutang's not working. *scowls*

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Monday. 7.19.04 12:46 pm
I hate going to work with my dad. Eather everyone notices me or no one does. I like the no one does days better. Todays one of those days, so I'm feeling invisible. Invisible. And tired. Ugh. Tired. :( Cofee. I need cofee. Ugh.

Wow, I think that this is bad for my neck. lol. Wow this is actually fun. I don't feel like talking much. Sorry.

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