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Welcome to the Merrick

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.
We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous,
talented and fabulous.
Actually, who are you not to be?

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Li Rong
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bored in shoppe
Sunday. 2.20.05 8:03 am
just kenna lectured that i "bully" the guys too much. of coz i understand that i can only "bully" the guys coz they they let me. thats y i say the guys in class are the sweetest right? muahahahaha~ a bit overboard le. anyway, thats y everyone got handmade chocolates on vday!

ok......wat did i wanna write abt..............
ah yes, work

feeling really sick of the work. namely the feng shui shoppe. sick of the customers, who i grow increasingly wanna slap. some of them are seriously fooked up. which is y within the company, it is said that if u can survive sengkang, which is my branch, u can survive anywhere.

the shop is boring me. a constant repetition, serve customer collect money, general maintence of shop. i dun even have a personal sales target for me to reach. doesn't sit well with my short attention span. can't stay put in a job for long. my resume sucks. after 3 months on any job, i'm will be considering quiting. how sia lah?


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wat the~
Friday. 2.18.05 11:39 pm
totally konked out yesterday after pia-ing the freaking FP project. slept from 6pm till next day 11am


Elaine from SB msged me just now : do u have a younger sister?

Me: y? wats up?

Elaine: is her name isabelle?

Me:Huh. Ya.. how u know? wat did she do?

Elaine: She's 8 and she's on msn! she wants to play msn games with me!

Me: wat the.....suspected its msn. she gonna get it from me liao.

as mentioned in earlier entries, my 8 yr old sis has a msn msger acct.

wat the hell. my sis must have noted down elaine's email when i was logged in and away from the comp. so if anyone gets an invitation to chat from some one named "isabelle" u know whu it is.

she's playing maplestory too. her nick is "kissgirl" sounds quite ahem.. but she's on level 11 liao.


went to town just now. without realising that its Chingay today. unfortunately din have too much patience to watch since i was actually looking for dinner. think i missed an entertaining show. and fire crackers. geez.


y issit that there aren't happy news on the news? disaster after disaster after disaster. the only variation is disease. issit any wonder that teh world is in gloom?


just read from kev's blog that Hock got thru to PSC last interview. way to go hock! Jia you! Jia you! u deserve it! if hock gets this scholarship, he'll be the 2nd person in SB whu ever ever got it. JIA YOU!


I'll skin anyone i know whu wears fur. THIS is how u get fur pieces

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