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Name: Emily
Age: 24
Locaton: Auburn, Ala.
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*i'm currently homeless*
Wednesday, August 10, 2005
So, the move-out date of my apartment was friday but the move in date for my house isn't until monday. so yes, i don't really have a home right now. at first i was staying at Edward's place which was nice. But then he went out of town so I had to stay at Seth's place which is okay except he has a FUCKING WEIRD roommate who talked to me about The X-Files for like... an hour last night. And he was in just his underwear. So that was weird. Then he started washing the dishes at 5 in the fucking morning... So that just sucked. I'm staying on the couch which is about 8 feet away from the kitchen sink. I was not amused. Also, he has like... 8 pet rodents. Gerbils AND hamsters. Those bitches are everywhere. It's just weird. And I guess one of them died yesterday so he was sad. I was skeeved out. This is kind of a weird, random entry because a lot has happened and I don't really have time to get it all sorted out in my head. So i'm just typing whatever. Right now I'm at my little sisters new apartment. It's kind of a cute place. I like her laptop, it's what I'm using right now. And my friends are all watching Slaughterhouse 5 which I've never read... I'd really like to, I'm pretty interested in Kurt Vonnegut's work. Anyway I can't think of much else to type right now. Classes start next week and I haven't been able to register for them yet because they're online registration is totally messed up. Which means i'll have to register at school like... 2 days before classes start. I'm pissed. Southern Union needs to get their shit together. Okay that's enough for now, I'll update again as soon as I get my computer and internet set up.

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Wednesday, August 3, 2005
watching: Caddyshack
listening: t.v.
mood: sleepy. and a little annoyed.

Wow, NuTang looks wonderful, I love it! This is going to be a pretty quick entry but I thought I'd update because it's been awhile. I just got back from vacation from Portland OR, it was pretty damn fun. I got pretty drunk with my uncles so that was kind of weird. They told me funny stories about my dad when he was my age. Good times. I also went to a hooka bar with my cousin. That was fun, even though I don't smoke. Right now I'm watching Caddyshack because I LOVE it. I broke up with Charlie but I'm still going to keep the link to his NuTang on my site because I still think he's a pretty cool guy. I don't think he's updated in awhile though... Hrm... let's see, what else is new... Danni and I got a house and I'm pretty damn excited about it because I really don't like living in this shitty apartment. I'll also get to paint my new bedroom and put things on my walls... And no more shitty ass neighbors. I hope... At least they won't be as close. My little sister is going to start at Auburn this year so she'll be living down here. It's going to be weird but I'm pretty excited about it. Um... I guess that's all I have for now. I think I should sgtart updating more often.

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*www.cutemeter.com needs your help*
Friday. 6.3.05 3:02 pm
Cutemeter is looking for a new layout for their site. Traffic has been low and they think a new layout might help. The current one is very boring and new people generally don't stick around long after visiting the site. I'm not sure if they'll be willing to pay but they will credit you for your work.

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*happy day!*
Wednesday, May 25, 2005
I got Shaun of the Dead used at Hasting's for eight dolla and I'm so very very very very happy. It's my new favorite movie... If you haven't seen it shame on you, it ruuuuules. Very funny.

Also, my 21st is on Thursday, the 26th. And my little sister is graduating the 26th. And, of course, Danni is also turning 21 the 26th. A big day for our family. I can't wait.

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*burnt to a crisp*
Wednesday. 5.18.05 12:44 pm
watching: the day after tomorow

listening to: the. t.v.
mood: grumpy

I passed out by the pool yesterday and burrrrrrrrrrned... It's terrible. But at least I got a hot picture out of it.

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Friday, April 15, 2005
watching: vh1
listening to: the t.v.
mood: so sleepy...

i saw a mini-van with plastic spinners the other day and it made me feel less lame.

school ends next month. i made a d in biology last semester because i missed the final but when i took the final this semester, i got a b in the class. unfortunately my teacher hasn't chaned my grade yet so i can't send my transcripts to auburn... frustrating. hopefully it will be changed soon.

i'll be 21 on may 26th and i'm very excited. i have a twin sister so we'll be celebrating together in huntsville. it will be... amazing. but first we have to find a designated driver. i can't wait.

currently i'm just sitting here, waiting for some friends to stop by. later i'll post random pictures. fun stuff.

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